30 Minutes Timer To Just Write – Silence- my best friend

My God it harms a lot!!

Akin to smashing repetitively beside a barbed wall there were hurts and pains no matter which way I turned.

Sheltered in a deep dark prison which I shaped out of these conditions, I was lost and awfully stuck. Would that be expressed? Devoid of danger of burial, how could I? Stretched out on a treatment sofa or safe in a confessional stall, clarify how I could be resigned to whatever this was?

Do not recall all that, because whatever I am now is kaput. And not broken, with a hairline or split – this is compressed. Irreversible and not fatal. So living meant living with it. Being myself without fading or altering, as I believed change meant to answer questions – why, how, what and wherefore of the ladder leading to the darkness.

And that brings things to a full circle because it’s apparent that elucidation was out of the inquiry.

So silence became my best friend. A healing blanket I could choke in to cover. While I couldn’t repair, I could try to overlook. Or at least make believe. Silence isn’t a lie, when reality is like a knife; it’s the pinnacle of gamble.

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WOW: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone

“Shhh! Don’t tell anyone” I hated birthdays.

I always threw a tantrum when I knew I was supposed to blow the candles on my cake. Or grab a bite of it only after the guests were served and I had to stay in my limits.

Why do I need to do it? Can’t we just skip the candles and eat the cake right away?

But I loved the gifts. The wrappers never made it alive out of my hands.

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WOW: Life Is A Box Of…

This morning while jogging, my brother said what he always says to me, ‘Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get’, but this time I thought, bro you are wrong. So I said back to him, ‘ Life is like a box of crayons. You get to choose from a bunch of colors and create your life away!’ Yes, I have conversations in my head with myself very often. Don’t judge me now.

Honestly, I think the truth is somewhere between the two philosophies. I learned a long time ago, while studying metaphysics, that life is not happening to me, but instead, life is happening through me. It is always, always, always my choice how I react to a situation or experience, even if it appears to be devastating, chaotic, and downright ugly. The filter through which I see the world is my own Conscious Mind, one with Infinite Loving Spirit. When I can really know and accept this, down in my bones, I am free to see everything that comes down the pike in a new way, with a New Thought mentality. A great example of this is the recent transition of my life few years back when I had faced major financial crisis not once but few times. My family has taken it very hard because we were not prepared for a life with less money. It is so easy to fall right into self-pity, sadness and despair.

My crayon choices in this situation were to be really dark; the black and blue of the deep pain, the brown and grey mucky feelings of anger and hurt. I can even go to a bright red of blame and guilt and shame if I choose. But the crayons I picked up during this situation bright, happy colors. I choose yellow, green, and purple! I drew a big sun above my head in my mind and remember the light was and still is in this world. Using the green I created a beautiful field around me and my family representing how much we got to see each other grow in recent years. And with the purple I colored big stars around my family remembering how we sparkled, and how proud we were/are of my sparkles.

I can choose to think of all the good the problems of life brought to me, the lessons, and be grateful that I turned brave to handle such grave situation with confidence. So, yes, life is somewhat box-of-chocolatey. It certainly can be surprising. But how I choose to draw over the situation, memory or feeling with my Conscious Mind is entirely up to me. I choose to live life in color, and you can too! So break out the crayons and get busy thinking rainbows of joy, peace, and love!

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Share YOUR Way Of Being Healthy

Being healthy means that your body and mind function as they are supposed to. Being physically healthy means that your body is functioning as it should, without pain, discomfort, or lack of capabilities. Being emotionally or mentally healthy means that your mind and emotions are functioning as they should, without anxiety, depression or other malfunctions.  Staying active and eating the right things help the heart become stronger. A strong heart is the basis for overall health and will help to keep the body functioning properly. Along with healthy heart muscles, other muscles will be greatly improved with good exercise.

I always make a point to  be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy and also inspire people around me to follow a healthy lifestyle.

1. I drink at least two litres of water every day, four if we live a stressful life. The consequences of not doing it can be serious, especially if you take into account that your body is at least 60% composed of water.

2. I eat meals that are good for me. This includes taking meals that have proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre, but not just that: Keeping a healthy diet also includes eating at regular hours and avoiding artificial foods.

3. I avoid useless toxins – tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Despite the fact a cup or two of any liquor can be even healthy for us; abusing those substances usually leads both to addiction and death, so never lose control on them.

4. Its important to keep  house, body and office clean to avoid infectious diseases. There are already enough pollutants on the streets, don’t you think?

5. I take special care of my eyes. We are in the era of screens and it’s OK. However, when I am not concentrated in a screen I take a rest from that screen as long as I can. Now that we are talking about this, its better to control the brightness and contrast of your screens right now.

6. I believe in building relationships, but good ones. Social animals as we are, we all need friends. Lonely people usually suffer from depression than the others; singles statistically live less than their married peers. There is any other thing you must consider, though. Are your friends good friends? Thousands of lives around the world ruin every year just because of bad friendships, so I love myself a little more and stay away from people who are not very honest or trustworthy.

It’s the little things that you do each day that add up to being healthy and fit. While we do what we can to be as health-conscious as we can, it is always a work in progress since there are many elements to a healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, it’s important to have some sort of consistency when looking at the big picture result. Make changes one at a time, and don’t make too many changes at once or you will risk relapsing into old habits. Making these choices a part of your daily life will help you to reach your health goals. Avoid extremes in any capacity. Exercise moderation when it comes to fitness, food and fun.

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That Day Before Sunrise

It’s 3:37 in the morning as I write this and I’ve been awake since 10:00 AM yesterday, after having finally fallen asleep at 7:40 earlier that morning, prior to another sleepless night. If the times in that sentence are hard to figure out, forgive me. Though they seem to make sense to me, I am likely as confused as you. I can’t make time of my sleeplessness. Even the uatterance of that word, like a hiss, a deflating air mattress, a string of zzzzzzzzzs in a vacuum, no medium or tempo. No time. No sleep.

That day before sunrise and many more days, as I lay awake nights, a flashlight in one hand, book in the other. Stories unraveled, pages turned. When I did not or could not read my mind turned over stories of its own. I remember one Christmas Eve when I still believed in Santa Claus: the excitement, the anticipation! No way I was going to sleep that night. My father put me down in his bed, probably knowing that I would not sleep. He said, “Just stay here, and look out the window. You might see Santa and his sleigh.”

I once read that Napoleon Bonaparte was an insomniac, that he slept in fifteen-minute naps every few hours, which helped with his brilliant military strategy, but his years of insomnia—for all we know—also could’ve compounded, the effects contributing to his failures at Waterloo.

For the last two hours I lay in bed, those soothing sounds dripping in my ears from ear buds, and nothing. Instead I have an itch on my back, just beneath the shoulder blade. Then my calf itches, then my ankle. Now the itch has migrated to my temple and my neck. I think my curriculum vitae looks pretty good now. The Tables in Microsoft Word are irritating. I should probably be reading instead of being on the Internet. That is, reading a real book.

Without a dream to steal away, my night is fractured and torn till a day leaks in and I must begin . . . Again.

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Life By The Window Seat

when I sit on window seat in bus or train and when journey begins, my mind always becomes nostalgic and I start pondering about various things like meaning of life, parents, friends, childhood memories, career planning, world peace, chaos of the world, problems of humanity, future of human race. It makes me calm and peaceful when cold zephyr blows on my cheeks and my whole life seems like a lucid dream while listening songs in my ipad. Life by the window seat for me reminds us of the impermanence of universe. That things change. As you move forward, you get a sense of outside world being left behind. Our mind immediately correlates this to memories or whatever we have left behind. And memories are melancholy and romantic. Even if the past moment in your life was an average moment, whenever you would reminisce about it, you would perceive it as being happier than it actually was. This is why we always crave for our golden pasts. We miss things. From those memories, we hop on to our philosophical sojourns exploring meaning of life as we realize that everything is temporary. Also, especially on train or flight journeys, looking at the vast vistas makes us realize how small we are. So, it is all a matter of relativity. Going forward relative to the external atmosphere. Feeling small relative to the outside grandeur and so on. The window seat presents to us a way to escape the monotony of daily life – a portal that connects us with the world sealed outside the stuffy interiors of the vehicle we are travelling in. True, a drought of air through the open window is always welcome on a hot summer day, but this form of escape is the only reason why this particular seat never loses its charm even on chilly winter mornings or in air-conditioned compartments. Maybe that is why people so covet the window seat of a bus or a train. Covet it enough to get into a mild squabble with their co-passengers and sometimes even lie to them about feeling nauseous sitting in the aisle seat!

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