July 4 2018

The Unpredictable FIFA World Cup 2018 by Shamik Byabartta

FIFA World Cup one of the most awaited sporting event, for which people across the globe eagerly wait. And I’m no exception to that. FIFA World Cup brings the world closer, especially the participating team supporters and fans – irrespective of which region they are located in this planet. The 90 minutes of fast-paced game in the group stage and more than 90 minutes of game during the knock out stage make the soccer fans glued to their TV sets and in the field to see their teams at the winning side. However, the fan of only one side can have the cheers and tears of joy and the fans of the other side needs to wait for their turn to come in the next FIFA extravaganza coming only after 4 years.

I being a huge fan of football, especially the FIFA World Cup, can’t miss watching the stars like Messi, Neymar, CR7 (Christiano Ronaldo), Iniesta, Müller and many others in action. Since this year FIFA World Cup is held in Russia the time difference with India is not very critical and I could watch the main matches as the timing for those matches is maximum at 11:30 PM India time. I being a fan of Brazil football team I can’t afford to miss any match that Brazil plays even though it is with a comparatively weaker team. Brazil has reached the Quarter Final of this edition of football extravaganza and being a Brazil fan I feel optimistic. There are just three matches remaining for this team to lift the FIFA World Cup for 6th time.

The way this edition of the festival of football is progressing I would say it is the most unpredictable FIFA World Cup for me from when I’ve started watching FIFA World Cup. First upset was the back-to-back unpredictable results posted by a team like Argentina when they draw their match with Iceland and unpredictably lost to Croatia by 0-3, which brought Argentina at the verge of exit right from the group stage and made their match with Nigeria a must win, that too with a big goal difference and also the team’s fate was dependent on the Iceland-Croatia match. Finally with so much of drama Argentina could make it to the Round of 16. The next unpredictable incident is the early exit of the defending Champion Germany from the group stage itself losing to Mexico and South Korea and just one win in the group stage against Sweden. These are the two most significant unpredictable results in this FIFA World Cup. Being a Brazil fan I cannot justify their match drawn against Switzerland too in their opening game.

The unpredictability still continues in the knock out stage also. Three big teams are already out of the race. Argentina lost to France in their knock out match by 3-4 and in the other match CR7’s team Portugal lost to Uruguay 1-2, which ended Portugal’s journey for now. In the third Round of 16 match Russia has upset Spain in the tie-breaker penalty shootout and ended the journey of the 2010’s FIFA World Cup Champion.

Let’s see what surprises are awaiting for us in the next round of matches. We have just less than 2 weeks to see the final curtain raiser on 15th July. Who knows we can have a new FIFA World Cup Champion amongst Russia, Colombia, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland in Russia 2018. Let’s wait and watch as the drama unfolds in coming days.

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