July 4 2018

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses by Neha Tambe

About the author: Neha Tambe is a blogger and freelance social media strategist who helps small businesses ace their social media marketing techniques. She is a Google Certified Digital Marketer and has over 6 years of experience in managing social media accounts.

Book Blurb: Online Marketing for small businesses is a beginner’s guide for start-ups, small businesses and personal brands wishing to start online marketing. This guide will help them understand the jargons, to do things on their own to start with an online marketing plan.

Review: Digital marketing is the key to the growth of most businesses. Books on this subject provide details by including practical business instances, interviews and case studies that let readers comprehend online marketing in the real world. Written by Neha, this digital marketing book is preferred for understanding every single aspect of this form of marketing, and those who wish to know marketing from basics to latest trends must read this one. Amongst other digital marketing books, this book provides practical guidance on how business owners can get the most out of digital branding to meet their marketing goals and get sustainable existence in hard-hitting competition in markets. This book is highly suggested for digital marketing professionals, firms, companies, small or big business enterprises as it is updated with all the new techniques, information and tactics needed to get business success through social media marketing. All the updates and maneuvers needed for marketing through Twitter, Google search engines, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, widgets, plug-ins, apps, etc. are included in this amazing handy book. Neha draws her 6 years of social media and online marketing experience to help the organizations to use social media to optimize their online communications. She provides an easy to follow approach to valuable insights into creating a tailored social marketing strategy for your organization. This book will provide you with a step-by-step guide to practical knowledge in a simple and understandable way. It includes case studies about small, big, and medium-sized businesses in various industries and will provide you with the tips on monitoring and improve the results in social media. It’s among the best books for marketing professionals for tailoring and improving social media strategies for an organization. You can see a significant change in your business progress level once you go through the strategies in the book and apply them in your marketing strategies. This A to Z guide provides you with 26 lessons on how to successfully make use of digital marketing in the best way.

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    Thanks a ton for this detailed review Romila. I am happy that you liked the book and found it helpful.

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