On August 15, 1947, India woke up to freedom. Decades later we continue to celebrate this day when we became a free and sovereign nation. India is a land of diversity — in terms of religion, geography, culture and tradition. Though much exploited by foreign invaders we still have rich natural resources. I feel inspired and motivated by our freedom fighters.  The nation has several qualities that distinguish it from other nations of the World. There is not just one reason to feel thankful to be living in India but I feel there are endless reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why I am very much thankful to be an Indian living in my country India. 

India is a land of pluralism as there exist plurality in everything, be it religion, language, culture, political system, political parties etc. This existence of pluralism in our society is the uniqueness of India and distinguishes India from other nations. Pluralism is a unique trait of the nation where ancient traditions and modern thoughts co-exist, where animal killers and animal lovers live together, where even secularist and communalist live in coherence etc. There is no other nation in the World where pluralism exists. I am thankful to Pluralism.

The multi-party system exist in India and according to this system, there exist several parties who are capable of forming Government both in coalition or separately. The existence of multi-party system in India provides options for people to elect the best one to form the Government and also helps in effective functioning of democracy. I am thankful to Multi Party system.

Dabbawalas is a huge chain of Tiffin suppliers in Mumbai, employing more than 40% of the total population of Maharashtra. They are well known for their efficiency, despite of having no formal business degree. They have achieved 6 Sigma rating for efficiency which means that there is just one error in 6 million transactions. This is something that is to be proud about India. I am thankful to Dabbawalas.

One horned rhinoceros is found only in India and it is only found in the state of Assam. It was once found in many Asian countries but during the 19th century, it became extinct from the other countries except India and a huge population of it is found in Assam, especially in the Pobitara forest reserve and Kaziranga National Park. Many people from various parts of the World visits India to have a glimpse of this rare variety of rhino and this also helps in the growth of tourism industry of Assam. I am thankful to the One horned rhinoceros.

India is endowed with bountiful natural resources and has both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. The natural resources found in India include coal, iron ore, mica, bauxite, magnesium, natural gas, titanium ore, diamonds, petroleum, limestone and thorium. The high availability of natural resources contributes towards the economic growth and development of the nation. India ranks fourth in the world in terms of coal production. Apart from mineral resources, India is also rich in water resources and is a land that has several rivers, ocean and seas. I am thankful to the natural resources.

India has over 70,000 newspapers that are being published in India in different languages and several magazines are being published which are of different genre and languages. This indicates the growth and importance of print media. The first Indian newspaper was the Bengal Gazette, which was published in 1780 and since than we have so many different newspapers and magazines that are being published daily, fortnightly, weekly and monthly. I am thankful to newspapers and magazines.

Astrology is the oldest since of India and today, it is recognized all over the globe. The existence of astrology in India dates back to the Vedic Age. It is the study of stars and planets and their impact on our day to day life. Astrology has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life and it characterizes the personality of an individual according to the positions of the planets and stars. In India, astrology plays an important role in match-making in order to find out if the couples are compatible to get married. Astrological science predicts the future of an individual according to the positions of the planets and its importance is relevant from the birth of an individual till his death. I am thankful to Astrology. 

India is one of the most coveted health care destinations and health tourism is now a booming industry in India. People from nook and corner of the World visits India as it offers advanced health care facility at an affordable price. India has gained popularity in the health tourism as it not only offers good health care facilities but also offers amazing holiday destinations. I am thankful to the health facilities. 

Indian economy is among the fast developing and growing economies in the World and has emerged as the 3rd largest economy in Asia. Indian economy is fundamentally strong and this is the reason that India have been able to survive even during the time of recession, when the whole world was suffering from its effects. Even now, during the time of Global crisis, when the whole world is suffering, India is still going fine and the sole reason is that our economy is fundamentally strong and is capable of overcoming the problems with ease. I am thankful to the Economy. 

Despite of modernization as well as embracement of western culture, the importance of family still exists in India. Although, the joint family system is found less today, yet the importance of family system still continues to be an essential part of Indian culture. This is again an unique feature of India and it is not at surprising the children who are adults, earning, unmarried and even after marriage continues to live with their parents and the parents even continues to live with their children in their old age. The concept of old age home is still not very much developed in India and is a rare site of parents living in such homes in their old age. I am thankful to family values and ethics. 

India has faced several tribulations and yet stood firm and is developing at a very fast pace. It has developed remarkably since the time of Independence facing several issues and problems. India is My motherland and I feel proud about her. India is the best and I am proud to be born in this great nation and really thankful for I am an Indian.

Happy Independence Day to every Indian in India and elsewhere on the globe. 

This post is for #ThankfulThursdays which I am writing with Dr.Amrita healthwealthbridge.com and Tina tinabasu.com

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  1. I am so happy you mentioned the dabbawalas! They are responsible for reaching every hungry worker at the correct time! India is diverse and beautiful. Agree to all the points you mentioned here. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

  2. India is an origin country of so many things, like Yoga which is now worldwide accepted and followed. I’m thankful for being Indian. lovely post.

  3. India is a land of unique variety.The pluralism that yoy aptly described.#ThankfulThursdays we loved this post!

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