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Umm… to be honest there were a couple of factors.

I have this innate keeda to explore and keep trying different things. I switched over from my IT job to a Human Resources profile. While working, I started mentoring MBA aspirants for grooming themselves for Group Discussions and Interviews. I have also worked as an admissions consultant with some 100 odd profiles to mentor them with resumes and SOPs for applying for admission to universities world over.

Then, while in my last job, I wrote fan-fictions and shared them on a forum. It was a couple of months before my manager found out about that. Now my boss also happens to be a blogger in the Food & Photography domain, so he was riding high on the idea of blogging. When I conceived my second child late in 2015, he suggested that given I already have a way with words, why don’t I start documenting my thoughts through a blog.

Before that, I had tried to work out a blog that would be about my professional domain, but for reason it did not shape up. So this time encourage by my friend philosopher guide boss, I thought, this writing bug keeps coming back to me – let me take the plunge. Also I realised that after I have my second baby, I would be leaving my job. So why not do something different. And thus came into existence MommyTincture.


I wrote my first post somewhere around February, 2016.  Back then I was mostly stuck up for content. I am not someone, who goes by a script. I have to feel for something very strongly, before I can pen down anything. So I struggled much with content for over a year. My post frequency fluctuated from once a week to once a month or even more. I have only become regular with my posts since September, 2017. That’s when I participated in the MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter. I finally had some audience to which I could reach out. It motivated me and helped me get more serious about my content.


No entry barriers. Blogging is for everyone, who is computer and internet literate. It’s amazing that passion for words and ideas is the only key pre-requisite to get set going. And once you get a hang of it, you can then get into the nuances of beautifying your blog, reaching out to more audience through social media channels, seeking collaborations etc.


With two extremely dependent for pretty much everything boys ( 5.5 & 2.5 years) in the tow, a blog to maintain and a large Marwari family (immediate and extended) to cater to, I hardly have any time for a hobby. Yet, I manage to read a lot in whatever free time I get. I even got my sister to gift me a kindle, so that I could read on the go, without the fear of my boys’ tearing away my paperbacks. I am a sucker for romance and have read around 30 romance chic-lits during 2018 itself (cringes at my own achievement …) Jokes apart, I happen to have gotten married to a mother-in-law who is an out and out DIY person. So we also spend considerable amount of time, making rakhis, costumes for our idols in the home temple, trying out new dishes in the kitchen etc. Life remains exciting that ways. We always have something to look forward to.


I have repeatedly said that blogging in this decade has picked up a huge commercial momentum, which is a good thing as it brings numerous avenues for able people to generate income. But I see there is a lot more urgency to gain better ranks, improved PAs & DAs and other statistics. It is all good, in-fact excellent to aspire for these things, but in the entire scheme of things, let’s not forget the essence of blogging i.e. a channel to express ones voice. Follow certain basic rules of technology and social media engagement and keep generating good content. All the statistics, paid assignments etc. will follow. Also do not undermine the significance of a community. A community like in every other sphere of life, helps you root yourself to what you have set out to achieve through your blog. For example – I have always dreamt of writing a fiction novel. But I didn’t know if I was up to the task. I wrote one manuscript and sat on it, while I participated in the AtoZ Challenge with Blogchatter with another set of short stories. This was later published as an ebook with the Blogchatter eBook Carnival and received appreciative reviews. It boosted my confidence and thus I pulled out my earlier manuscript to go the publishing way. I am now very soon coming out with the paperback version of this fiction romance drama. So yes, the blogging community helped me gauge my abilities and take according course of action. And of course you gain friends such as Romila of Novemberschild in the online world. Though I made a late start, but today I am really glad that I am a part of this large hearted Blogging community. I only hope that I gain a heart as large 😉


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  1. Hey Roms, this really makes me look at myself with so much love. Being featured on your blog, has really become one of the high’s of my blogging career.

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