Smart Phones

Everyone owns one and wish to upgrade to the recent ones to whatever’s available in the market . Love it or hate it but can’t ignore it – that’s the tagline nowadays to be used for owning a smart phone – #smartphones #blessingorcurse.

This device needs no introduction! And each one of us are “proud” owners of this nowadays. If you know anyone who doesn’t own one can be considered a ” rare species” but I consider it a blessing if there’s even one single person who is not possessing this. This has in one way made our lives miserable. And I’m sure many would agree with me. Gone are the days when people used to talk with each other face to face , come over to homes visiting and talking for hours over many topics. Now , anywhere you go or anyone you see is either busy taking selfies or so engrossed in their own devices that they fail to notice their surroundings or what’s happening in others lives. Its become a total addiction. The family getting together for dinner seems to have become extinct, conversations have become texting and finally reduced to emoji’s.

Anywhere you visit, the scene is like this:

Family dinner table ends up like this:

Real facial conversations are taken over by emoji’s. Every expression has an emoji so people have forgotten the art of emoting, expressing themselves. Use emojis , matter solved!! The other day, all of us ( myself and family) went to meet up with a friend after a very long time . Thought the children would be excited to see each other and would soon break their silence and start chatting . But they weren’t speaking and were constantly asking for mobile phones from us parents as if to break the ice! Now , mobile phones have become friendship starters . Yes that explains the chatting and interaction with unknown people on the social networking sites too! And thanks to whatsapp , facebook , youtube , Snapchat, Instagram and many other such sites , we are literally living with our phones as our soulmates and partners . Is this healthy or not?

Everyone knows the answer to that is a big NO. But …. we are prey to this addiction. Literally for everything in our lives we are dependent on our phones . Be it banking matters, online payments, talking with our near and dear ones , OUR MOBILE PHONES ARE OUR DARLINGS and they have taken over our lives completely . We humans have become aliens to each other and accepted the alien as our own. Irony!

We are forever waiting for some notification that may or may not come , some message , some call and looking towards our phones every single time thus distracting us from our real purpose and tasks to do .We refuse to switch it off or put it on silent mode . But at the same time it does come with advantages . Its taken us closer to the outside world . Interactions with everyone has made our life simpler. Payments can be done with a single touch of our finger rather than earlier times when standing in serpentine queues were the only options. But then with every new invention comes pros and cons and it has to be gracefully accepted and we need to move along with time and be updated always. But ultimately how we use those new inventions ( in this case, phones) depends on us finally. If used without affecting our personal time and space then its a blessing else it becomes an addiction and a curse. So, choose wisely.

Excuse me, I think my phone’s buzzing . Wonder whose notification is it?
* Leaves immediately for it . Excitement all over my face*

About the Guest writer:  Savitha is an aspiring writer, Tea addict, Music is her love and she is a compliment lover. She can be contacted on Twitter and her Blog.

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