World’s most beautiful Tattoo Models

Stylish, creative, and super sexy.

Photographer: Christian Saint

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN: 978-3-95730-042-3

Size: 16 x 24 cm / 6 ¼“ x 9 ½“

Pages: 256

Photos: 250


English, German, Français, Español, Italiano.

Preis / Price:

€ 34.99 / 32.99 GBP / 44.99 US$


Star photographer Christian Saint’s best book yet. Perfect photos, masterfully produced with 50 of the world’s most beautiful tattoo models. The photo book shows lots of naked flesh, together with the most ingenious tattoos. Five stars each for the best photographer, most beautiful models, and most creative tattoos! Stylish, professional, and super sexy.

  • Over 50 of the world’s most beautiful tattoo models.
  • Tattoos from over 150 of the most creative tattoo artists.
  • If there is a book that should be displayed in a tattoo studio, it is this one


Beauty is an achievement

Phenomena are often most interesting when in combination with one another, especially when it comes to extremely beautiful models with super tattoos. Statistics prove how tattoos have now become a standard part of our western culture. Over a quarter of Americans have at least one tattoo, with this number rising to a third amongst people under 30. However, so far only a small group of the many fans have gotten particularly intricate and artistically valuable tattoos. Even smaller is the group of above-average looking girls and women with such outstanding, cool tattoos. Take it from us: looking at both together is just fun and conjures real tattoo voyeurism.

Masterfully produced by fashion and tattoo star photographer Christian Saint, across 250 high-quality printed pages you will see over 50 great-looking tattoo beauties, including Kelly Eden, Bonnie Rotten, Abbey So, Riae, Maegan Machine, Fallon Ven Detta, Alesandra Nicole, Emily Shephard, Cleo Wattenström, Kayte Rae, Annasthesia Awful, Bambu Jessica, Dani Vi, Gabriella Saturria, Linette Otero, Hayley G, Vanessa Lake, Jennifer Lynn, Jesse Lee D, Jessica Wilde, Kay Reynolds, Leila Rose, Leza Lush, Linnea Thomasia, Phay Moss, and Sarah Jensen. Also included are loads of exciting top tattoos, all super erotic and fantastically photographed.

Statistically, almost a fifth of all people with a tattoo regret their tattoo at some point. In most cases this is because it is the name of a person they no longer like – I bet if it was the name of one of the girls in this book, they would not have regretted it.

Threes thumbs up:

best photographer, most beautiful models, most creative tattoos!


Christian Saint

Christian Saint is a professional Advertising, Celebrity & Fine Art photographer from Brooklyn NY. Unsatisfied with the industries narrow view of beauty, Christian focused his efforts on the tattoo community, using his knowledge of commercial fashion and beauty, to help bring “alternative” to the mainstream. From 2007-2015, Christian has been an exclusive contributor to Tattoo Life Magazine, casting and shooting all of their covers. With clients worldwide, his Magazine covers have been distributed in over 50 countries. In 2015, he published a retrospective “Tattoo Super Models” (Goliath Books) and has focused the last three years photographing the most beautiful tattoo models from around the world, for this book.


Models appearing in the book

Abbey So, Alesandra Nicole, Alisha Gory, Amanda Pemberton, Amelia Nightmare, Anesthesia Awful, Autumn Hudson, Bambu Jessica, Bibiana Atada, Bonnie Rotten, Brittany Bao, Brittany Hetzer, Chelsea Nyegaard, Cleo Wattenström, Dani Vi, Danielle Otrakji, Diana Carolina, Emily Shephard, Fallon Ven Detta, Gabriella Saturai, Hannah Raymond, Hayley G, Heidi Lavon, Jennifer Lynn, Jessa Jordan, Jesse Lee D, Jessica Wilde, Karla Lambert, Kay Reynolds, Kayte Rae, Kelly Eden, Kybele, Leah Jung, Leila Rose, Leza Lush, Lily, Linette Otero, Linnea Thomasia, Maegan Machine, Vanessa Lake, Phay Moss and more.


Tattoo artists work appearing in the book

Adam France, Adam Hathorn, Adam Machin, Alex McWatt, Amy MyMouse, Anderson Luna, Andre Malcolm, Andy Blanco, Andy Robinson, Antony Flemming, Ashley Wiesel, Atom Messmer, Autumn Hudson, Bart Bingham, Beau Brady, Becca Roach, Benjamin Laukis, Big Steve, Bill Keithley, Bob Jones, Boog Brown, Carla Hopkins, Carl Löfqvis, Carlos Torres, Chad Bjorn, Chad Newsom, Chad Pelland, Charlie Forbes, Charlie Webster, Chris Hebert, Chris O’Donnell, Civ, Connor Garrity, Cricket Elijah, Cervidae, Dan Mcwolfe, Daniel Albrigo, Daniel Kulagin, David Allen, David Sena, Deno Tattoo, Derek Ward, Dillon Forte, Doug Sparks, Dustin Kendig, Ele Mags, Faty Tattoo, Fernando Bisceglia, Frank at Philadelphia Eddie’s, Garth Hixon, Gentle Jay Blondel, Gentle Jay Blondel, Gerald Feliciano, Gustavo Rizerio, Handex, Herb Auerbach, Horiyoshi III, Ian Dana Camp, Ian Laughlin, Jacob Crowder, Jacob Pederson, Gentle Jay Blondel, Gerald Feliciano, Gustavo Rizerio, Handex, Herb Auerbach, Horiyoshi III, Ian Dana Camp, Ian Laughlin, Jacob Crowder, Jacob Pederson and 100 more.

About Goliath

Within almost 15 years in business Goliath, now located in Berlin, has established itself as a highly acclaimed international publisher of diverse and often daring photography and art books unafraid to introduce controversial, erotic and subcultural perspectives to modern life. It all started with a photo book about the UFO phenomenon. This was way back in 1997 in New York. Goliath had finally landed. Ever since then Goliath has been fighting to make the world a visually better one with publishing books about The Sexy, The Weird And The Extraordinary. We don’t believe in pornography, but in fun and art – and of course in good photography. Boredom is the first cardinal sin. This explains why we never specialize, but have a wide interest in challenging perspectives and visual entertainment. Amongst our illustrious society of artists are names like the north-american subculture documentalist Charles Gatewood, renowed erotic photographer and punk-rocker Dave Naz, the Belgian artist Pierre Radisic, rock photographer legend Derek Ridgers, gender provocateur and chronicler of the industrial and goth culture Fred Berger, artist and photographer Paul Smith, many talented amateur photographers with a fresh view on girls and life, hemp-activist Rob Griffin, alternative sex’n’punk photographer The Lovely Brenda from New York, retro pin-up specialist Octavio Arizala or fetish fashion photographer Emma Delves-Broughton – to name just a few. Our variety couldn’t be broadlier based. We often get asked, if Goliath was an “erotic publisher”. It’s a yes and no. Yes, we like it naked, who doesn’t? No, we publish art. Who says art is not allowed to be naked? But it is not all about the bare naked truths. Our photographers are creative, often multitasking artists with a sixth sense for style, zeitgeist, new visual concepts and the unconventional. At Goliath books we are deeply committed to high standards in production and design as well as to the high artistic quality of our publications. Our latest brainchild is the stock agency to help to spread and promote the good photography and art to a publishing world that is full of clichés about the definition of “erotic”. And that’s the mission we are on.

About Miki Bunge (the editor)

“Miki is not only a terrific host and wild renaissance man, he’s also a risk-taking art lover. It’s his belief in each artist whose work he publishes that ensures opportunity for up-and-comers and exciting new books for an appreciative public.”

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take a break

How often do you hear these words, but do you actually take heed? Sometimes we become so engrossed in what we are doing that we start to lose focus.  This can result in feeling overwhelmed.

But taking a timeout makes us feel guilty; like we are going to miss out on something vital if we actually take care of ourselves.  The truth is we won’t.

Whether it’s for a couple of hours, a day, or longer, taking a break helps clear the mind, gets you back in touch with what really matters and will give you a new source of inspiration.

It can also give us the opportunity to see something from a different angle. However, if we don’t step away from a situation, even just for a little while, our judgment becomes clouded and we are unable to find the answers that are often right in front of us.

work smarter, not harder 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “hard work always pays off.”  Well….not always.  It is important but sometimes we equate hard work to working long hours or tirelessly pursuing something, but being open to finding new and better ways of working is just as important.

Think outside the box and look beyond your current circumstances. Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely of sources but we need to take the time to identify who and what that might be.  By networking, researching and constantly learning we can open up other possibilities and ways of working that most often than not will have us saying “why didn’t I think of this before?”

It’s also important to take a rounded approach to everything you do.  Write down all the tasks involved in what it is you are working towards, prioritise them and then make sure you dedicate some time to them.  For example, if it was up to me, I would just spend most of my time taking photos for my blog but that’s not going to get me anywhere.  Equally important, however, is promoting my posts on social media, connecting with other bloggers and reading and commenting on other blogs.  It will vary for different people but you can apply this concept to pretty much everything.

you’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down

Sure, we may not be where we want to be, but there is always something that is going right.  However, if we convince ourselves otherwise then that becomes our reality.  I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but it’s important to keep a positive attitude.

To do so we need to appreciate the journey and not just wait for that end goal before we feel like we have accomplished something.  The reality is that we’ll always be striving for more so if we don’t appreciate and celebrate even the smallest of achievements along the way, we will never be satisfied.

remember when it was even harder

We become so consumed in our present struggles that we often forget what it was like before.  Using our past as a means to reflect is always a good idea.  It’s a bit like remembering when you had zero followers on Instagram!  Yet we so easily forget about those things because we are constantly on the look out for more.

Try to make it a point to jot down your progress that way when you look back on it you’ll realise how far you have actually come. And remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

it wasn’t meant to be easy

Who said it was easy?  It’s important not to believe everything you see and hear on social media or even within your circle of friends.  Some people make out like they have it all or it could just be that is how you perceive it.  The truth is everything in life comes at a price.  Everyone is on their own personal journey and we all work hard in different ways; that doesn’t mean it’s any easier than it is for the next person.

In fact, when things are going too well, I start to worry about what’s going to go wrong.  I don’t think you should live your life that way, but it should never be a breeze either.

maybe it’s just not the right time

I used to be a “it’s now or never” kind of person.  However, I’ve learnt the hard way that putting that kind of pressure on yourself is unnecessary.  Things that I thought I wanted but never got, I now realise weren’t good for me in the first place.  Equally, there is no such thing as never, sometimes you just have to wait your turn when the time is right.

Often there are bigger things at play that are beyond our control.  You need to remember that nearly everything we do is linked to a number of other factors and people.  So many times things get put on hold because other people have their own set of priorities and your now is their later.  Don’t take it personally and accept that these things happen. Instead, use your time more effectively and focus on other tasks.  This way the waiting game will be easier to deal with.

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Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is so important in order to step back, reflect and appreciate all the aspects of our lives that we often take for granted, that others may not be as lucky to have. Life is more than the latest iPhone model, the poshest house, or the fanciest car.

Of course, it’s normal to feel down about things and to have a little whinge every now and then (what else is Twitter for, am I right?). Always remember that your feelings and emotions are VALID. I would hate for anyone to read this and think I’m implying that they should “get over their problems” or something along those lines because that is the furthest thing from my intentions.

What I do want to share, however, is that many of us live such fortunate lives and tend to overlook the simplest of things, unintentionally focusing on the negative of every situation. Ever notice that we tend to automatically think of the negatives? The worst case scenario? The one thing that’s bugging us, while ignoring the plethora of good things? The array of positive outcomes?

While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram the other day, I saw a post that struck my attention, suggesting that every time you say or think “I have to *insert annoying inconvenience here*”, replace have to with get to.

get to study.

get to go to the gym.

get to cook dinner.

get to walk to work today.

get to wake up early.

You get the point?

This is such a simple, revolutionary exercise that can really shift your perspective of everything. Something I’m integrating into my life, doing this works to realign your priorities and allows you to highlight everything little thing that you are thankful for, whether you realise it or not.

Being grateful isn’t always easy. Life happens, throws you curveballs and makes you question “why me?”. But never lose sight of the beauty of life, no matter how dark and cloudy it may seem. Nothing is ever permanent. You may have had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, hell, even a bad year, but don’t let that define you. You are more than your negative experiences. Focus your energy into the good, instead of the bad and watch your mindset transform.

Sometimes it’s best to focus on what we do have, rather than on what we don’t. Be grateful, always.

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Do Your Research

Make sure you research what platform you want to have your blog on. There are so many out there and it can be quite daunting trying to select one that suits your needs.

Don’t Invest Too Much At The Beginning

I was very tempted to go with or purchase a premium account straightaway. It gives you more control over your blog, and let’s be honest, the custom domain name does look more professional if that’s what you’re after.

If you want to be self-hosted. Do your research, weigh up the pros and cons, and make the decision that is right for YOU.

I think being self-hosted is great for those who wish to expand their blog into a business or career and have the technical skills and resources to effectively manage their self-hosted blog. But for beginners like myself who blog purely for a hobby and aren’t massively gifted when it comes to technology, it was just too much trouble for what it’s worth.

Interact With Other Bloggers

Get in touch with the blogging community. Follow other bloggers on Instagram, Twitter, etc. and actually read and comment on other blogs. Doing this can:

1. Give you inspiration on what type of blogger you want to be, and

2. It will make your blog seen and known, meaning more people are likely to be aware that it exists.

Be Authentic

People won’t want to read your blog if you’re anything other than yourself. Create your own blogging/writing voice and you’ll attract the right audience.

Think about it, if you decide to blog a lot about a particular topic that you’re not so passionate about (for example, fashion) because you think it’ll make your blog really popular in a short amount of time, you’ll attract people who like reading about fashion.

This means your audience will expect to see new fashion posts everytime they visit your page, and you’ll be stuck trying to satisfy your audience with posts that you don’t really want to write.

Therefore, you are more likely to not sound authentic in your writing, as you’re not genuinely passionate in what you’re blogging about.

Don’t BAfraid TAsk For Help

We all need a little help sometimes, and blogging is no exception. Blogging can be very confusing and difficult to figure out at times, and it can be beneficial to ask fellow bloggers for help because they’ve been in the exact same boat as you at some point.

Set Realistic Goals

The keyword here: Realistic. If you’ve just started your blog, you can’t expect to rake up millions of views/followers within the first few months, even years. It’s good to be optimistic, but remember to be realistic in what you want to attain, or else you’ll just end up disappointed.

Don’t Compare Yourself TOther Bloggers

In the world of blogging, I’ve learned it’s generally best to run your own race because comparing yourself to other bloggers often brings disappointment.

Instead of comparing your blog to another blog that has been running for years, compare your blog to what it was previously, and see how far you’ve come as a blogger. You’d be surprised to see how your writing style has changed, and if you take photos to accompany your blog, your photography skills.

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A Couple of Choices by Ajesh Sharma

A Couple of Choices by Ajesh Sharma

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 405 KB
Print Length: 133 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Language: English
Current Ranking on
#21907 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction
#49279 in Books > Literature & Fiction
Alex and Phyllis have seen life overtake them. With their dreams, aspirations, and love for each other crushed by the choices they made, their mental discord has led to physical separation. Ten years have gone by when she calls to say she’s coming over to see him. Their meeting opens up old wounds, old memories and forces them to think about their lives, as people, as a couple, as lovers. The story comes together as a reflection of their individual lives, their relationship and the choices that lie ahead of them.
It would be great if you can add this book to your TBR

“Ajesh Sharma, is a Canadian author and playwright. His short stories have appeared in The Telegram Magazine and Unbound eMagazine. A Couple of Choices is his first play. He uses his blog,, to showcase his love for wordplay and humor, his intense dislike for cats and his fanatical adoration of okra.
When not wearing colorful socks or attempting to play guitar, he tries to read, write, learn photography and spend time with one wife, two grown-up sons, one daughter-in-law and her dog on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada.
Links to his work may be found at

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Few of my Instagram thoughts

Instagram is such a creative platform and it is something that I have lately found myself thinking more and more about on a regular basis. I mean I have a special kind of love for the content I create on Instagram, but there are so many things that Instagram need to improve to make the platform what it used to be – I mean we put all this work in, it should be fun! There are few thoughts which run across my mind and I am sure many of you will relate to it.

1. Why’s no one seeing my posts? 

It is so annoying that barely anyone sees my posts, but I’m at that point where I genuinely don’t care anymore, I’m just enjoying the creative process!

2. Shadow banning, Instagram what are you playing at? 

A lot of bloggers, myself included don’t spam, we don’t spam hashtags, we come up with incredible content to share with people, why do they feel the need to shadow ban creatives like this?

3. Why am I seeing posts from 5 days ago? 

I don’t need to see posts from like 5 days ago, I want to see posts from about 5 minutes ago, and not only that if people are seeing posts from 5 days ago on their feed is that why people aren’t interacting with my feed? Or maybe people just don’t like my content?

4. Oh my gosh look at how amazing everyone’s content is? 

I am absolutely loving so many Instagram’s right now, I mean it gives me all the envious vibes, mainly because I’m like oh my gosh look at all the photos. I mean seriously if I could get photos like some of my favourites, I would be in my element.

5. Will my Instagram ever grow? 

I have been stuck on a certain number for ages, but I’m just gonna continue to do my thing. Numbers aren’t everything but it would be amazing to see that people enjoy my content.

6. I’m loving creating content

Lately, I’ve kind of found my own signature, I’ve found my own wavelength that I’m enjoying doing right now, the whole process of taking photos – even the editing! I used to hate editing, now I’m finding a groove and I enjoy it so much!

7. People please follow me if you want, but don’t follow & then unfollow. 

Ugh the follow/unfollow game is strong. It is so annoying, like if you want to follow then follow, but don’t just do it to just get me to follow back. It isn’t necessary, it honestly must be so exhausting going through and following and then unfollowing.

I’m not gonna lie Instagram does have it’s shortfalls, it’s a pain, it drives me mad, but do you know what, creating is so much fun, I’m learning to just enjoy it for what it is, another platform to share my creativity.

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Why I love Coffee

1. The Aroma 

There is no smell I love waking up to more than fresh brewed coffee. There is just something so inviting about the smell of coffee that makes me feel ready to face the day or feel renewed midday. I actually love the aroma of coffee very much. They’re heavenly, but they’re nothing quite like the scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

2. The Taste 

I have always loved the taste of coffee – it was never something I had to acquire the taste for or get used to. I appreciate the taste of coffee without any creamers or sugar. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I began to be able to taste the difference between the different roasts and brands. When you appreciate coffee for more than the caffeine it provides, that’s when you truly begin to love coffee.

3. It Gives Me Energy 

Now, don’t get me wrong…I do love coffee for the caffeine it provides! Somedays coffee really is the only thing that can get me up and feeling like I can accomplish my dreams and goals. It gives me the boost I need to stay focused and energised. It’s my midday pick-me-up that perks me up and keeps me fuelled for the rest of the day.

4. It’s Conversational 

There is nothing more inviting and comforting than conversations over coffee. This has become a trend in today’s culture – going on coffee dates, meeting up for coffee, etc. Unlike most trends, this is actually a good trend that should stay. Coffee and conversation just make sense. I have has so many awesome and meaningful conversations over coffee with a ton of different people. The warmth of coffee just sets the tone of acceptance and understanding, which is why I believe it’s the most conversational beverage.

5. It Helps Me Relax 

Believe it or not, coffee helps me relax. Like I have mentioned before, from its scent to its taste, it’s overall and inviting experience. Because coffee is so inviting, I think it’s just natural for me that I feel comforted and at ease when I can sit back and enjoy a cup. I am not a morning person at all, which means I wake up slowly. Coffee is a great way to ease me back to life, but keep me feeling relaxed at the same time.

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Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP (The Writer’s Toolkit Series 4) by Sundari Venkatraman


Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP (The Writer’s Toolkit Series 4)
by Sundari Venkatraman
So, you have your manuscript all written, edited, proofed and saved on your PC. The next logical step would be to publish your story.
Read this tool kit to find out the different methods of publishing, the advantages and the pitfalls. 
And IF, after all that, you find that you still have your book unpublished, there’s a surefire way to get your book published. And that’s Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
Want to know how to go about it? Read this booklet to find out all that you need to know.
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About the author
Sundari Venkatraman is an indie author who has 31 titles (27 books & 4 collections) to her name, all Top 100 Bestsellers on Amazon India, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Australia in both romance as well as Asian Drama categories. Her latest hot romances have all been on #1 Bestseller slot in Amazon India for over a month.
Even as a kid, Sundari absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end. 
Soon, into her teens, Sundari switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine. Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years. 
Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! And Sundari Venkatraman has never looked back.

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Why Blogging is special to me.

I have always said what an incredible thing blogging is, it has been one of the best things to happen to me and not only that it has given me so much over the years. That I’ve also talked about as well.  I mean I know I complain sometimes – let’s be honest, we all have our bad days, and blogging is very much the same.

I’ve been extremely lucky in the blogging world, and I have worked so hard to get to where I want to be, and I’m so grateful for that. Why do I love being a blogger?

1. The Friendships

I’ve made some incredible friends through blogging, these are the people that have been there at my miniature meltdowns about blogging, blog posts going wrong, they picked me up and set my mind at ease.

I’m beyond grateful for these people because to be quite honest I probably wouldn’t be blogging without these people, I wouldn’t be where I am right now without them.

2. The Opportunities

Blogging isn’t all about the opportunities and what you get from it, but I’ve been able to talk about some of my favourite brands in the world and share my thoughts/feelings about new products.

Blogging has opened some of the most amazing doors for me in beauty, food, fashion and lifestyle and I will always be so grateful for that.

3. Having A Creative Outlet

My blog is where I talk about all of my thoughts and feelings, I mean it gives me a chance to be creative and do my own thing. I get the chance to be creative with photos, with my content and put a bit of me about into the internet world.

Being creative isn’t just about taking some pretty pictures, sometimes it’s about putting your heart and soul into something, and that is what I try to do with every post.

4. Helping Others

I do a lot of advice posts, my blog is basically like a journal, I get the chance to look back on posts when I need some comfort or I need some reminders. When I write a blog post, I want to make someone feel like they’re not alone.

5. I’ve Learned So Much

Blogging has been such a learning curve, I mean let’s be honest, when I started did I even know what SEO was? Nope. Did I know what Google Analytics was? Nope. I just started writing because I was passionate about it, and through that I have learned so much, gained so many incredible skills ones that I’m so grateful for.

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