Is It Maya ? by Saikat Baksi


Maya Mukhija is charming, intelligent and enigmatic.She has all the riches and power of the world. Maya loves to overpower men. She is the arm-candy wife of an ageing media mogul. Maya is not a loser. But one ne morning, Mumbai police knocks the door of her posh apartment and handcuffs her. “You killed Veena, your daughter,” the Police Commissioner declares. “Veena was my sister, not daughter. And I wished her dead. But I never killed her,” Maya Mukhija replies. The hunt begins through the shadowy yesterdays of Maya Mukhija. Love, treachery and a web of lies peel off the dark truth one by one. Who killed Veena? ls it Maya?”

About the author

Saikat Baksi is an author and an artist. His passions include theology, art and the sub-atomic world. He is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and works in the Sales & Marketing department of an Engineering Multinational. He doesn’t find any conflict among his roles as an executive and an author or an artist. He lives his life the way it comes and writes about it. He paints what he sees around himself and in his own mind. For him, the world is full of painting and stories. He just lays them down on paper and canvas. Over the years, he lived in seven cities and towns spanning from far south of India to the far north. He felt the pulse of each part of the country he lived in. He shares an intense ‘love and hate’ relation with Kolkata, where he grew up. He does not believe in settling anywhere because in his view, settlement is death and motion is life. He currently stays at Anand, Gujarat and cherishes the idyllic charm of the countryside. Other novels by Saikat Baksi Something in your eyes Far beyond the dead end Did you see the joker? Fallen leaf, withered wind…and love.


This book is one of the best thrillers of 2017. While reading it I could find traces of Indrani Mukherjee’s life in this. I love plot full of suspense, twists and turns and this book had them perfectly. It kept me guessing and the writing is impressive. The story revolves around the protagonist Maya who gets arrested and tortured to confess the truth. The writing was so sophisticated with which I was familiar as I have read the author already in the past. While the main events and characters are taken from real case, the writer has added his own spin to the story, making it different. The description, the narration, the simple language has made the book awesome. The story grips you from the start as the police station scene unfolds. As the past and present of Maya is revealed through Maya and Vivek’s points of view, it gets more and more interesting. I strongly suggest this book to all those who love reading racy fast paced thrillers.

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5 Small Joys I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays Week 21

The small things in life really are the most important to our happiness.  Think about it, we have small joys everyday. My favorite saying/quote is we make our own happiness.  We can fume about the disappointments in life which slams the door on all the good feelings trying to lift you up.  When you are upset just close your eyes and when you open them look for joys in a sunrise, the beautiful colors of the leaves, your pet licking you or may be having your favorite ice cream.

  1. Starting a new book is such an amazing feeling. It means that first off, I have free time to read. But it also means that this specific arrangement of words composed by another person is about to speak truth into my life and cause me to think, laugh and cry. The possibilities are endless. After I get over my post-book depression, the satisfaction sets in and it truly is one of the most accomplished feelings.
  2. Finding time to be still could be hard to find, but it is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Meditation, prayer, and just taking a deep breath is free, rewarding, and so relaxing. There is truly nothing like those moments where you can feel your brain expanding and working to process new information. Feeding your brain is such a feel good activity.
  3.  Every time I am in a bad mood I try to stop my negative thinking cycle by looking to the people around me and complimenting them. This helps to create positive thoughts, and will make you (and that person) feel better overall. It’s a win-win.
  4. Crossing an item off your To Do list is by far one of the best feelings in the world. Laundry? Done. Paper due tomorrow? Done. Staying organized is a joyous moment for me; it is also a stress reliever to see that pen cross right through that task you just completed giving sense of achievement.
  5. Writing on fresh pages in my journal with an inky, flowy pen. There is something about fresh pages and flowing ink. The best thing about writing is that no matter what I end up writing about it is hard to not grow from it. I cant just read a past entry/post in my journal in which I acted  shamefully and say “that was dumb, anyway” No, I say “I will never make a dumb choice like that again!” That’s the truth! Writing always gives me the joy of turning into a better person.

Learning to appreciate these things and moments play a huge role in creating a peaceful and happy life. Although the things themselves may be small, failing to appreciate them has really big ramifications! Be Happy Be thankful to small joys of life. It’s so much easier to walk this life if you look for the good in small things and spend as little time as possible on the bad.  What little joys do you love in life?

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Pets Day with Isheeria – March 2017

His eyes are growing shimmer
He romps and plays so much
Although he is still a puppy
He behaves like a grown up doggy man.
He love my touch
and his paws don’t seem to clutch
His cute nose and happy wagging tail
He licks me when I come home
and barks at the mail.
His energy simply puts raw exuberance
which overwhelms me by joy
Caught in your gust, lost in your playful spins
Spiky you are my boy

Dogs are lovable and funny creatures, they’re big and small with all sorts of features. And every once in a while, if given a smile, they can be the very best teachers.  On National Puppy Day – 23rd March 2017, drop by your local shelter and see if you can find a friend. Nothing will make you happier.

 This post is a part of #PetsDayWithIsheeria, a monthly linky party on pets by Ishieta. 

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My Happiness List

I always think that for some reason a lot of us usually focus on things that stress us out or make us anxious, a lot more than we focus on things that make us happy. This is why I was so excited when my friend Vasantha tagged me to do the 12 Things That Make Me Happy tag. It’s really nice to pause and think about the things that I love and that make me happy. So, here I go… In no particular order and I plan to write 50 of them. 

1. Blogging!
2. Birthdays – love a birthday party!
3. New clothes, handbags, jewelry – anything new. It’s so exciting.
4. Reading & commenting on other blog posts.
5. Tweeting
6. Buying gifts for others
7. Meeting fellow bloggers on social media.
8. A full night sleep!
9. Going to the movies
10. The beach.
11. Reading a good book
12. High heels.
13. Fashion magazines
14. Seeing other people happy
15. The smell of fresh laundry
16. Shopping
17. Nail colors
18. Ghazals
19. Winters
20. Starbucks coffee
21. Mangoes
22. Comedy shows
23. Playing with my teddy bear
24. Writing
25. Getting appreciation
26. Golgappe
27. Monsoon
28. Winning contests
29. Unexpectedly finding money
30. Roses
31. Handwritten letters
32. Helping people
33. Rearranging furniture at home
34. Smoothies
35. Buying bangles
36. Hugs and kisses
37. Chocolates
38. Text messages
39. Waffles and pancakes
40. Ice cream
41. Travelling
42. Bookstores
43. New pens
44. Journals
45. Laughing
46. Evening walk
47. 90’s music
48. Conversations
49. Getting unexpected Gifts
50. When people who like/love me, express themselves to me.

Wow, it was much easier to hit 50 things than I thought. I was a little concerned it’d be hard to think of 50. But, I could keep going! Everyone should take a few minutes and make this list. It was a lot of fun.

I’d love to hear what makes you happy, so I’m tagging: Shraesta, Kunal, IshietaMasoom. You can write a list of 10-12-15-35-50…endless list of all those that makes you happy! Dont forget to Thank me! Yay!!

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Reiki – A Life Force Energy

 Dear Novemberschild Readers,

Reiki is not mind-control! I know a lot of us grew up hoping it was – and that if we knew Reiki (which I did) we could influence our teachers, and receive high marks! Alas, that never happened L – coz, that isn’t what Reiki is about.

What Reiki is, is a cosmic energy, which flows from our Crown Chakra through our hands to sooth and heal the recipient.  There are numerous practices of holistic methods  of healing using  universal energy to heal and rebalance the life force energy eg.-Yoga,  Chi kung,  Pranic, Reiki etc.

Of all these practices Reiki is the only practice where no formal training and practice is required.  With an attunement by a Reiki Master, and a demonstration of how to use it, one is ready to start. Reiki is a method of hands-on healing, with the advanced practitioner being able to transcend space and time and do distance healing to someone who is in a different location, or give Reiki to a past or future event.

The beauty of the Reiki method of healing is that it is an intelligent energy, there is no wrong way. And you cannot misuse it or harm anyone.  In fact, you can give Reiki, but it is up to the higher self of the recipient to decide whether they wish to receive Reiki’s healing energy or not.

There are no Do’s & Don’ts in Reiki, except for what is common sense. Don’t give Reiki when you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol/ drugs.

Reiki is not affiliated to any religion or ethnic group. There are no rituals or conditions attached to the practice of Reiki.  There are no tools required.

Reiki can also be used for healing the aura, chakras, physical, mental, and emotional problems. It works on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit. It brings one back into a state of Harmony and Balance.

The word Reiki means universal Life energy. ‘Rei’ describes the universal limitless aspect of this energy. And  ‘Ki’ the vital life force energy which flows through all living beings.  Even if at this point you don’t understand how it works and the reasons for its effectiveness, open yourself up to the experience and try out a Healing session and experience it for yourself.

The best example of this, is a mother’s loving hand on a child’s back, harnessing the universal energy and soothing the child. It is worth noting, it is not the hand which the child recognizes, but the energy that the child reacts to.

Reiki is a wonderful path for self-discovery and development of the personality. You can give Reiki to yourself and others, to Life events, meetings, exams, to objects – your books, car, phone etc. To animals, plants and even invoke Reiki while cooking food for your family.

Reiki is a way of Life.

Blessed Be!

About the Author –  Ishieta is a published Author of a book on Numerology.
A practicing Reiki Healer & Master, She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles  ( to help people Heal & Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods such as : Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui & Tarot Readings. You can contact her at: [email protected] to avail a Healing session or join the next Reiki Batch.

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Women in Books I wish were real

Women are intriguing creatures. With multiple layers of emotions, their persona is beyond imagination. Women have been the subject of exploration, fantasy, admiration and even envy from time immemorial. Various artists have tried to capture the colourful aspects of womanhood in their respective artworks but words and women seem to form an enigmatic bond. Whether as an author or as a character derived from an author’s imagination, women come alive while playing with words. History is strewn with examples where women in books have come alive with the magic of writer’s pen and influenced the readers.

I bring to you five women-characters from some famous books. These women portray the author’s creativity and imagination and yet seem to have a voice of their own. They seem to come out of the books and stand in front of you to recite their story- the story of grit, determination and perseverance; the story of prejudiced society; the story of hope and the story of womanhood.

Lolita – Gora is one of the most intense and probably the largest works of Guru Rabindranath Tagore. While Gora or Gour Mohan babu is the protagonist of the novel, Lolita is one of pivotal characters around whom the story revolves. As an educated Bengali girl of Kolkata, Lolita has strong views about Hinduism, Brahmoism, religion and society. While many of Tagore’s women characters have had a fair share of charisma, Lolita with her feminist streak, stands out in the brigade.

Laila and Mariam– Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns is a cathartic masterpiece that celebrates the intensity and charisma of womanhood. Laila and Mariam, the two central characters in the book are placed against each other by destiny. But these women go beyond animosity and find recluse in the bond of friendship.

Ferieba– Nadia Hashimi’s novel, When the moon is Low, has Ferieba, a young girl in the pre-war Kabul city. As this tale of war progresses, a deep sense of respect is generated for Fereiba who is determinedly optimistic even when her world is falling apart. Women and children are worst hit by war and its collateral damages. This novel portrays Fereiba as a fragile ordinary woman who finds extra-ordinary courage in times of desperation.

Rahima– As a bacha-posh, a girl posing as a boy, Rahima becomes Rahim in her pre-teens. She grows up to be married to a loving husband and then loses everything to war. Nadia Hashimi’s debut novel, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, is a masterpiece for many reasons and the most important being the portrayal of its female protagonists. Rahima has every element of womanhood- love, emotion, hope, perseverance and sacrifice.

There are many such extra-ordinary women in fiction which you wish were for real. It is almost impossible to list them all. I consider these 5 women as flag-bearers for the rest of our fictional womenfolk. This is an ode to women and womanhood in books and beyond.

About the Blogger

Deepali Joshi Adhikary is a freelance writer/blogger/trainer. She has a diverse writing portfolio which spans from light-hearted humor to the issues affecting the society, her parenting challenges and reviews of books. She also has keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and loves to work with different age groups. When she is not writing or training, she likes to read. Connect with her @deepaliadhikary on twitter or visit her blog at

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The A-Z Challenge 2017 – Theme Reveal

So, the A to Z Blogging Challenge is happening again! Either you have done it before (High five!), or you have seen me do it the past (Cupcakes!) or if neither, you should definitely think about doing it this year. The challenge starts in April as usual.

While a theme is NOT necessary, it’s fun to have one. So I’ve decided that my theme is going to be “MICRO POETRY”.

You must be wondering what is Micropoetry? It is a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. As a poetic art form, it doesn’t really have any rules. Although it does consists of certain forms of short poetry with fixed rules such as Haiku, Tanka, Senryu and Gogyohka.  The only rules are that the character length is limited to 140 in Twitter and 160 in Mobile. Poetry beyond those parameters is no longer considered micropoetry. I have followed less than 140 character rule in my theme.

But by going through the alphabet, it actually forced me to think of some things in a “out of the box” kind of way – so I’ve got some fun stuff coming up for you in April!

There are well over 1000 bloggers taking part in the Challenge this year too. If you want to join in yourself, it’s not too late! You can sign up now. Make sure you keep coming back all through April because I don’t want you to miss anything! You can sign up for my blog updates.

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Time Lapse

As it seems to me,

Days went while years leap,

Holding hands we spent time,

I stood by you and you, mine.

As it seems to me, the time brought,

Every second, minute and hour hand go,

Bringing joys and our flow,

Shades of hair, yes, its grey from black, Oho.

With every day, we looked into each other’s eyes,

How we cared those tough times,

Like a sail and winds love,

We are here, aged at same clock.

An time lapsed, I see now,

It’s a love unbound,

Letters became reality,

Our relation, became our entity.


By, Masoom Jethwa

Bio note:  Masoom is a science graduate currently working on the planetary atmospheres in Space sciences. He is a Python and Perl Programmer. He blogs about the anecdotes on feelings, life and social experiences.

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Microblog: Link to Twitter –

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Birds of Prey

You wake up from deep slumber, parched and famished, and find yourself in a bottomless pit—dark and dingy with the foul smell of excreta and rotting scars and no seeming way to escape—what do you do? This is the predicament that ex-ACP Anton Pinto faces when he reluctantly joins the investigation of mysterious disappearances of men from affluent family from the suburbs of Mumbai. There is an inexplicable pattern behind the abductions and all suspicions point towards an old, physically-challenged, mysterious lady. Soon, Anton discovers that the seemingly unrelated men have one common link—the most popular and expensive international school in Mumbai and an undisclosed crime. Following clues that span from schools and old-age homes to illegal dingy hospitals, Anton is led through a labyrinth of incest, abuse, torture and suffering, spanning decades. What secret does the school hide behind its gates? What was the undisclosed crime that is thirsty for justice? Will Anton be able to save the men? Will justice be served?

About the author

Archana Sarat is an Author and Poet for the last ten years. She shuttles between Chennai and Mumbai and loves both cities passionately. Her works have been published in various popular newspapers, magazines and anthologies like The Times of India, The Economic Times, The SEBI and Corporate Laws Journal, The CA Newsletter, Me Magazine, The Science Reporter, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the WRIMO India Anthology, the GloMag Literary Journal and many more. She is popular in the online world for her flash fiction that appear every Saturday, called ‘Saturday Shots’. Though she is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, she took up her childhood love for writing as her vocation. She has a Diploma in Creative Writing from The Writers Bureau, UK. She lives with her husband and two sons in Mumbai. You can connect with her at Birds of Prey is her first novel.


‘Birds of Prey’ is author’s debut novel and a very well written book. The story is about series of happening in Mumbai where men vanish with no trace and no motives. There is Inspector Anton, who tracks this matter to put an end to crime and comes to know about vengeance arising from personal experiences of child abuse. I love thrillers and I found this plot to be very smart. The author has used easy language and took me 2 days to finish this book. This book has raised the awareness of child abuse through fiction. The narration is worth appreciation. Many details from the book are heart paining making me wonder if such things really happen daily? The creativity of the author is worth applause.  The story comes from many perspectives, each of them convincing, trying to struggle to take sides. I suggest this book if you are intrigued by edge-of-the-seat thrillers and enjoy reading crime genre.

“I received a review copy of the book from Readomania in exchange for an honest and unbiased review”

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Holi #ClickandBlogAStory

Holi, one of the most unique and exciting festivals of India has knocked the door this year 2 days back.  Holi is an occasion for a cordial get together, enjoying, celebrating and exchanging wishes and sweets. The message of Holi is universal brotherhood and everyone is invited to join in the celebrations, regardless of race, religion and gender. Expect to be drenched in water, smeared in colors and thoroughly revel in the celebrations. The festival of colors, Holi holds a special charm in the bouquet of Indian festivities, marking a special occasion to enjoy meeting your dear ones, celebrating with colors and savoring lip smacking sweets and other delicacies. The festival has a long tradition in India. It was primarily celebrated to commemorate the victory over evil. It’s that time of the year when the thrillometer is at its peak. Holi, and why wouldn’t they, it is the most amazing festival minus the boring rituals and traditions.

So let us talk about your Holi, how was the festival this year?

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