Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic: (Um . . . and a closet alcoholic)

Blurb: 11 pm: Heart’s pounding, hands shaking. Have these knots in my stomach. But drinking isn’t an option. Maa is sleeping with me. Baba in Lalitaji’s room. And she on the sofa. Want to step into the toilet, take one swig, and then go directly to sleep. How the hell will Maa know? I mean she’s sleeping like a log. No, no, shouldn’t. What if she wakes up? She’s a light sleeper, after all. 11.30 pm: No wine. Or vodka. Terrible, terrible night. When will they go back to Kolkata and let me be? 11.32 pm: Chhi . . .Chhi . . . How selfish am I? My parents, one with a heart condition, spent thousands on flight tickets and landed in Chennai. Why? Because they wanted to spend time with their widowed daughter. And what does the daughter want? To sneak into the toilet and take one good swig of wine. Shame on her! Okay, now I’m being over-dramatic. Meet Madhubala Ray a thirty-year-old brand-spanking-new widow in Chennai. She lives with her seventy-year-old mostly-silent MIL—whose name she can’t remember, teaches Social Science to bratty teenagers, and suddenly has a life filled with unpredictable men, catty colleagues, a bisexual best friend, and . . . heart-wrenching memories of her late husband. How does she deal with all of that? By baring it all, in her diary. Join this oddball-widow who always keeps it real as she gives an honest account of a young North Indian working woman in Chennai, who tries to survive a tragedy through wine and vodka, her quirky sense of humour, and refuses to give up on love. Despite its oddities. The question is: does she survive and find love, again? Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is a story that is brutally honest, funny, romantic and liberating. It’s a slice of life you wouldn’t want to miss.

About the author: Chitrangada Mukherjee was born and raised in the scenic north-eastern state of Tripura. She post graduated in History from the Presidency College in Kolkata, a city which made her a thinker. A love affair resulting in marriage brought her to the south of India, where she worked as a tele-caller, teacher, news reader, soft skills trainer, quiz show hostess, and content writer. Five years ago she decided to leave her cushy IT job and embrace motherhood. While at home, she started to introspect about her true calling. She found it in writing. For her writing is akin to exercising–if she doesn’t write for a day, she ends up releasing negative hormones in her body. Apart from writing and reading, she loves listening to music on her headphones, grass walking, and gazing at the ocean. Chennai is her home now, where she lives with her seven-year-old daughter and husband. Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is her second novel.

Review:  Chitrangada Mukherjee’s writing has such an ability, to the point that changes clearly common conditions into amusing ones. Her style is essential and plain and that makes it significantly less requesting to welcome the book. The book is a stormy read that can change any boring situation/mind into a captivating one. Chitrangada mentions the right part of essence in her intelligent writing; something that I totally liked.

I enjoyed the manner by which she has taken a fairly critical condition (of a bereaved woman) and made sense of how to give it a slight twist. Rather than the situation, the book is unquestionably not a real examined. The unmistakable blend of social orders – Bengali and Tamil – moreover gives this book a specific flavour. There are a couple of characters that accept a fundamental part in the book – Madhu, her relatives, her people and her love interests. While a vast bit of them will make you feel energetic and drew in, there are a very few that will make you flinch. I in like manner felt that two or three characters were absurdly given a huge amount of room and essentialness while others, whom I seemed to like more, were pushed to the establishment.

The book has a liberal part of fervour sprinkled all through the length and broadness of it. It is a book that I will recommend to people who are hunting down straightforward and essential lingo, saucy records, intriguing characters, comic conditions and high segments of incitement. To say it evidently, it has all the right fixings in the correct degrees to make it a getting a handle on read. Amusingly the portrayal  of the characters, the Author has associated with the mind boggling strategies for the human heart and life getting it in smooth words in this story which is written in Diary arrange making it an enjoyable , fun and light read. The end  was superb and surely not the one I was expecting in light of the fact that there was a turn in the story which I would state is dynamic in this century. The references made by the author concerning the region, sustenance, culture of Chennai makes it a flawless read for any person with connections to Chennai city. This book does not have any brutality or energise or wrong doing yet rather still, it would keep you amazed from the soonest beginning stage till the end.

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