WOW: She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door

Her son woke her around 11.55pm on that night .

Her husband and she had picked him up from his friend birthday party, brought him home and put him to bed.

She went into her bedroom to read while her husband fell asleep watching Sacred Games on Netflix.

‘Mommy’ she heard her son calling her. She turned the key in the lock and opened the door wondering why he had locked his room – he never does it.

Tugging his night dress sleeves, he asked her ‘how old I’m going to be next week”?

“I don’t know, my dear little handsome boy” she said as she put on her glasses.

“How old, please tell me mommy?” He smiled and held up three fingers high.

It is 9.45am, she and her husband have been up with their son for 10hours.

The boy still refuses to tell them where are his other 2 fingers.

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  1. You have worked up quite a mystery. Why was your husband up for 11 hours with your son? Where is your son’s other two fingers? Is he turning five and does not want to grow old?

  2. There is always someone behind the door

    Yhe darkest corner of the house

    They wake when lights goes out

    I know them

    Personal experience

    PS “Yes, I can see dead pplz”

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