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The people around us have an incredible impact on our lives.  They can empower us and encourage us to be the best we can be and inspire us to be more and to aim for the greatest of goals, which is great.  But they can also sabotage our lives, weaken our resolve, and muddle our efforts to reach our targets… and that is not so great.  Others’ influence can be so strong that it not only affects our world.  Because of this we must be extremely selective when surrounding ourselves with others.  We must choose consciously and precisely those we take as companions, or even role models, because of their potential to impact and influence us.


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The 5 Reasons Why I Blog – Shamik

Blogging is very close to my heart. Though I don’t follow a schedule, I try to maintain a minimum timeline to keep regularity of my blogging spree. My blog name, The Mixed Flavors, is self-explanatory as to what the blog is all about. I would like to mention that it is a mixed bag blog for travel, food, tech, reviews and creative stuffs. The two new sections that I’ve added to my blog are Interview with a blogger and Fiction, which I’m enjoying a lot to do.

This blog post is about my love for blogging, especially the 5 reasons for which I blog. When Romila reached out to me for the guest post and the theme was Power of 5, I was a bit skeptical as to what topic should I choose? After thinking for few days, this topic is what came to my mind and here are my 5 Reasons Why I Blog.

Reason 1: To beat my stress

We all get stressed some point of time and I’m no exception to that. Blogging is one of my many ways by which I relieve my stress. I need to do a lot of research for my topic of writing, which relieves out the stress in me and I come across some lovely posts on the Internet. I read them and moreover I enjoy reading them.

Reason 2: For my love of writing

This is my second reason. My love for writing is eternal and what could be anything better than blogging to express my love for writing. When I started blogging it was just something like a documentation of my recipes. But slowly and steadily it becomes one of my passions.

Reason 3: To solve a problem for my readers or entertain them

I believe we bloggers write for two reasons – either to solve a problem for the readers or to entertain them. When I receive comments for my writings mentioning it solves some or the other problem for my readers and they have learnt something new that energises me a lot to do more. It acts as a motivation for me.

Reasons 4: To connect with people and fellow bloggers through my blog

I like to connect with people and through my blog and blogging challenges I’ve met many talented bloggers. I’ve learn from them, connect with them and read their blogs too. I don’t want to mention anyone in particular since the list will become too long. Networking and reading other’s blogs are my two significant goals that I want to reach through my blogging spree.

Reason 5: To pen down my thoughts

For me blogging is the best activity that I can personally do to pen down my thoughts and sharing it with others. I was not organised earlier since it was just a repository of my recipes but as the time passed I became more organized in my blogging activity and try to maintain the same as much as possible.

About the writer: Shamik, I am a full-time professional in Bangalore. Blogging is one of my hobbies along with cooking, traveling and watching movies. I blog at http://www.mixedflavorsblog.com/ which is a mixed bag blog of almost everything. Because of my passion for writing I take up freelance content writing projects as well. Since few months have started doing YouTube videos too and you can check out my videos here on my YouTube Channel.

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5 things that change when you are on the wiser side of 30 – Deepali Joshi

20s is a wonderful age. Life is carefree and the enormity of LIFE has not yet dawned upon most of us. As soon as you take a turn from 20 to 30, a huge wave of wisdom hits you in the face. Even when you desperately try to hold on to the remnants of your 20s, the reality sets in sooner or later and when it does, it turns your world upside down.

Among the many other changes that happen internally, a lot of changes happen in the perception of others towards you. And the more you resist and convince yourself that nothing has changed, the world will make sure you don’t forget that you are no longer in your younger and vibrant 20s.

30+ is a funny age bracket. There are some phenomenal changes happening in a woman’s body…no, not the one you are thinking. That one happens after 50. I am talking about the weight that gathers around the once upon a time, very slim waist. A couple of grey hair strands start popping up somewhere in the dark thick mane. And an infrequent pain in the back or the neck subtly suggests that you are now on the wiser side of 30.

Now that I have made you sufficiently anxious, let me tell you about the 5 things that change in a weird way around you when to cross the milestone at 30:

  • Aunty Syndrome- On the wiser side of 30, you become an aunty for the universe. The ugly, bulky and obviously older than you watchmen, doodh walas, press walas and sabji walas respectfully (!) call you aunty while you stick to addressing them as “bhaiya” throughout. And it spreads like wild-fire which can never be put out.
  • Beat the ageing skin…Ageing, really? – You realise that every natural line on your face has a name..….wrinkles, blemishes, laughter lines, crow’s feet etc. and you become a favourite customer of the sales girl at your Salon. Every new dermatology invention that promises younger skin is offered to you in bulk. Not to mention the regular hair color and touch up appointments you will take to cover up those increasing greys. The appreciative stares with a tinge of jealousy that you used to get from your female colleagues are now replaced by sympathetic looks of you facial girl. You are going to need extra care now!
  • Supplements to support the ageing bones and muscles- As if skin care was not enough, your physician will now start you on a regular dose of supplements of vitamins and minerals to compensate the depletion happening in your body around this turn of age. The friendly pharmacist’s advice on the latest drugs to combat the ageing bones will make you feel like a dilapidated building ready to collapse any moment. Hear the rumbling sounds, anybody!!
  • Night outs are out – Gone are the days of crazy partying, unplanned movies, staying up late at friends’. Your outings will be less wild and more civil. Though your spirits are still sky high, your age doesn’t seem to agree with that. Suddenly the enthusiastic music that used to trigger the deadly dance moves earlier sounds a little too harsh now. You will look forward to your Zumba classes more than you look forward to that weekend party.
  • “Life” happens at 30, really. – Assuming that you have settled in your comfortable jobs and acquired all the materialistic stuff, you will now be troubled by real questions about “life”. Conversations at dinner time will be around “real happiness”. Forget the fact that a few years back, you thought movie date with your girlfriends was real happiness. Suddenly, “life that was and will be” becomes the eternal quest.

About the writer :-  Deepali Joshi Adhikary is a freelance writer/blogger/trainer. She has a diverse writing portfolio which spans from light-hearted humor to the issues affecting the society, her parenting challenges and reviews of books. She also has keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and loves to work with different age groups. When she is not writing or training, she likes to read. Connect with her on @deepaliadhikary on twitter or visit her blog http://kolorpencil.com/

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Half a Rupee Stories by Gulzar

Half a Rupee Stories is a book written by Gulzar and translated by Sunjoy Shekhar. He is a world renowned poet, lyricist and director. The language used by him is simple and easy to understand and most of all it has the power to touch the heart. Half a Rupee Stories is a collection of 25 short stories. I will say that it is a collection of 25 gems. Each story touches the heart and leaves a message for the soul.

It has real life lessons learned after years of experience. Some stories are filled with suspense and thrill while others highlight the various issues faced in life in a unique way. It has real life stories of Javed Akthar (his nick-name is Jaadu :)), Sahir Ludhianvi and Kuldip Nayyar. Many locations of the stories are located around the border regions. There are also some stories of  Mumbai. The best thing which i liked about this book is that it shows us how to find a bigger and higher meaning from our daily experiences. It shows how to look at life from a broader perspective.

Gulzar Sahib’s stories remind distinctly of Ruskin Bond and his style of writing about small time life anecdotes. Taking us through the various small and big incidents happening in the world around us, every story unfolds a small mystery or unravels a forgotten memory and emotion. Thanks to few of the bookoholics who recommended this book, it goes into the permanent collection of books for revisiting time and again. With just about 200 pages it’s a book you can carry anywhere, read anywhere and feel the magic of Gulzar ji’s story telling very effectively.

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Terrance Coffey
In the year 1355 BCE, the land of Egypt was the superpower of the known world. King Tut’s father, Akenaten, the so-called ‘heretic pharaoh,’ and his wife, Queen Nefertiti, are on the verge of catapulting Egypt into a revolution that will forever divide its people and rip the most powerful empire on the earth from its foundation.
Inspired by the actual Hittite and Amarna letters of 14th century BCE, ‘Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty’ is an epic novel of intrigue, passion, and betrayal, resurrecting the thrilling story of a singular leader whose beliefs were both visionary and disastrous.
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About the author
Terrance Coffey is a bestselling author, screenwriter, songwriter and composer with a predilection for Egyptian history. He has written numerous short stories, screenplays, television pilots, and even Coca-Cola music jingles. His debut novel “VALLEY OF THE KINGS: The 18th Dynasty” is the first of a trilogy and a #1 Amazon bestseller.
Awards & Accolades 
#1 Amazon Bestseller!
2017 National Indie Excellence Awards FINALIST
2017 International Book Awards FINALIST
2016 International Pacific Book Award WINNER Best Historical Fiction  
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Bhramahatya by Rajiv Mittal

Blog Tour by The Book Club of BRAHMAHATYA by Rajiv Mittal
Rajiv Mittal
Blog Tour by The Book Club of BRAHMAHATYA by Rajiv Mittal
A story of revenge and redemption and deeds shaped by forces that humans believe they have defined through mythology and scriptures but still struggle to understand. 
A woman employee of a retirement home is shocked to discover that a new resident is in fact the son impersonating his father. The son is seeking revenge. She, by her past actions, is unwittingly complicit in his being there and now tries to thwart his peculiar plans. A senile woman-resident and an enigmatic founder offer him sage advice. The samudra manthan (a major episode in Hindu mythology), a slightly dim secretary and a sinister boss play their part in ensuring justice is finally served but in an unexpected manner. 
The novel quotes frequently from the ancient Hindu scriptures and stories that the protagonists use to justify their actions. The treatment of the elderly in society is a major theme. 
‘I found Rajiv’s novel completely charming. The story is always interesting and is funny and moving by turns. It has really original elements with its setting and his use of the Hindu stories. I think it is such a good novel and with such appealing characters. I loved it!’ – Rebecca Smith, author of ‘The Jane Austen Writers’ Club’.
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About the author
In Rajiv Mittal’s own words:
“I was born in Chennai, India in the early nineteen sixties. I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a CPA from Australia. I now live in Melbourne after a stint of several years in the Middle East. 
Writing was a vague aspiration. It became reality thanks to a stranger who said I reminded him of the main character from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. He quoted from it, ‘Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.’” 
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