July 6 2018

Tweeple of the Twitterverse by Sai Ramya Gundala

About the author: Ramya Gundala is a passionate writer and an electronics engineer, who crafts stories based on her day to day life. Taking time off the studies, she continues to blog frequently. She blogs at https://shortfictionrg.blogspot.in/. You can connect with her on Twitter (@amy_gundala)

Book Blurb: Tweeple of the Twitterverse, is a collection of Twitter Account Reviews of some twitter accounts. Some are popular, some are interesting, some are cute and others just a delight. This ebook is a result of one month of blogging, and is the collection of those posts.

Review: Twitter is only as good as the people you follow. Literally. If you follow no one then Twitter is absolutely pointless, and you’ll be presented with a wall of nothing every time you log in. If you follow people with nothing interesting to say, Twitter is dull and dreary.The answer, my dear Twitterati, is to follow interesting accounts. Whether they be individuals with insights to impart, brands with bags of bonuses, or any other kind of intriguing accounts which tweet things you’ll actually be interested in reading. The current book by Ramya talks about 26 twitter accounts whom she follows and strongly suggests you follow. Between them they offer a mix of frivolous fun and interesting insights, all of which will interest you to varying degrees. We have an actor – Mahesh Babu, a geek god in the form of Elon Musk, legend in the form of Gordon Ramsay, and plenty of others such as Katy Perry, J K Rowling to Quora to Zakir Khan. Ellen is is pretty down to Earth. Her tweets are likely to inspire you to better yourself and the world around you. Looking at the world from a different angle via words can put a whole new perspective on things, one such account is Quora. What do you get when you cross the philosophy of Paulo Coelho to Writely – This beautiful Twitter mashup, of course. I think this list represents a great selection of Twitter accounts everybody should follow, whether they’re a veteran or a noob. You may not appreciate all of them, but the beauty of Twitter is how quick and easy it is to follow and unfollow people. So why not give these particular accounts a try and see if their tweets appeal to your personal sensibilities.

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July 6 2018


Are you a fan of fictional novels? Are you on a quest for the best fictions? Great Expectations is one of the most famous works by the eminent author Charles Dickens. Being an English writer and a social critic, he created world’s best known fictional characters whose popularity lasts for a life time. Another master piece by him is this book which revolves around Pip, an orphan boy. Suiting all age groups, this book is a must read to understand the importance of life.


This extremely gripping novel by Charles Dickens was published in 1861.Charles Dickens, known for his great works like Oliver Twist, A tale of two cities, Nicholas Nickleby adds to his account another exquisite fictional tale which has achieved world wide praise. The novel clearly describes social realities of Dickens’ time.

The novel starts with Pip visiting his parent’s grave site and inadvertently meeting an escaped convict who demands Pip to get him a file. Being an orphan, he lives with his elder sister and her husband who is a black smith. Shortly thereafter he is invited to stay with Miss Havisham whose daughter is Estella. He goes to London and starts a life extremely alien to him. His intense love for his friend Estella changes him in many ways. Many challenges await him during his tenure in London. With several twists and mystery, the book grabs your attention in many ways.

The main theme of the book is poverty, social status and crime. Raised by a black smith family, Pip always wanted to be a part of the high class crowd. He starts his life in London and falls in love with a woman. The author pens down how even love can fade away without money. As the title says, the book is about having expectations and how resilient you are when all of them fail.

Loved the theme of this book? You can buy the book on different e-commerce stores like amazon and flipkart for 312/-and 237/- on different editions. With Paytm mall book offers you can get the book at a better price. Purchase it today and experience this unique tale of love and crime.


The language used by Dickens is remarkably easy and can be referred by all age groups. The pace of the novel is moderate, not too slow. There are many inquisitive chapters in the book which would create an impulse to complete the book at a go. The relationship between Pip and Estella and the mysteries involved are the key factors which makes this book a must read. From being an orphan to transforming into a gentle man after moving to London, the story is quite relatable that makes you to read more.

If this is your first book of Dickens, the book might seem uninteresting in the beginning. The pace may also seem slow to some of the readers but when you read for quite some time you will get on with flow.

The author through this novel tries to say that social class, does not matter until you have the zeal to learn from your experience and change accordingly. Estella is an interesting character one needs to pay attention while reading.


  1. Review by Kenneth Butler, common sense media- The story telling by Dickens is commendable with quick sketches and colorful descriptive names. The adult characters including Magwitch, the escaped convict, Miss Havisham play a major role in the twists and turns in the novel making it more gripping. Like all of the author’s work, the story is a fast paced adventure with emotions.

It rated the book with 4.5/5.

  1. Review by Good Reads- Humble and orphan Pip dares to dream of becoming a gentle man and under enigmatic circumstances he finds himself in great expectations. It is an exciting tale of crime, love, revenge and reward.

It gave a rating of 3.76/5.

This amazing tale by Dickens is surely one of his best novels which people prefer reading even now. It would leave you convinced and happy once you finish the book. If you are a bibliophile then this book deserves a place in your book shelf. Buy now and have a good time reading it!

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July 6 2018

The unexplored Himachal Pradesh – Village PEEJ

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Really , life is all about experiences , the good times you spent at your favourite places with your loved ones . My all time favourites are Hills or Beaches , and I love them even more when the place is bit isolated and closer to nature , where I can really feel being a part of the magnificent creation of God . This summer vacation we explored one of the villages in the Kullu Valley , Himachal Pradesh . Kullu Valley is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh . Reach Kullu and then One day is all you need to explore one of the peaceful and beautiful villages – Village PEEJ and feel refreshed. If you have love of clicking pictures, you would get a lot of mesmerizing views where you would want to stop and capture the beauty in your lens. PEEJ is a small village located at a height of 1189 meters above sea level and having a population of around 3000 people. Here is the google map:-

How far is village PEEJ from the central KULLU?

The village is at a distance of 7-8 km from the central Kullu.

How to reach the village PEEJ?
• First reach Kullu . You can reach here by bus , car or by air till Bhuntar and then taxi
• From Dhalpur (one of the central places of Kullu) , start your journey towards LAG Valley .
• You will reach the village BHARAI
• Keep moving ahead and you would reach the village PEEJ

Mode of Travel
We travelled in our own car . You can hire a taxi from Kullu if you want or if you have patience enough ,you can try your hands at the public bus service also which operates between different villages .
Journey to PEEJ
Starting from Kullu , Crossing through the Kachha Pakka roads surrounded by Apple and Apricot trees – at two places where the climb was too steep and rocky, our car was losing the strength to make the move with so much weight of passengers. So some of us had to get down from the car to make it lighter and let it make the move upwards . On the way , you can capture the views of whole of the Kullu valley with the river BEAS flowing zig-zag through the centre .

Whole KULLU view from top—on the way to PEEJ……Ek Selfie to banti hai …

The river BEAS gushing all through the valley ……….

As we reached the top (I mean at the village) , we could enjoy the greenery of the tall trees surrounding a temple and a ground where few local village children were playing and few grazing goats also could be seen. The life there is so peaceful- in nature’s lap & away from the rush of the modern life. How beautiful it would be if we can also adopt the sercret of NATURE in our lives– Peace and Patience. When the weather turned even more romantic and it started drizzling, I felt like dancing too as happens in the movies , to which my hubby also reacted a bit romantic & funny too.

The temple at village PEEj brings positivity & calmness ….

Grazing Goats in the ground – where I think a Kabaddi pitch has also been made by the locals …. 


 A  village house…

The view of hills, clouds and tall green trees together with the chilly winds brought smiles ….



It was my rejuvenating date with Nature in the valley of GODS – at the village PEEJ whose memories I would always cherish.


About the Guest writer: Monika is a Physics teacher by profession and a blogger by interest . She is a simple but bold and enthusiastic girl who loves learning new things in life. She is mother to an eleven year old daughter and is enjoying her motherhood more as a friendship nowadays . She pens her thoughts in Hindi as well as English on her blog . Recently she has published her first eBook : Astitva -A woman’s journey from existence to empowerment which is available here. Her book is a virtual revolt against age-old customs and the fears that every woman faces . It’s a must read for every woman . She can be contacted on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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