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Ashwini Dodani is a Brand Strategist based out of Mumbai, India. He’s been writing poetry since the age of 20 and considers words as a release. Savoir Faire, his first poetry book, features poems from his collection over years and is somewhere related to his own experiences and thoughts.

Savoir Faire is a collection of 40 poems on Life, Love, Abstract, Nature, Songs etc. It’s a package of emotions and experiences we go through on a day to day basis. I thank author Ashwini Dodhani for sending me a copy of his book Savoir Faire for a read and review. I am not a fan of poetry but reading short books (this one is just 74 pages) catch my interest instantly. Savoir Faire has 40 poems and every poem is different from the each. There were feelings of merry and contented to pensive and wistful. This is for the first time I read author Ashwini’s poems and if he happens to pen down another book I will surely read it. The poems are modest. I did not feel them to be misled or cajoling types with excessive and arrogant usage of terminology instead the author attempted to write the poems in such a way which invoked a poignant tie with the poems. Every line and word written has a meaning and a reason for being at the right place. I appreciate the way in which author has made his poetry simple and on the other hand he surprised with the descriptions used. Amid the 40 poems in the book, few poems really are worth a mention- Fly, Communication, Learn, Not perfect and That beautiful night. Nevertheless, one poem that truly engrossed me is That Beautiful Kohl Eyed girl. To put imagine yourself as another person and express their messy mind wonderfully is appreciable. The book is beyond doubt worth our time (it took me not more than 2 hours to read and write this review), I am sure you will like the emotions and expressions each poem has.

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