June 11 2018

Vikramaditya Veergatha Book 2 – The Conspiracy at Meru

Blurb: Victory is Temporary the Battle is Eternal’. Vikramaditya and his Council of Nine have fought valiantly to repel the rampaging hordes from Devaloka and Patala – but Avanti has been brought to its knees. Ujjayini lies battered; its citizens are scared and morale is badly shaken. Meanwhile, the barbaric Hunas and Sakas are gathering on the horizon and cracks are emerging between the allied kingdoms of Sindhuvarta… The only silver lining is that the deadly Halahala is safe. For now. Bent on vengeance, Indra is already scheming to destroy Vikramaditya, while Shukracharya has a plan that can spell the doom for the Guardians of the Halahala. How long can the human army hold out against the ferocity and cunning of the devas and asuras? And will Vikramaditya’s love for his queen come in the way of his promise to Shiva?

About the author: Door-to-door salesman, copywriter, business journalist and assistant editor at the Economic Times, Shatrujeet Nath was all this before he took to writing fiction full-time. He debuted with the Karachi Deception in 2013, followed by the Guardians of the Halahala and the Conspiracy at Meru, the first two books in the Vikramaditya series. Shatrujeet lives in Mumbai, but spends much of his time in the fantasy worlds of his stories.

Review:  The Conspiracy at Meru is the second part of the Vikramaditya Trilogy, the first being Vikramaditya Veergatha Book 1 – The Guardians of the Halahala. Writer’s attractive writing style kept me engaged. It was hard to close the book before climax. The Combination of Mythology, Fantasy and amazing storytelling made this book unique. The second book of the series starts from the first book and immersed me in action and adventure with ease. This time it was Devas and Asuras against the human king and plotting battles for me all this served as an interesting reading. The author introduced the characters better. Many are heroes but they fail many times, giving a real human side to it. There are many new characters that make their appearance in this. In the first book of the series, the author combined mythology and history; he successfully created the same magic in this second instalment. Fantasy books have large number of characters and large number of characters spins head but this is not what happened in the present series. Though this story had large number of characters it was easy to get acquainted with them easily and no doubt the climax of this book sets the stage for the third book.

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I write a lot, which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. There is always something to write about, always a new story to craft. Not writing, for me, is like trying to hold back a sneeze. Learning to write was the most powerful influence in my life. I can still remember the awe I felt when I realized I could put real words onto paper and tell out a story. From that first ‘a-ha’ moment I knew I wanted to write.

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