July 10 2018

Coffee For Two – Featuring Neha Siddhwani

As you may know from Twitter I have started my own “COFFEE FOR TWO” series where I showcase some of my favorite people and friends. In this post, I’ll tell you all about it!

There have been many interview series exclusively for bloggers but I have more friends who are not bloggers but some are writers and readers and some just readers, some are no one. That’s how I came up with the Coffee For Two series where I can showcase anyone who knows me and vice versa.

I’m hoping that this will become a regular feature on my blog. Every week there will be a new post featuring a new person from different background who will answer a set of questions. This is so that their existing readers can get to know them and hopefully they will get some new readers.

In today’s edition of Coffee For Two, I will be featuring Neha Siddhwani aka Harley Quinn . I ask everyone who wants to be featured in this series to answer a few questions so that we can get to know them. I’m excited for you all to get to know Neha a little better!

Tell us about yourself and your blog/social media feed or your writing space.

Hey, this is Neha Siddhwani here who has just published her debut book on Amazon as an ebook and I’m an upcoming designer too. An avid reader and a coffee lover, no doubt in that. I write as a guest writer too for different blogs and moreover I love doing this work. Now, getting on to my blog, I’m working over that and hopefully soon will be promoting it too and somehow will start working on my next book too. Well, a brief description about my blog I’ll like to present, it’s a complete magazine type where you can find anything and everything. Starting from tech to erotic romance, from fashion to cuisine, all at one place. 

What do you do when you’re not blogging/writing or reading?

When I’m not writing or reading, mostly I sketch. I love to draw cartoons and sometimes doodling too. And if I get a bit extra time, so love to spend time in my kitchen trying different cuisine and experimenting with food.

Do you prefer to hand write or to type?

This is something I feel like isn’t a good thing for me as it is time consuming but still I prefer writing instead of typing. Whatever mess I’ve to create or changes have to be made, it’s all done on paper and it’s easy too.

If you could pick three words, to sum up your life journey, what would they be?

Coffee, Poems and Romance.

Who are the creators or people in your life that inspire you?

One is obviously you Dr. Romila and another one is someone I’m deeply in love with. You two people are not only important but the best motivators and an inspiring personality who never left me even after facing hell of drama.

What do you find most challenging?

Editing; just an advice for everyone in this question; whatever you are writing edit it immediately. Like keep editing every paragraph or every poem instead of finishing whole book and working over it. Less time will be consumed and you’ll be satisfied with your work too.

What is your favourite topic to write or talk about?

Romance all the time. I’mma hopelessly romantic person. I can talk about dark romance, young adult romance, erotica. Anything related to Romance and other genres except tech and sci-fi. I’m poor in these two topics.

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Coffee and cake, no doubt in this. (Tea and biscuits are for sometimes but not always.)

What is your perfect night in?

My perfect night; summing it up in few words : Me and my love,under the sky, Decorative terrace, meal cooked by me, and blanket.

Some words for me please – a note/message or a testimonial.

I love poetries so I’ll write some words in that manner only :

She is a warrior
Striving lone in this domain
The tigress
Who petrify the realm

She is chary
With her precious
She is witty
While riposting to her nemesis

An unflagging and assertive personality
When she is on the payroll
She is sluggish
When at re-quiescence

She is gallant
When peeps gawk her
And benevolent
With her beloved

She is prepossessing
Which gives complex to folks
She is sagacious
Which makes people covetous

A perfect combo
Of beauty and brain
She is a lady
With Class and Elegance !

What I…

Know – Something
Love – Him
Read – Eyes
Want – Carefree Smile
Wear – Saree, I so love them
Need – I guess I’m blessed enough

If you’d like to be featured in this section please do check out the questions and email your answers to me with a nice selfie or a clear color picture – [email protected] with the subject : Coffee For Two.

Thanks for reading.

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July 10 2018

The Technical Pianist (Part 1)by Sayan Bhattacharya

The ‘cottage-piano’ had been in our house for so long, and actively musical at that, it had almost become like a family member. Well, the piano had forever been a passion and a prized possession of my father, who had pursued his musical talent and skills on it since his early youth. So, the arrival of the piano in our house dates back to close to half a century now!

My father bought the piano to fuel his passion for music and excelled at it with constant practice under guidance from an eminent musician of his times. My childhood was therefore dotted with memories of many musical evenings, when my father after returning from work used to sit at his piano in the drawing room and keep playing various tunes. Much later, even after he got his Roland keyboard synthesizer, the lure of the piano never died down though he started using it more to give lessons to the students who came to him to learn playing the piano. That kept our house and the piano abuzz on week day evenings and weekends as well.

Now, as is true for most musical instruments, the piano needed frequent ‘tuning’ and ‘touch-ups’, due to its regular usage and wear and tear! This once-a-month activity was done by a person called Ratan-babu, who used to come home on a pre-fixed appointment and ‘service’ the piano. It was a whole day affair and as a child I would keep looking on with wonder eyes as the large furniture-like ‘cottage piano’ would be dismantled into smaller parts and the cleaning and tuning process would continue. At times it looked as if the skeleton of the piano with all its bones, ribs, joints and teeth was out from its dark cavern, and soon again the scientific and technical binding of the innumerable pieces of wood held together behind the large black facade of the piano playing in seamless precision and delivering the desired chords and notes at the strike of its black and white keys, used to mesmerise me.

And to watch ‘Ratan-babu’ at his work was a treat in itself! He was a short and lean person, very reserved and rarely spoke to anyone else in the family except for my father, and that too confining the conversation within limits related to matters of the piano. He used to acknowledge the cup of tea and couple of biscuits that my mother offered him every time he visited, with just a perfunctory smile; and used to disappear for an exact hour-long lunch break at mid-day. For the total eight odd hours that he would spend in our house at the piano on each of those days, Ratan-babu used to be totally immersed in his work with close concentration, like a true professional!

He seemed to know everything about the piano, which strike of key would move which piece of wood and then trigger the sequence to finally deliver the sound in the correct pitch and tenor; Ratan-babu was a true commander of the technicalities of the piano! The first half-an-hour and the last one hour of his work was truly fascinating. He used to simply sit and play along, using the entire expanse of the keyboard and all the possible octaves on the instrument.

Read more about ‘Ratan-babu’, our technical pianist in the next part of the story… coming soon right here!

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