Spicy Trail by Shipra Trivedi

About the author: Shipra Trivedi is a working mother and has a great interest in reading & writing. As a new age woman, she plays multiple roles in a single day. A family-manager at home, a team lead in the office & a writer of wee hours. She blogs at http://www.vibhuandme.com.

Book Blurb: The intent of this book is to give a brief of 26 different spices in 26 chapters. Each chapter has one spice, its attributes, history, and ayurvedic benefits. Get set go on a spicy trail!

Review: A beautifully illustrated and researched exploration of herbs and spices: their history, cultivation and uses, both familiar and forgotten. The comprehensive modern herbal lists 26 herbs in cooking, natural cosmetics, herbal remedies and other uses. Shipra’s original approach and familiarity with the spices she describes make this a book to be used, enjoyed and treasured. Whether one is wanting to use herbs, spices and learn about delicious ol’ worlde recipes and medical uses of herbs and spices then this book has it all. The book lives up to what you would expect from something that has all about spices. It is well organized, with an alphabetized list of spices and herbs. From Vinegar to cinnamon, from fennel to mustard seeds, no kitchen is complete without spices and herbs…This A-Z reference features 26 such spices and herbs with lots of information with a look inside the world of spices by someone who works with these wonders of nature every day. It is very cleverly organized book, this information is practically helpful for all. While this book is useful if you happen to already own it, if you searching for a good book on spices and herbs, I strongly suggest you pick this book. Not only does this book enable the home cook to identify what a herb or spice is all about but much more to it. Everything you need to know is here. My favorites from this book are – Zafraan, Urad, Basil, Mace, and Chillies.

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2 thoughts on “Spicy Trail by Shipra Trivedi

  • July 13, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Thank you for reviewing my book romila. I am so happy to read such great review for efforts.

  • July 12, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Travel and food, my two favourites. On top of it, recommended by Romila. What else does one need!!

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