July 2 2018

The Alphabets of Life – for mortals by Lancelot Quadras


About the author: Lancelot Trevor Quadras is mean, whimsical and not the average guy. Since 2015, he follows a New Year resolution diligently of not regretting. This has brought out the best in him. The experiences + moments are worth it all. For what is life without moments?

Book Blurb: “The Alphabets of Life” is a collection of rare and unusual words which are related to experiences and emotions we go through every day. How these experiences can help one avoid making the wrong call and doing the right thing forms the crux of this journey.

Review: When a word perfectly captures a human truth, humans respond to it in the same way that they respond to a beautiful melody. They smile. They nod their heads. They tell others of their discovery. Lancelot in his present book The Alphabets of Life – for mortals wraps your tongue around the lexical rarities he offers up to his readers. He provides 26 hand-selected rarities and breathes life into them with his lucid descriptions of their meaning and engaging examples of their usage. You no longer have to be at a loss for words or reach for the clichéd and commonplace. The English language is brimming with ambrosial alternatives, and this compendium offers the cream of the crop. Filled with words to be treasured for their elegant precision, from Bulwark to Frisson to Chinwag to Kalon to Snell to Obolary to Wale – this book is the perfect handbook for writers, an excellent resource for communicators, and an entertaining read for anyone with an appetite for the very brightest gems of the English language. Words are fun, power, essential to happiness. Some of these words, OK, deserve to be put to rest, they’re awkward at best, strange, dissonant, weird would be a kind description. But that’s kind of the fun too. You don’t want just useful words, you want words to confound, dissociate, discombobulate and just plain put some annoying people in their place from time to time. Especially when you write it into a book where you know it can’t help but draw notice and its alive for another day, month, year. This is an entertaining book. It adds a little color to learning new words. If you love words, you will love this book. You can sit and read it all the way through or leave it somewhere and pick it up from time to time or both. Guaranteed to fascinate and stimulate anyone who cares about the English language.

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July 2 2018

Lesson for Sushma Swaraj by Shivam Mishra

Recently, in a chain of events where a rumour spread on social media in which an officer was transferred because he questioned so called interfaith couple over discrepancies in her name on certificates. The another side of the story is that officer allegedly misbehaved with other party and asked her Muslim husband to convert to Hinduism.

However, the couple took the liberty of social media and tweeted to Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, following that officer was transferred without wasting anytime.

Common people who have been termed as trolls by their victims such as some journos who have caused greater harm to this nation than any politician, started giving their opinion according to their biases. Few of them used condemnable words and mocked Mrs. Swaraj’s health and made derogatory remarks.

Thereafter, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj preferred to call out people who used those derogatory remarks against her rather than clarifying the situation or admitting her mistake with grace and try to repent actions that were taken in her absence by her team. More amusingly, other journos who have unprecedented record of brazen lies came in her support and also tried to divide BJP by citing that nobody from BJP came in support of Mrs. Swaraj. Though this could be because leadership of BJP thinks that Mrs Swaraj is fully capable of fighting her own cases or simply they wanted to save their vote banks which is more likely to be true.

If one thinks and expects everyone to be civilised on social media then he is living in fools paradise and far away from pragmatism. As Aristotle once said that at his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst. If everyone becomes civilised, there would be no crime in this world. But the gravity of the situation is far more serious than this. In this era, where every country is in intelligence war with each other, western countries using organisations like Cambridge Analytica to disrupt and influence other country’s elections on the name of political consultancy, our hon. Minister must understand her twitter activism specially granting visas to  people from well-known backstabber like Pak might get us into serious trouble. India’s growing economy at terrific pace and its ambition of becoming super power make it more vulnerable. In order to look compassionate and secular, one must not forget that when you occupy highest position, your personal values and belief must never obstruct the welfare of your people. It should be your sole mission unlike what we have done in the past.

Another attribute of Mrs Swaraj is she blocks people on twitter who disagree with her or criticize her. In what universe criticism should be a reason to block people and stifle their voices. Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of a democratic society.

In the largest democracy of the world, its foreign minister ought not to be so thin skinned. It belittles her stature.

As chanakya said,” A moment of patience in a moment of anger can help us avoid a thousand moments of sorrow”.

About the writer: Shivam Mishra is an engineer and he is interested in politics, history and geo politics. He can contacted on Twitter @joe11248 and Facebook- [email protected]

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