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I love my blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Shweta Dave.  What is your blogging story? Are you a self lover of your own blog? If not you should be,… Read more »

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Sometimes it comes down to ideal timing, total twist of fate or just plain chance. I am always open to serendipity. I never know the cause, but there is always… Read more »

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One shape on one Globe

One shape on one Globe, but why? Her zero waist and thunder thighs I’m stuck with having just nice eyes, but why? That long black hair and her perfect skin… Read more »

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The melancholy of flowers

He drinks tea daily at Alia’s tomb, trying to get together his life from the broken state. He doesn’t tell a soul other than the God about his mourning. There… Read more »

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I dislike the fact that I am faced with, as a night owl, is that I am lazy, which is wrong. I stay up late doing nothing more than browsing Twitter. Which,… Read more »

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Books & Me

I’ve been thinking about books today. It started last night when I had dinner with my friend and we got on the subject of the Internet and publishing. We were… Read more »

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I wish I were…a movie

How I wish I were a movie and my life ran as effortlessly as the script of a movie. One day, I’m walking in the down side road and suddenly… Read more »

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