WOW: Today Is Your Last Day On Earth

Live life as if there was no tomorrow. Live each moment as if it were your last. You sure would have heard this one time or the other in your life. Everybody tells you to do this and warns you against doing that. One always has numerous plans and ways to lead one’s life. We all have decided what our future is going to be like. We all have thought over where we see ourselves ten years down the line, courtesy: the oh so clichéd interviews of today’s corporates. However, if I am struck by a zombie apocalypse or a calamity strikes only or the universe has conspired against me and leading to death in the next 24 hour, what next? What would I do, except panicking?

It is my last day on planet Earth and the sand is almost on the other side now. I have been all the crazy things I could have thought of. It is now time to have that sentimental and emotional side take a ride. I would some quality last moments with family and friends. Have a dinner together or go out somewhere. Catch up with passing time and live each moment because these are the last moments with the people who matter the most to me. Play some fun games. Do whatever I like. Just have them around as I die.

We all think at some point or the other, in our lives that we do not want to die virgins at all. Have sex and fulfil my fantasies. I do not wish to attach morals with this thing. Seeking pleasure on my last day on earth is not wrong after all. It is important to feel good within, literally!

I would explore my inner realms. Express my life’s experiences and how I feel about the people around me. Do not think and write. I would just let my insides rip me apart and get printed on a piece of paper. Let it be my reflection. Do not hesitate in writing anything that could be deemed as “too radical” by the society. It is time that I let go of those clutches and be a free bird. I need not address it to a particular person. I would just go with the salutation of “dear world” or more so, “not so dear world”!

We all hate some or the other people. And it is my last day. Rings a bell? Yes please! Kill them. Take them along with me. A little company does no harm ever. Take my revenge. Or be a messiah figure, the guardian angel. Kill the most corrupt political leader around me or the businessman who is out there to drink the bank balance of the poor to the last leach. Emerge as a super power on my last day. Give justice. Or just be a death breathing avenger.

I have been working day and night all my life. I deserve some cool gadgets, great pumps, a scintillating body spa or a visit to the most expensive club ! Feel this is too time consuming for my last day on Earth? Do not fret. Just buy any thing for myself, no matter how big or small it is. Might be a candy! Does not make a difference.The key is: fulfil my wishes. Feel happy. Love myself, which I have been neglecting for a long time now. Embrace that mirror of mine and go, splurge!

I crave and crib for good food. And if today is my last day, how can I afford to miss those yummy chocolate pancakes and blueberry cheese cake? Not at all! Food, for me, can no longer be related to survival, so better make the most sinful meal for myself and indulge into a blissful moment of epiphany. And when cheese is here, how can I forget the irresistible wine? I would love to pamper myself hard and give myself an enigmatic royal treatment. Make an indulgence out of the basics. Binge in!


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  1. If i knew today is my last day, i would probably choose mountains to die around. I don’t want anyone to see me going so I’m a person who like to go alone. Sitting on a peak of mountain with with my fav drink and thinking of all the good things i have done, acheivements and rewards which i got. I can die with a smile on my face.

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