Today I am telling you the biggest truth of my life. It was something crazy, adventurous or I must say out of the world experience. That feeling was amazing.

First time I felt that & it shakes me from my inner soul to outer body. Sometimes I think that the expressions, body language at that time was totally new to me, it’s not me. I never imagined myself like that before. My whole body shivers with pleasure & pain; I didn’t know what will happen next?

Someone else touches my body & that too my private part which itself is a very awkward feeling for me but I can’t help it. It has to be done. Suddenly my legs are getting wider and I shivered like anything. I don’t know what will be the result of all this suffering? He touched me down with both of his hands and I was shouting with sweat but I was unable to do anything. I have to bare this pain and after few minutes of struggle a voice was came to my ears.

Voice of a baby, my baby.

I forget all my pain and suffering & starts crying in peace. My baby is in my hands and my Doctor congratulates me.

Long back someone told me some lines, now I realise the meaning:


It’s a fact, my baby is my world. He is world to me.

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  1. That was a beautiful post about the birth of a child- the powerful beauty of Nature . But I didnt get how you are relating it to Mitha Karela ?

  2. This post is brilliant at so many levels. Initially I thought it was she who was touching herself, then of course it felt like a man was there in the picture. But the climax takes the cake. At no point did I realize that the gynecologist was at work bringing out a new life from the body of a woman. I am heading on to Twitter to check out this handle. Looks like something that I am going to like.

  3. True, there is no life without women. Risking own life for a new life of her life!!!
    There have been days when I have cursed the creator of why he has given this power only to a lady. A power, something to be proud of… You ARE the creator!
    Now knowing there is no gain without pain, I m not sure if I am still in same boat!

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