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Instagram is such a creative platform and it is something that I have lately found myself thinking more and more about on a regular basis. I mean I have a special kind of love for the content I create on Instagram, but there are so many things that Instagram need to improve to make the platform what it used to be – I mean we put all this work in, it should be fun! There are few thoughts which run across my mind and I am sure many of you will relate to it.

1. Why’s no one seeing my posts? 

It is so annoying that barely anyone sees my posts, but I’m at that point where I genuinely don’t care anymore, I’m just enjoying the creative process!

2. Shadow banning, Instagram what are you playing at? 

A lot of bloggers, myself included don’t spam, we don’t spam hashtags, we come up with incredible content to share with people, why do they feel the need to shadow ban creatives like this?

3. Why am I seeing posts from 5 days ago? 

I don’t need to see posts from like 5 days ago, I want to see posts from about 5 minutes ago, and not only that if people are seeing posts from 5 days ago on their feed is that why people aren’t interacting with my feed? Or maybe people just don’t like my content?

4. Oh my gosh look at how amazing everyone’s content is? 

I am absolutely loving so many Instagram’s right now, I mean it gives me all the envious vibes, mainly because I’m like oh my gosh look at all the photos. I mean seriously if I could get photos like some of my favourites, I would be in my element.

5. Will my Instagram ever grow? 

I have been stuck on a certain number for ages, but I’m just gonna continue to do my thing. Numbers aren’t everything but it would be amazing to see that people enjoy my content.

6. I’m loving creating content

Lately, I’ve kind of found my own signature, I’ve found my own wavelength that I’m enjoying doing right now, the whole process of taking photos – even the editing! I used to hate editing, now I’m finding a groove and I enjoy it so much!

7. People please follow me if you want, but don’t follow & then unfollow. 

Ugh the follow/unfollow game is strong. It is so annoying, like if you want to follow then follow, but don’t just do it to just get me to follow back. It isn’t necessary, it honestly must be so exhausting going through and following and then unfollowing.

I’m not gonna lie Instagram does have it’s shortfalls, it’s a pain, it drives me mad, but do you know what, creating is so much fun, I’m learning to just enjoy it for what it is, another platform to share my creativity.

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