Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is so important in order to step back, reflect and appreciate all the aspects of our lives that we often take for granted, that others may not be as lucky to have. Life is more than the latest iPhone model, the poshest house, or the fanciest car.

Of course, it’s normal to feel down about things and to have a little whinge every now and then (what else is Twitter for, am I right?). Always remember that your feelings and emotions are VALID. I would hate for anyone to read this and think I’m implying that they should “get over their problems” or something along those lines because that is the furthest thing from my intentions.

What I do want to share, however, is that many of us live such fortunate lives and tend to overlook the simplest of things, unintentionally focusing on the negative of every situation. Ever notice that we tend to automatically think of the negatives? The worst case scenario? The one thing that’s bugging us, while ignoring the plethora of good things? The array of positive outcomes?

While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram the other day, I saw a post that struck my attention, suggesting that every time you say or think “I have to *insert annoying inconvenience here*”, replace have to with get to.

get to study.

get to go to the gym.

get to cook dinner.

get to walk to work today.

get to wake up early.

You get the point?

This is such a simple, revolutionary exercise that can really shift your perspective of everything. Something I’m integrating into my life, doing this works to realign your priorities and allows you to highlight everything little thing that you are thankful for, whether you realise it or not.

Being grateful isn’t always easy. Life happens, throws you curveballs and makes you question “why me?”. But never lose sight of the beauty of life, no matter how dark and cloudy it may seem. Nothing is ever permanent. You may have had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, hell, even a bad year, but don’t let that define you. You are more than your negative experiences. Focus your energy into the good, instead of the bad and watch your mindset transform.

Sometimes it’s best to focus on what we do have, rather than on what we don’t. Be grateful, always.

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