Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz

Blurb: Akshay Saxena, an out of work editor of a defunct literary magazine in the UK, is told to move to India for a year to help shore up the value of Kalim, an ailing Indian publisher. Akshay finds himself in a job where he has to do the impossible. Angus Lee, the new owner of Thomson Lee Books, wants at least five bestsellers in the coming year, failing which the business would be wound up. He has to find a way of making a success out of books he would never publish or would never even read. To complicate things further, he has to contend with motley crew of has-beens and misfits working for the publishing house as well as wannabe writers, dealing with their follies and derisive tactics, and battle his own affections for Zorah Kalim, the impulsive daughter of his former boss. Will he succeed in bringing out that one ‘bestseller’ from his publishing house? And what about his own life and love in office? Find out in this riveting read.

About the author: Ahmed Faiyaz is the bestselling author of Love, Life & All That Jazz…, Another Chance, Scammed and the editor of the Urban Shots anthologies. He was born and raised in Bengaluru. Apart from being a passionate writer, he dabbles with film-making and travels to lesser-known destinations to better understand life and the times we live in. He lives and works in Dubai, with his two boys and their tabby cat named, Bob.

Review: Akshay Mathur, 30+ aged divorced person is terminated from a UK based magazine. He is compelled to work in India at Kalim Publishing that frequently bargains nature of literature.Things dependably don’t go his direction and the supremo of the distributing bites the dust a grievous passing. The onus is on him to keep the machine gear-piece in the wheel turning.He is given a final offer of putting five books on the success outlines inside a year by Angus Lee who has a noteworthy stake in Kalim distributing.

Akshay is encompassed by an accumulate of brilliant characters – Sita, secretary of Iqbal Kalim, Tarun -CEO and writers like Sudhir, Vinod Dutta, Anya Malik who are in converses with the distributing house for distributing their books in the science fiction, erotica and sentiment genres. The street isn’t smooth for Akshay and his group as they are always under flame for supporting VIP Roshan Khan. Will Akshay be able to deal with various creators getting his throat looking at for the smash hit diagrams ? Will he be able to live on others desires on the expense of trading his own advantages and respect?

I have personal experience of working in a publication house. Akshay’s character was fleshed out well, the story was from his point of view. His change from a go getter to an individual inclination defensive towards his endeavour was cheering to witness.

The writing style and setting of the book was convincing and good. Every character have been planned and grown appropriately. There were funny moments in Tarun’s activities and cheered at how Akshay manages it in the end. Their discoursed and clever trades were astounding. This book was completely a single sitting reading for me. you want to peruse something new and similarly engaging, do check this book. It is great! I loved the title “Best Seller” – indeed it is one.

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