October 9 2018

Life without smartphones

When you reach into your pocket for your mobile and it’s not there. You can’t post your ‘missing mobile’ status on social media. No wonder, because our phone isn’t just our phone. It’s our digital security blanket – and it goes everywhere with us. Practically our entire lives are in those seductive little devices, so it’s no wonder we go a little crazy when we’re apart from them. But some of us take this separation anxiety too far.

You feel stressed out, cut off or incomplete without your mobile. We can survive for up to three weeks without food, and 3-7 days without water… but most of us can’t handle a day without our phones?

Phone battery might be down as low as 50 per cent, sparking a frantic search for a charger/free socket.

Or maybe someone tagged you in a post. Or ‘X’, who is ‘friends with Y’ liked your latest selfie. Or that text needs a response straight away. Whatever, you’ve just got to check. Now

Fear of Missing Out has you picking up that phone even though you know it’ll just make you sicker. You can’t relax for fear that everyone else is having a better time than you, so you need to check what they’re up to – constantly. Vicious circle.

We all spend as little time as possible in no-mobile zones like airports, theatres, hospitals, schools and libraries, and any place without Wi-Fi or where the signal is iffy.

Most of the people are so attached to their mobiles that they’d give up sex rather than give up their phones – iPhone users being the most smitten with their devices.

But taking your phone to bed is a bad idea – it interferes with your sleep, keeping you up late and waking you during the night with those all-important notifications – meaning you won’t be at your shiny, happy best the next day.

So, reckon you suffer from phone separation anxiety? Here’s what to do:

  • Turn your phone off. Especially when you go to bed.
  • Take it out of your pocket. Put it down. Back away.
  • Go for a walk (without your phone). Play with your dog. Visit a friend. (Yes, in real life. People still do that.)
  • Try going without your mobile for short periods. Then longer ones.

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