On Little Monsters and Migraines! By Vinita Nayar

I had friends over the other night for dinner and, as we flitted from topic to topic, during our conversation we started discussing kids. Let me confess, I’m more of a dog lover than a kid lover but I get on swimmingly well with little children. Nevertheless, while naughty kids are fine, when it comes to little monsters, well…the less said the better!

I don’t know whether it’s that times have changed. Today there are many single kids with no siblings. The open spaces in cities have shrunk, making it difficult to send kids out to play so maybe they have oodles of extra energy. And then, there’s the smartphone – that enticing, oh-so-addictive device with its videos and cartoons to transport kids to fantasy lands of their choice.

I was brought up with that old adage firmly drilled into me – kids should be seen but not heard. As kids, we never went for most parties with our parents and if there were parties at home, we’d troop out, wish everyone and troop back into our bedroom. If we did hang around, one glare or gesture from either parent was enough to send us scooting back. So, I guess we never got the opportunity to interrupt adults or run around the living room screeching like banshees. And if we had, we would have been ticked off right royally!

There are some kids I just love. They come home, play with my dogs, pepper me with questions, narrate long-winded tales and keep me entertained and engaged. But there are the others whose visits I dread. They come with their fond parents who believe that everything their children do is just so adorable. They proceed to jump on my sofa cushions with their dirty shoes. They scream. They run helter-skelter through my living room, and all the while I’m in a state of tension wondering what they are going to break. They pull my dogs’ tails and ears despite being told repeatedly not to do that. They don’t allow for any meaningful conversation among adults because all they do is interrupt – constantly. After a point, I end up with a huge headache! And through all this bad behaviour, the parents either look on, smiling indulgently, or may occasionally, in weak tones, ask them to stop. But the kids don’t, and the parents shrug and give up with an apologetic smile that is actually saying aren’t they just so cute?

So, coming back to the conversation we were having, we concluded that in most cases, it’s not the kids who are to blame; it’s the parents. The parents who allow, encourage and feed this bad behaviour. Dear parents, one sincere request from someone who suffers migraines when she is around little monsters – if you can’t get your kids to behave, you should leave them at home! There! I said it!

About the Guest Writer: Lazing on a sofa with a strong cup of coffee, reading a good book, with the sound of raindrops in the background is my idea of a great time. And snuggling up to a fluffy puppy or playing with my dogs is sheer bliss. Listening to music transports me to heaven. Writing and editing are my job, but I enjoy the process so much that it’s like recreation! It’ soothing, enjoyable and a constant learning process – This is Vinita Nayar and she is a just a tweet away here

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