WOW: What If…

I email. I search. I shop. I Tweet. I stream. I Duo.

Every year I seem to do these things a little bit more.

Stroke by stroke, as I slip deeper into the Internet’s embrace, I find myself wondering:

“What if the Internet went away for a day?”

It can feel like part of you dies with it. Text, e- mail, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, who are we really without that little red notification dot of someone asking us to pay attention to them? Internet get us everywhere; literally, think about how lost you’d be without Google Maps or Wayes, or how lonely you’d feel without instant access to your music and podcasts, not to mention the calm feeling of scrolling through Instagram to appease your fears.

“Send me a pic,” your long distance crush asked you on your last phone date. “Okay,” you blush. Then you panic. How the….?

One of your friends told you in person, that they’re having a party this Saturday night. You can’t see the Facebook event, so you either ask people in person, or via phone, if they’re going. Saturday night rolls around, you can’t call an Uber because again, no internet.

You don’t believe that Brad Pitt is 54. There’s no way. He’s 47 max. Your friend says you’re wrong. You pick up the phone but the google doesnt work because there is no internet.

We all live with one common addiction and that is web addiction. We have internet access on your computers, laptops, tablets and even our mobile phones. We have access to the web at home, office, car, bus, and everywhere we go. So, what happens if there is no internet signal ? We’re sure the first reaction is going to be terrifying. Your mails, your clients, your friends, all of them are there on the internet. With this, your shopping carts, your games, and even your food, your TV, YouTube and everything imaginable is all on the internet. So, if the worse is here to stay – A day without internet which means you can spend time for other things which other wise would usually get ignored.

Whether you like the same old Hard Cover Novels, or prefer reading on the Kindle, if there’s no internet, and there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read for long time this is the day for it. Just grab the book, take a nice open corner by the window and prepare a mug full of coffee and be seated. We’re so sure since there is no internet there is nothing to disturb you at all. You won’t look at your phone often to check for messages, you won’t open your inbox for mails, or even get distracted by something more interesting on the internet.

If you like food great and even when you don’t like food, it’s great to try a new Coffee Shop to spend time. For once you won’t be looking for a coffee shop to serve the web, but for actually enjoying a cup of coffee with some nice cake and cookies. Moreover, the winters are here, and there isn’t a better time to go exploring your own town and sipping some great freshly brewed coffee. Take your friend along or just go alone, the point is to stay away from internet and spend some meaningful time.

If there’s no internet around, you know you have all the time in the world to go loitering around the town, or even moving some distance away from the town. Internet the biggest distraction that doesn’t let you relax for even a minute is not going to be there to disturb you. So, put on your walking shoes, take your dog along, or call your friends and go walking. Who knows nature might amaze you like never before.

Life today would be difficult without internet, to say the least. But at the same time, unplugging on occasion isn’t the worst thing in the world. When was the last time you saw a sunset and didn’t Instagram it? Or told a joke and didn’t find the need to tweet it? In the words of Ferris Bueller and probably your yearbook quote, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”

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  1. I love this take of your’s Roma.We have grown so dependent on internet that life without it is hard for many. Going a detox from internet is so much needed. We are the generation that has lived pre and post internet era, we know the difference.

  2. I nice take on the prompt. But I agree that we all should take a data detox once in a while. It might feel difficult but it will surely be beneficial for the brain. And about hard cover novels v/s the kindle version, it is a debate that will last as long as the readers in the world will last. I could split myself into two over this debate, each advocating each.

  3. Nice post. Life may be different if there is no internet, even for a day. Yes mind will be less occupied. But it will find some other addiction. Life was not necessarily any better before internet. May be doing too much of anything can be considered bad.

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