LOVE FOR ME by Anurag Singh

For me, love is when you are self less with someone.
Love propels us to make some of the most irrational decisions or perform unexpected, romantic tasks, like staying up all night, talking on the phone despite having important work in the morning or an important client meeting the next day, making breakfast for her or travelling a thousand miles to spend a day with him or her.
When you feel free to share with someone anything and expect no judgment from them.
Emotions, especially love, passion, and happinessare our strongest motivators because we will do anything to maintain them.
Love feels like butterflies in the stomach for the first time, when you think you are in control but your breath gets heavy and thousands of thoughts start drooling in your mind.
When I first felt itI was overwhelmed, but I got over it after a week or so I started realizing I have to be more understanding and think about her comfort and her opinions and that it does matter.
I realized it wasn’t about me. It’s about how we can work together to inspire each other in whichever way possible.

You are always in my Dreams, always in my Heart, always part of me.
I think of you sitting next to me, and we cuddle, we kiss and we are happy.
When I think of you and your life with me nothing else really matters
Not only u have touched my mind but also touch my heart sincerely. 
When I think of you, nothing else really matters. My thoughts are constantly with you.
Falling in love is can happen but writing love is not easy.


About the Guest writer:  Anurag Singh lives in Agra with his family. He is a MBA and has been writing since 1999. He started off with poems and couplets in Hindi and Urdu. Only in 2018 he took writing seriously after he was pushed by his sister. He can be contacted on Twitter and Facebook.

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