August 10 2018

#BlogToPM – What makes Narendra Modi the best PM ever India had


Many may call him an anti-Muslim or a Hindu with extremist tendencies, but for me Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister India can ever have. Even critics cannot deny his intentions for India’s development, and he has proved his mettle in a number of tough conditions. His undeterred resolve to turn India into a ‘no-corruption’ country along with his commitment to development helped him win Lok Sabha 2014 with absolute majority. And guess why even the opposition hasn’t seriously accused the Modi government of corruption so far? It’s because there isn’t any.

  1. Policy Implementation: The major policy of removing corruption, started with the first address to the nation from the pulpits of Red Fort, when he introduced Jan Dhan Yojana. This single seemigly non threatening policy has put a major dent in the corrupt practices than anything in the recent memory from any country in the world.

  2. Demonetisation: This can be a major topic of debate but one thing no one can deny is the firmness and resolve to weed out the fake currency from the circulation and hitting the curruption where is hurts more. The implementation could have been different and the short term benefits is still not visible but the long term benefits have started to surface.

  3. GST: A major tax reforms which will increase the transparency in the industrial sector and will increase the investment in India, has been debated for decades but never implemented.

  4. Infrastructure: No country can grow at rapid pace if its transport service is not in line with the international standards. The furious pace with which this government is working for developing highways and super highways and linking cities is going to give big returns in near future as investments will increase in the Tier-II cities, thus providing with the employment opportunities in the smaller cities and unburdening the metros.

  5. Foreign Policy: Roping in all the major developed countries, establishing better diplomatic contacts with Israel and middle east for investing in India, and pulling everyone on the same platform to fight against terrorism is no small feat to be done by a single person in such a short duration of time.

  6. Acting on Terror: Meeting indegenous terror or foreign sponsorred terror with iron hand is a major achievement of this goverment. There has been no big terror activity in the country since Modi took oath. He has broken the back of Maoists in India and fighting tooth and nail with Pakistan to stop infiltration and sending Kashmir based terrorists to their destination is commendable.

  7. Giving more powers to states under federal system: The major obstacle for implementation of GST was the objections from state on the power it will have over the revenue sharing. But Modi Governemnt has given more sharing to the states thus making them more responsible for the welfare of state. This year is the first time when the Central government’s spending is less than the state’s spending combined.

  8. Working for marginalised section of the country: Jan Dhan yojna, LPG connection to every household, Electrification for all, Direct benefit transfer, skill development, roads, Startup India etc are all in the direction of uplifting the poor and marginalised section of the society and bringing them in the mainstream economy, so that their efforts can transform the growth of the country.

  9. No Divisive politics: No central government policy is for a particular community or segment. It is for the whole nation to benefit. Having shun the ghost of 2002, Modi has shown how without prejudice a system can work.

  10. Un-corruptable: Not only his supporters but the world says, as per wikileak, that Modi can’t be corrupt. His this image is the reason that he has pulled seemingly impossible tasks with ease and with full support of Indian people.

But no matter how much we try to bring out the negativities in him, we cannot miss the charisma he radiates. He is the finest manager of Indian media amongst all leaders. He has excellent organisational capabilities, dynamic personality and can motivate even a corpse to move with his powerful words, to name a few of his qualities. And the business stalwarts of the country (read Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani etc) seem to be in awe of him. While other leaders are still formulating outdated programs to combat issues, PM Modi has kindled the spark in the younger lot creating awareness and designing a drive to improve domestic conditions. The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is a wonderful example of how the PM has managed to reign in the children and the youth of the country to battle the issue of cleanliness and hygiene – a traditional concern of India. In the process, he has managed to introduce healthy competition by naming clean cities and clean railway stations as well, putting cleanliness on the national agenda. India was a land of visionaries. The present day political scenario stands out in stark contrast to the wisdom of ancient kings and leaders. Modi stands out in his vision for a growing populace and for a resplendent India. From a clear direction in terms of renewable energy to development of ecology and focus on regional development, from harnessing opportunities to tapping into growth, not only has he set out clear goals for the nation, the PM has also laid out a road-map with clear short and long term milestones to achieving these.

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