July 11 2018

An Arranged Love by Rev. Thomas O. Scarborough

About the author: Thomas Scarborough is a Congregational minister and philosophy editor. He holds Master’s degrees from the USA and South Africa, and is journal-published in five fields: philosophy, theology, electronics, gnomonics, and organology.

Blurb: A true story. A dying wife invokes an ancient tradition of the church in Europe, naming her “replacement” before she dies. This is no ordinary replacement, but a rural African woman of royal descent. Her clan, too, has ancient traditions. The author finds himself cold starting an arranged marriage by African custom. In the “new” South Africa. A heart-warming, tumultuous tale.

Review: This book is a sure shot perfect gift idea for any one on anyone’s list, for any occasion or marriage. This beautiful book will transport you to a romantic world with its exquisite photography and lovely content. It is sweet, romantic, and sexy, too. A conversation starter for sure! The pictures will make sure everyone fall in love; and the story will inspire discussion, as well. There is something for everyone in this book, which belongs on everyone’s book collection. The story explores love in many different forms. This book is sized perfectly to fit any living space; and sits nicely on an end table. Every page has a different mood so does every picture. An Arranged love illustrates the synergy between word and image. It captures the universal experience of love, its agony and ecstasy, its profound essence and mystery, and its humor. I liked the variety & insightful photographs, wish I had the color copy. It is all about the joy, humor, & devotion that love brings. What a gift Thomas has in using pictures & story to express love. A warm and engaging presentation invoking Love in it’s diversity–brilliantly aligned in this book. Best wishes in your writings. I highly recommend your book to friends and family. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

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