Do you remember having amazing dreams & goals as a child? I certainly do! I had grand visions of being a rodeo star, singer, actor, you name it, I wanted to be it!  It was an amazing feeling & I really believed with all of my heart that I could be all of those things! It seems as we get older we lose sight of our dreams, which is absolutely wrong! Everyone has something that they are passionate about doing in their lives. Things that we thrive in while we are doing them, things that make us completely happy. I want you to write them down. Then I want you to write down your dreams next to them. 

This is where the magic happens! When you connect with what you are passionate about & what drives you, the sky is the limit. Dreaming BIG while stirring your souls compassion’s are a recipe for success! 

We can all agree that life has its challenges, right? When you have a big enough dream it helps you to stay focused on achieving that goal & dream instead of all of negativity that can swirl around you! When you focus on the good, you receive more good! It is so powerful!

Life is a constantly changing, but having dreams that you are so connected with gives you the power to chase them & to never give up. When you have a purpose so big it exudes onto others which inspires others to find their passions & dreams. It exciting to see this happen!

Dreams are BEAUTIFUL because the more creative you become on achieving your dream the more you will receive! The creative process is so beneficial to you because it opens your mind, helps you to work harder, & opens many doors that may not have opened before! 

Together we can change the world in such a positive way if we all start DREAMING & BELIEVING in our dreams! This is powerful & helps us stay healthy & connected with our souls desires. Dreaming is CHALLENGING but more REWARDING than ever! 

 I ALWAYS have is a special place to write all of my dreams in! I use fun, inspirational journals that help keep me motivated! I keep them close and read through them weekly to see how I am progressing towards my goals!  

PS: This topic has been suggested by Akash Shukla 

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  1. Having dreams and focus is never more in our minds than at the beginning of a New Year – life is constantly changing and dreams can strenghthen and change too! This is a lovely post to step into 2019 with so I have shared it on my regular PainPalsBlog feature “Monday Magic – (this week) New Year Inspiring Blogs for You”, Happy New Year, Claire (PainPalsBlog) x

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