May 3 2018

Yes I did it again #Reflections


I am a proud completionist! April is over and with it, the A to Z Challenge for bloggers.

I posted 2 posts every day, except for Sundays, and ended with 52 new blog posts.

This has been my third year of A-Zing. In no particular order, my thoughts in reflection… Thanks to the challenge, I discovered a lot of blogs from different countries and continents and that was a huge bonus. I hope to find yet many more so as to learn about other cultures through their write-ups.

The reason I get into challenges like this — the blogging community. Not only does it give me the chance to find new bloggers, it also gives me encouragement and amazing discussions.

I did not know that so many known people read my blog. With their messages and support they too indirectly became part of this challenge. It was wonderful when after reading my posts my friends used to ask me what will come with the next alphabet.

Time – oh to have buckets more of it. As usual I planned earlier, few many months back -my posts in advance leaving myself good amount of time to read other people’s. It should be said, write the posts in advance and spend the month reading and commenting.

Amidst all this, Blogchatter surprised me in 2nd week of April with an email asking me If I would be interested in becoming a Blogchatter Ebook Mentor? Without wasting a single second of time, I replied them saying a big YES.

This year, my theme was Haiku & Microfiction – I challenged myself with double posts.

You can find all my posts here.

Let me just say, in a month’s time, I had over 873 hits, 145 comments and 6949 visitors on my posts. 

I read 5 to 20 bloggers daily, totaling to 208 bloggers – some were already known, some completely strangers.

Not just I read these bloggers, but I made sure to leave my imprint in their blogs through my comments and gave them a shout out on Twitter.

I’d say that is more than a success!

I was astonished each day by the amount of wonderful comments I received (to which I visited their blogs, read the posts and wrote comments and gave a shot out on Social media).


Was my A to Z Challenge experience stressful?

Did writing the posts the month before help?

Would I suggest this challenge to other bloggers?
Of course! It was a lot of fun and a great way to virtually meet new people and fellow bloggers as well.

Would I do anything different next time?
Yes definitely not poetry or fiction.

Many thanks to everyone who visited my blog and left comments…it was most appreciated! I didn’t lose sleep over this challenge and wasn’t rushing till the last minute to complete posts, it was all well planned & executed.

I’ll be back next April! Prepared as always. But, until then happy reading, writing, connecting and commenting!

What are your thoughts? Are you glad you took the challenge?

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