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I graduated as an engineer who later turned into HR post graduate. My corporate career took a pause as I joined my husband as an expat. Fast forward, today I am working 24*7 with my toddler son. Centre of my universe has shifted for now. I wrote my first blog post in 2010. It was a fun creative outlet. However, I started my current blog after motherhood. It was my way to express my difficulty, disappointments and failures which grew up as learnings. I want to share my journey as I learn-fall-rise-learn. I am learning many chapters of parenting and life. And though every child and parents are different yet human do tend to have similarities. Let me get a chance to help out at least one in world from my experiences.


Through my first blog is about 7-8 years old. It was for fun. I wasn’t regular there. My blog “Life with my Penguin” is my serious blog. It is two months shy one.


I love the freedom of expression with blogging. I don’t fit well with predefined rules or the ideal women expectations. When lion share of my views is considered off, blog voice out my thoughts. I can say out my mind unfiltered, unflinching and not people-please only in my blog.


Right now, I’m busy running with my 2 years old toddler, Penguin. We do art, dance and play most of the time. If I manage to squeeze out time then I enjoy reading a book or Music with Filter coffee. I do love watching movies and series once in a while.


I am pretty new learner in blogging world. So, I can’t give tips. But I can share my learning so far. In layman terms,

  • Post regularly
  • Keep blog user friendly
  • Do network
  • Use other forms of social media
  • Invest in reading blogs


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The Sane Psychopath


Are some crimes unpardonable?
A young lawyer is about to find out.
It was just another day in Pune. Just another morning.
Until a man decided otherwise.
And left an entire city horrified . . . scared . . . angry . . . baying for blood.
This is the story of Shanker Lande, driver of a state transport bus, who goes on a bone-chilling hour-long rampage on the streets of Pune—killing 10, maiming 70, and damaging over 100 vehicles, before he is captured.
In this case of Shanker Lande vs the city of Pune, the difference between the criminal and the victims is clear as night and day. But a young idealistic lawyer, Varun Gupte, a Punekar, still decides to defend Lande. And in the process seeks help from a psychiatrist, a man who lost his son to the same incident.
Caught in the pincer grip of their dilemmas, do the two men crumble? Do they unearth the truth? And does the truth absolve Lande?
Inspired by a real incident, The Sane Psychopath is a fictional exploration of a frightening murderous phenomenon of our times.

About the author: Salil Desai is an author, columnist, and film-maker based in Pune. He is best known for his much-acclaimed Inspector Saralkar Mystery Series which includes 3 and a Half Murders (2017), The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen (2015), and Killing Ashish Karve (2014). His other popular books are Murder on a Side Street (2011) as well as a collection of short stories, Lost Libido and Other Gulp Fiction (2012). The Sane Psychopath (2018) is his sixth book. An alumnus of Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Salil’s dramatized management training videos ( are much appreciated in the corporate world. He also conducts intensive workshops in creative fiction writing, story and scenario design, screenplay writing and film-making. Salil was also one of the four international authors worldwide selected for the HALD International Writers’ Residency in Denmark, hosted by the Danish Centre for Writers & Translators in June 2016.

Review:  The Sane Psychopath is stand-out from different points of view – first it is a spine chiller cum court indicate cum socio-sensation that talks about passionate wellbeing. Second, the fulfilment is one that forsakes you with request rather than answers, which for a spine chiller is a test. Regardless, the author, Salil Desai lived upto that challenge marvellously. As opposed to giving us a wordy, white washed conclusion which would have been a more noteworthy measure of his supposition/perspective about the whole issue, he left it on us to unravel all of that was between the lines. Thirdly, it is exceptional in connection to Inspector Saralkar course of action. This book turns around the sudden and astonishing decision taken by Advocate Varun which realised the country over sensation and examination. I valued this story a lot and the manner in which that it relied upon a veritable story spiked further bolstering my advantage altogether more. The pace is remarkable and the author had winning concerning keeping the readers conjecturing about the reason of such a perilous showing put together by Shanker Lande.

Written in his unique style, the story is hauntingly real. I needed to concede for the span of the time I was reading the book, at whatever call attention to went out I kept an eye for transports around me. I was very tenterhooks at whatever point I saw a speeding truck cruising by kind of experience reading through the pages. That is the force of this book. To add more his style of forming is enchanting – in a way he gets the readers thought absolutely, not deserting it despite for a nanosecond. Each page, every passage has a couple of actions happening, ensuring the reader is on high mindfulness endeavouring to consider what seeks after. There is packs of expectation and fervour, mixed with sentiments and sensitivity in the pages, making it a spine chiller. To be direct, the conclusion left me feeling bewildered. After the court scenes and other expository examination which followed I was anticipating an absolutely unforeseen finish in contrast with this. It had an impact which perhaps no other books in my recents had given me. The climax which takes the show absolutely for me.

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Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic: (Um . . . and a closet alcoholic)

Blurb: 11 pm: Heart’s pounding, hands shaking. Have these knots in my stomach. But drinking isn’t an option. Maa is sleeping with me. Baba in Lalitaji’s room. And she on the sofa. Want to step into the toilet, take one swig, and then go directly to sleep. How the hell will Maa know? I mean she’s sleeping like a log. No, no, shouldn’t. What if she wakes up? She’s a light sleeper, after all. 11.30 pm: No wine. Or vodka. Terrible, terrible night. When will they go back to Kolkata and let me be? 11.32 pm: Chhi . . .Chhi . . . How selfish am I? My parents, one with a heart condition, spent thousands on flight tickets and landed in Chennai. Why? Because they wanted to spend time with their widowed daughter. And what does the daughter want? To sneak into the toilet and take one good swig of wine. Shame on her! Okay, now I’m being over-dramatic. Meet Madhubala Ray a thirty-year-old brand-spanking-new widow in Chennai. She lives with her seventy-year-old mostly-silent MIL—whose name she can’t remember, teaches Social Science to bratty teenagers, and suddenly has a life filled with unpredictable men, catty colleagues, a bisexual best friend, and . . . heart-wrenching memories of her late husband. How does she deal with all of that? By baring it all, in her diary. Join this oddball-widow who always keeps it real as she gives an honest account of a young North Indian working woman in Chennai, who tries to survive a tragedy through wine and vodka, her quirky sense of humour, and refuses to give up on love. Despite its oddities. The question is: does she survive and find love, again? Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is a story that is brutally honest, funny, romantic and liberating. It’s a slice of life you wouldn’t want to miss.

About the author: Chitrangada Mukherjee was born and raised in the scenic north-eastern state of Tripura. She post graduated in History from the Presidency College in Kolkata, a city which made her a thinker. A love affair resulting in marriage brought her to the south of India, where she worked as a tele-caller, teacher, news reader, soft skills trainer, quiz show hostess, and content writer. Five years ago she decided to leave her cushy IT job and embrace motherhood. While at home, she started to introspect about her true calling. She found it in writing. For her writing is akin to exercising–if she doesn’t write for a day, she ends up releasing negative hormones in her body. Apart from writing and reading, she loves listening to music on her headphones, grass walking, and gazing at the ocean. Chennai is her home now, where she lives with her seven-year-old daughter and husband. Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is her second novel.

Review:  Chitrangada Mukherjee’s writing has such an ability, to the point that changes clearly common conditions into amusing ones. Her style is essential and plain and that makes it significantly less requesting to welcome the book. The book is a stormy read that can change any boring situation/mind into a captivating one. Chitrangada mentions the right part of essence in her intelligent writing; something that I totally liked.

I enjoyed the manner by which she has taken a fairly critical condition (of a bereaved woman) and made sense of how to give it a slight twist. Rather than the situation, the book is unquestionably not a real examined. The unmistakable blend of social orders – Bengali and Tamil – moreover gives this book a specific flavour. There are a couple of characters that accept a fundamental part in the book – Madhu, her relatives, her people and her love interests. While a vast bit of them will make you feel energetic and drew in, there are a very few that will make you flinch. I in like manner felt that two or three characters were absurdly given a huge amount of room and essentialness while others, whom I seemed to like more, were pushed to the establishment.

The book has a liberal part of fervour sprinkled all through the length and broadness of it. It is a book that I will recommend to people who are hunting down straightforward and essential lingo, saucy records, intriguing characters, comic conditions and high segments of incitement. To say it evidently, it has all the right fixings in the correct degrees to make it a getting a handle on read. Amusingly the portrayal  of the characters, the Author has associated with the mind boggling strategies for the human heart and life getting it in smooth words in this story which is written in Diary arrange making it an enjoyable , fun and light read. The end  was superb and surely not the one I was expecting in light of the fact that there was a turn in the story which I would state is dynamic in this century. The references made by the author concerning the region, sustenance, culture of Chennai makes it a flawless read for any person with connections to Chennai city. This book does not have any brutality or energise or wrong doing yet rather still, it would keep you amazed from the soonest beginning stage till the end.

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Brave Is the New Beautiful

(An exclusive interview with Nadia Murad on the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war)

The room was filled with presence of a woman with confidence, security, authority, beauty, and boldness.

Silence filled the auditorium as everyone watched this mighty woman shared her truths that utterly shocked every woman on the globe. She wasn’t scared to speak boldly. She spoke who knew that her source of information was as true as truth can be. She possessed the secret we all desperately long for – Bravery!

The woman I introduce you to has found the secret to becoming a truly bold and brave  woman – for me this is being beautiful, and I want to share it with you – She is Nadia Murad -a rape survivor in Iraq to Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Nadia Murad is an Iraqi Yazidi who was tortured and raped by Islamic State militants who turned the face of a campaign to free Yazidis. She is the first Iraqi to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She is campaigning to help put an end to human trafficking and calling on the world to take a tougher line on rape as a weapon of war.

In 2014, she was captured and endured 3 months as a sex slave at the hands of the militants after they swept through Northern Iraq where she lived. She suffered forced marriages, beatings and gang-rapes before she was able to escape.

After being captured, she was taken by force to Mosul where she was forced to convert to Islam and sold repeatedly for sex as part of slave trade.

Writing in her memoir, The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State in 2017, she described how the sexual violence began the moment she got on the bus as one militant reached out to grope her breast.

“It felt like fire. I had never been touched like that before . . . my tears fell on his hand, but still he didn’t stop”, she wrote.

“At some point, there was rape and nothing else. This becomes your normal day.”

A captured woman becomes a spoil of war if she was caught trying to escape. She would be put in a cell and raped by all the men in the compound. This is what happened to Nadia, who says the militants called this practice “sexual jihad”.

After this one can never think of trying to escape again.

The man she was staying with in Mosul was going to “sell” her on to someone else. Nadia managed to leave the compound and stopped at a house to ask for help. The Muslim family had no connection with ISIS and helped her to escape. She managed to cross into Iraqi Kurdistan and found refuge in camps with other Yazidis. She later reached Europe and now lives in Germany.

She started to campaign for the thousands of women who are still believed to be held captive by ISIS. It was the first time a survivor of atrocities was awarded the distinction.

For me Nadia is beautiful, her story is extraordinary, she is brave, she is inspirational. Her voice needs to be heard by every person on this earth. Deciding to be honest has been one of the hardest decisions for Nadia and also equally important which makes her very special and unique for me.

At Switzerland in an UN forum on minority issues she took the initiative and turned bold enough to tell her story in front of a large audience – she talked about everything – the children who died of dehydration, fleeing ISIS, the families still stranded on the mountain, the thousands of women and children who remained in captivity and how men are massacred. She was one of hundreds of thousands of Yazidi victims from a scattered community living refugees inside and outside of Iraq. There was and there is so much the world needs to hear about what is happening to Yazidis.

She opened up on the sexual harassment she faced. She spoke about Hajji Salman – judge at Mosul and the times he raped her and all the abuse she witnessed.

I feel it never gets easier to tell your story, the story full of heart break and agonies. The nightmare of been raped and beaten repeatedly . It takes lots of guts, each time to speak about the horror, you get to relive it. Nadia’s beauty lies in the guts she has where she talked about the checkpoint where the men raped her or the feeling of Hajji Salman’s whip across the blanket as laid under it or the dark Mosul sky where she searched the neighbourhood for some help. No doubt she gets transported back to those moments and all the terror each time she tells her story.

Her story, told honestly and matter-of-factly, is the best weapon she has against terrorism which she plans to use it until those terrorists are put on trial. There is still so much that needs to be done. World leaders especially Muslim religious leaders need to stand up to protect the oppressed.

It is difficult for a  rape victim to come out from the darkness to tell her story. Nadia proved to be different. She was surely not raised to give speeches and lectures, but life made her an inspiration, a help to other Yazidis who want ISIS to be prosecuted for genocide. She wants to be the last girl in the world with a story like hers.

Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it – Bear Grylls

Valiant isn’t the manner by which thin you can be. Excellence isn’t the way beautiful you can be.

Instead of walking to Nadia and many more like her- “comparing and despairing”, or feeling sympathetic towards such victims, I feel we should instead grab each other’s hands and celebrate being alive, celebrate being bold, celebrate being brave and most important celebrate standing up to face the world after such harsh atrocities.

I know it is hard. But you, Nadia, you are brave and beautiful. Just as you should be. Despite all the mess and chaos in life, every woman is beautiful. You are, I am and so is everyone.

No comparing, no more criticising, only cheering, encouraging and supporting each other.

Stay vulnerable. Be genuine. Give your stripped boldness a chance to sparkle brilliantly. In doing as such, you help other people who see trust and hope in you. This is being brave, this is true beauty.

Love and Motivation to all.

Nobel Peace Prize 2018 laureate Nadia Murad in Oslo Town Hall.


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Working from Home – My Experience (1)

This one is a no-brainer, if you’re thinking about working from home, you’ve to make sure you’re ready to work hard and spend all your time & energy for it. In addition, you’ve to make some sacrifices as well which includes not having time for a social life, having to work really early or late in the day and skipping meals.

All your hard work aren’t fruitless, you do get rewards for your hard work but it’s not as easy as it seems to be. For me, I had to work on my projects as soon as I woke up, from that way I would be done at 3/4pm and I had had the time to do the rest of my work later on in the day such as running errands, cleaning the house and cooking.

Also, working on your laptop all day long can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do is to spend even more time working on it, because of that my blog had to take a step back so take into consideration all these factors before you start freelancing.

I believe there’s enough places for everyone, it doesn’t matter what field or industry you are when it comes to freelancing but it’s such a competitive environment. You literally have to bid for your clients/projects which I’m not a fan of, I’d rather let my work speak for itself and wait for clients that want to work with me instead, but that’s not the ideal case when you’ve to pay your bills.

This might be completely different depending on each field but most of the times, either the first candidate who contacts the client gets the job or the client will decide which candidate to pick based on their experience & work. Also, you’ve to have your eyes opened for any opportunities available so you can jump onto it straightaway – if you wait you’ll miss your chance to earn money.

Obviously when you think that’s all the issues you might face and you start to lay back for a second then you meet some clients who misuse your work by not paying your invoice, by sabotaging your business, by selling your work, etc.

If there’s something I’ve learnt is you need to have a thick skin if you want to freelance. There are so many things that could easily get you which in my opinion aren’t worth it at all.

The scariest part about freelancing is the financial part, not knowing when you’re going to be paid is something but not knowing if you’re going to be paid is another thing. Usually when you’re starting out it’s all going extremely well, it’s only when you’re taking many projects/clients that you see the real part.

You have to do a number of projects to be able to gain a certain amount of money which adds so much pressure because there are a tons of freelancers out there.

One month might be the best month you’ve earned and the next – you might not even get a single project which makes this environment unpredictable. There isn’t any stability when you’re freelancing in terms of projects, clients and money so you can’t be financially secure.

Apart from the competitive and business side of freelancing, it’s really an amazing experience to work from home! There are so many advantages such as being your own boss, working whenever & wherever you want and being able to do something you love. Obviously, you’ve to work hard for the things you love in life so if this a field you’re interested in, I’d completely recommend it!

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Common Myths About Blogging

Blogging has been around for years, yet people still have a lot of misconception & myths about what running a blog truly is. In today’s post, I decided to discuss few myths about blogging and I hope it will help you get a better idea of why this is the best way to make money online.

Blogging Is Easy

It might look as if bloggers spend all of their time drinking coffee and taking selfies, but in reality, it’s far from the truth. Blogging requires a lot of skills and patience. There’s so much admin work, creative development, socialising involved that most of the bloggers definitely work more than eight hours per day. In fact, they usually shut their laptops down at 11 pm and get back to work as soon as their eyes open.

Blogging Is Just A Hobby

In most cases, that is the truth, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that blogging can become a profitable business if done right. In fact, blogging is currently considered one of the most profitable ways to make money online and I don’t feel it’s going to go away anytime soon.

Blogging Is Dead

Talking about going away…you might hear from time to time people saying things like “blogging is so dead”and encouraging you to find a “real job”. The funny thing is, companies and individuals are using content marketing more actively than ever. Blogging is going to stay in our lives, but the truth is- it is changing. It’s no longer possible to run a blog without a strategic plan and you should really start taking your blog seriously if you want to make a living out of it. With more interest in blogging than ever, you really have to put an extra effort if you want to stand out.

Bloggers Only Advertise Products If They Get Them For Free/Are Compensated

Oh my! You couldn’t be more wrong about this. Bloggers spend years growing their personal brands and most of them wouldn’t risk ruining their trustful name for a free mascara. I’d say only a few percents of all of the products sent our make it into the blogosphere and professional bloggers really take their time to know the companies they are going to work with.

All Bloggers Want Fame

It might look like bloggers are full of themselves, but in reality, most of them are pretty shy and introverted. Despite the number of followers one might have on Instagram, they might freak out surrounded by the fans on the streets & that’s why most bloggers tend to stay pretty humble.

It’s All About Writing

Great content matters, no doubts, but with growing competition you can not only focus on the writing anymore. To run a successful blog, you should also make sure to take high-quality pictures, get professional blog design and have a clear marketing strategy.

Bloggers Have Awesome Social Life

Blogging events and stylish friends is what most of the bloggers seem to be showing off on Instagram, but the harsh truth is- most bloggers can be extremely anti-social.

Maintaining A Blog Is Expensive

I always encourage my readers to invest into their blogs as much as they can, but if you’re currently worrying about how expensive maintaining a blog can be, let me tell you to have nothing to worry about. Starting a blog can be done with only a few bucks a month if you follow this tutorial.

Blogging Consumes A Lot Of Time

It might take time to develop your blog at first and start getting that content out, but once you get the ball rolling- you can manage your blog with a few extra hours per week. Of course, it depends on how large you want your blog to be, but these days, you can run your blog even when it seems like you have zero time on your plate, especially if you use these scheduling tools.

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Because I Promised….

Blurb: At their college farewell party, Varnika publicly rejects Sushant’s candid proposal in the most disrespectful way imaginable, leaving everyone – including her gang of cousins – dismayed. She feels that her reasons are valid, for doing this to her best friend. What exactly are her reasons for making this upsetting choice? Did her mother’s move to Mumbai during Varnika’s formative years have a bearing on her? Or is it more than that? What is she planning to do at the NGO for eunuchs? Will she succeed in her chosen career? Would she be able to overcome her inhibitions before it is too late?  This is Varnika’s journey as she overcomes her personal reservations and professional challenges, all the while contemplating her promise to lock her heart away.

About the author: Anupriya belongs to that generation of Idiots (the proud ones though), who did their engineering first and then decided on what they actually wanted to do. She completed her MBA in Human Resources and worked in the corporate world for 8 years, before taking a professional break. A mom by day and a reader/writer by night, Anupriya is a die-hard romantic. Yet she believes that love (in any relationship) is a part of life, not, the heart of life. And she aims to bring to the world, stories around this theme.  She can be found in the dot com world at her blog, which contains her ranting about her experiences in her various roles as a mother, daughter, wife and foremost a human being, all churned together. It is also her outlet to the world where she doles out loads of gyaan on self improvement and relationship management.

Review:  Anupriya has written the novel in a good style with easy to understand and native words. The well written story can hook any reader. You cannot ask for a better debut novel. This book will have you turning the pages like I did. I finished it in a single read with 2 cups of coffee. Anupriya’s characters are not sugar coated as is the norm for novels these days and they don’t resemble the lives of other known or famous people.  The book was not slow and it offered an interesting insight into the story as the pages moved ahead. The language employed in description, narration, and dialogue is straightforward and simple.

The story is about 2 friends-classmates & competitions through out their college life – Sushant and Varnika. Varnika rejects the love proposal of Sushant. She comes from a joint family without a father but headed by her grandmother. Varnika has a shocking childhood as her parents were estranged. Varnika shifts to Mumbai to be with her mother and manage the business and Sushant moves to Bangalore for his studies. Destiny makes Sushant and Varnika meet again. Will Sushant and Varnika be a couple? Will they have a successful love story? I do not wish to spill the beans and instead would advise you to order your copy now.

This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions and the author plays around expertly with relationships and the contrast between love and relationship between the old and the new. The ending is apt and will leave any reader satisfied. The episodes in the lives of the characters have made it less demanding to understand.

It is is well structured and almost all characters are fully explored. The play between Sushant And Varnika and their expectations from life makes for an interesting read. If a book can leave a reader thinking and stays with you long after you’ve read it, the author has done his/her job well. Because I promised is not a one gem of a novel kind but I would want to read more from Anupriya in the coming future and hope her next work is better than this.

The cover is just apt keeping content in mind.  Anupriya hasn’t gone overboard and her writing style is just right for this kind of book. The subject is contemporary and highly relatable to the younger generation. Perhaps the book is also aimed at such a market. Ideal if you are traveling or looking for something to read and finish in one session.

The overall narration was perfect and there were not many loopholes. A well-crafted novel!  You cannot help liking this book.

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Why smelling good is important

Scented oils, perfumes and other fragrance’s have been adorned by people since early civilisation. Today, fragrances can be found all around, from scented candles, to all your favourite bath and body products.

There are numerous reasons why people wear perfumes. But ultimately it boils down to the fact that they make us feel happy. The reason we feel happy is heavily dependent on the individual. One can range from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to show individuality through fragrances

The biggest reason we wear fragrances, is to show off our individuality. With so many fragrances to choose from out there a person can truly be original in what they decide to fragrance themselves with.

They can change the way they smell to match their mood, the occasion, or anything they like. One day they can smell like pomegranate and the next day, as their preference changes, they can smell like roses and musk. The ability to have this kind of individuality through scent directly influences our confidence and self-esteem.

The ability of a fragrance to make us feel like desired beings, connect us with memories. It help us to escape and help us show individuality is phenomenal. This boost of positivity in our everyday life increases vitality. It also improves our drive to accomplish, and increases resistance to failure.

Different scents arouse various memories, and this can be an essential part of human life. A lot of us breathe out happily when we smell something that recognises us as a dearest relative, spouse, or a friend. When someone puts a perfume often, their loved ones begin to correlate that scent with their people.

Likewise, in reality, that our scent can assist us in attracting possible mates and being recognised by others, fragrances and cologne are amazingly just very gratifying! It is pleasant to have merriment with your fragrance and keep inquiry until you discover a scent that is absolutely appropriate for your personality and daily routine.

Find today the fragrance that makes you happy and reap the benefits continually thereafter!

PS: This topic has been suggested by Khalid Nawaz. 

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I believe in Love, you should too.

You’ve been through the wringer, but somehow you still believe in love. Your cynical friends think you’re crazy to believe in something that only leads to heartache. Of course, there’s a little proof right there. Something has to make you feel the mind numbing pain of that first real heart break. Okay, so I’m not making a great case for love here.

The thing is, love does exist and giving up on it isn’t going to make you feel better. Don’t believe me? Spend some time around people who haven’t given up hope just yet. They’re much happier, take more risks and just enjoy life more. Kind of makes you want to believe too, doesn’t it.

If you loved before, then love obviously exists. Just because it didn’t work out this time doesn’t mean it won’t work out with someone else. It’d be great if everything worked out like a movie, but it doesn’t. You loved, you lost and you know you’ll love again.

What’s the one thing everyone wants most in life? To love and be loved. It’s a shared goal throughout the world. The relationships we have are what make life worthwhile. Whether it’s from family, friends or significant other, love is what makes our lives complete.

If you’re still able to love others, then others are able to love you. As long as you still feel it, you still have a good reason to believe in love. Just keep believing that others will love you too.

All the happy couples around you are proof enough that love is alive and well. It’s hard not to believe when you see couples who’ve been happily married for 50 or 60 years or even that new couple that can’t stand to be apart.

You might get called naive for believing in love, but those people just don’t understand. Believing in love means you’re strong. You’ve been hurt, but it just makes you stronger. You know what love is, but you know it’s something you can’t live without.

Thinking back over your life, you realise that some of your favourite moments have all been as a result of love. Maybe it was your mom helping you through your first breakup and you discovering she could be your friend and not just your mom. It might have been going on a road trip with your two best friends. No matter what it was, those moments mean so much to you because they were with people you loved.

When you lose all hope and have nothing to believe in, that’s when you truly feel alone. Why let go of the belief in love? It gives you something to hold on to even in your darkest moments. We all need something to believe in. Why not love?

Don’t listen to all those who’ve stopped believing. You still believe in love and eventually those other people will see just how wise you are.

PS: This topic has been suggested by Siddhartha Mishra to me on Twitter. 

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