Half a Rupee Stories by Gulzar

Half a Rupee Stories is a book written by Gulzar and translated by Sunjoy Shekhar. He is a world renowned poet, lyricist and director. The language used by him is simple and easy to understand and most of all it has the power to touch the heart. Half a Rupee Stories is a collection of 25 short stories. I will say that it is a collection of 25 gems. Each story touches the heart and leaves a message for the soul.

It has real life lessons learned after years of experience. Some stories are filled with suspense and thrill while others highlight the various issues faced in life in a unique way. It has real life stories of Javed Akthar (his nick-name is Jaadu :)), Sahir Ludhianvi and Kuldip Nayyar. Many locations of the stories are located around the border regions. There are also some stories of  Mumbai. The best thing which i liked about this book is that it shows us how to find a bigger and higher meaning from our daily experiences. It shows how to look at life from a broader perspective.

Gulzar Sahib’s stories remind distinctly of Ruskin Bond and his style of writing about small time life anecdotes. Taking us through the various small and big incidents happening in the world around us, every story unfolds a small mystery or unravels a forgotten memory and emotion. Thanks to few of the bookoholics who recommended this book, it goes into the permanent collection of books for revisiting time and again. With just about 200 pages it’s a book you can carry anywhere, read anywhere and feel the magic of Gulzar ji’s story telling very effectively.

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Why I enjoy reading and writing short stories?

Novels still get most of the attention, but short stories are standing out in the crowd. Short stories enjoyed great cultural popularity in recent modern history, a phenomenon that was aided by technical innovation.

The first stories I made up myself were short ones. As a writer, part of the appeal for me is the formal challenge: creating characters, a complete miniature world, tone and voice, plot, in such a small space. Every word counts.  A novel is a big investment for a writer: six months, a year, longer, in the company of so many people. We carry them around with us while we plot and plan and revise, in supermarket queues, in the shower, as we fall asleep.  A short story is a holiday romance. There is a sharpness, an urgency, in-built.   Short stories have to contain tight plots and believable (but not clichéd) characters, and they have to convey everything concisely. This is no easy feat, which is why reading and understanding short stories offers so much value.

About a year ago, already an avid novel reader, I resolved to read more short stories. My rationale was simply that I hadn’t read enough of them, and should be more familiar with the form. After reading more than 60 of them, I realized I intuitively understood far more about the craft of writing fiction than I ever had before. It wasn’t an instantaneous progression, but as I worked on my own short stories as I fleshed out characters, as I reworked plots, my writing became more fluid and I felt like I had a sudden wealth of stories to draw on. I’ve been reading and writing regularly since I was 13.

Short stories aren’t missing any important elements of fiction; they still contain a complete story arc and developed characters, they still reach a climax and include a denouement. While they may be notably shorter in length, short stories include all the same elements as novels, crafted extremely well to preserve space. This is why I was suddenly improving so rapidly. A regular short story reader can quickly become familiar with hundreds of plots, hundreds if not thousands of characters, new settings, styles and other elements of the story. Appreciating each short story requires a little extra focus and dedication, and this makes it easy to say, “another time maybe. Today, a novel.”

I’m sure if I was really dedicated I would read my story before making coffee, but that’s too extreme for me. So I get up, make coffee, and start my day by drinking coffee and reading a short story. As it probably takes me 20 minutes every morning to drink my coffee anyway, it doesn’t even impact my morning schedule. If you’re a habitual morning rusher, then maybe get up 10 minutes earlier. You don’t need a lot of time.

Indeed, the short story market is growing. While shorts never went away, they weren’t commercially viable with printing costs. The eBook revolution has given this powerful medium a resurgence, to the benefit of both writers and readers. It’s not justified to say that we face the revival of short stories. But short stories may turn out to be the most effective tool of a revival of reading in digital times. Maybe, for avid readers, short stories will never become a serious kind of read. But for occasional readers, they can be a serious chance to find some space for reading books among other daily activities.

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Post 8 – Accessories & Attraction

For me an accessory is one of the things which we carry from earlier years to still now. Accessory of an object is to make the object more efficient, useful and to improve its features and to make it look stylish.

When it comes to us accessories are major things to show off. What is the reason for you to wear an Accessory? Obviously, you like it, and to attract some folks, to look unique, and the last and main reason is to show your attitude.

Some people use accessories to show the character which the person intended to become and hides the real character of that person. For example a person who looks like a rude guy because of his accessories but his real character will be very polite.

The reason to attract somebody is to make them know your presence and make them to look at you. Nowadays most of the boys are trying to attract girls and most of the girls are trying to attract boys through the accessories. So the accessory is a common thing for both.

Nowadays we are been influenced to do that, it is not our mistake it came from our ancestors. But there is a difference now the Accessories are available for both girls and guys to attract opposite sex. What’s the difference says is, after some struggles to get freedom for women as like as freedom of our country there are some changes in our society.

Even though it is a male dominating society, some freedom is there for girls. Girls are doing many things as like as guys and in some areas they are doing even better than guys. Now guys are trying to attract girls as like as girls did in earlier years. So we both are trying to attract opposite sex through our outlooks and accessories and in many ways.

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Post 7 – Brainstorming

Very recently, I had a conversation with a friend in a very disturbed state of mind and I realized these facts about that specific mind and those of all of us in general…

•Our minds are as complex as hell.

•The more we try to block out something in our mind, the more it works against you.

•Share. If we don’t, one day it will all explode massively.

•You can be helped by the people you trust.

•Though you think you want to get over whatever personal dilemma you’re in, sometimes you really don’t because you take pleasure in the pain those thoughts bring you.

•You can be helped only if you truly want to be helped.

•Laughing off your problems may seem to work but seldom does.

•You know you can’t run away from your problems, but want to try anyway.

Seems like a random bunch of sayings I already knew, and I’m sure you did too, but that one conversation sure put it into perspective. Hey you, may the force be with you! 🙂

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Blogging Statistics

Every morning, I wake up hoping that the number of views on my latest blog post has gone up from the number that I saw the night before- even if it’s just by few views. Sometimes I’m met with an unchanged number and infused with disappointment. Other mornings, I awaken to a magically re-moulded digit; A number changed from the one that was there 10-12 hours and a whole day earlier. Blogging statistics excite me. I’m filled with immense joy knowing that someone out there took the time to read the words that I wrote. Blogging statistics serve as validation and an indication of something good that I’ve done. I’m devoted to my blog; I’ve involuntarily invested my heart into this space. To me, a comment isn’t just a comment and a view is not just a four letter word. To me, it’s a ‘thumbs up’, a pat on the back and a job well done and you should see it as that too.

Each number represents two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I’m also starting to think that people who say that ‘statistics don’t matter’ already have their desired statistics.Your stats may vary from mine, which is perfectly human. But, to put sweat, love, dedication and the occasional tear into your blog, and then go on and say that the way it is received doesn’t matter isn’t how I see it. You’d be lying.

Caring about blogging statistics does not mean that you’re blogging for the wrong reasons. I often don’t see my statistics changing, but I’ve never quit blogging because I enjoy the process of writing, meeting other bloggers online and being a part of this inclusive, supportive and dynamic community that I’ve come to love. It’s possible, and dare I say normal to care about your blogging stats and still be blogging for the ‘right’ reasons.

So, yes, I’m going to press publish on this post in a few minutes from now and I’m going to keep scouring my statistics for indication that I’m doing something right, something good and something worthwhile. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that someone values my words enough to leave a comment because I’m selfish and it fills me with an incomparable joy to see interaction within my blog.

What are your views on blogging stats? Do they matter to you or not? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Post 6 – A whisper that calmed the Divine madness

In a state of Divine madness

as I ventured out;

so I wandered about

in quest for Divinity…..

And before 

 any immoral stroke of unenlightenment

had its moments

the Divinities set ashore

saving mine

just in time


from going astray

and reading me in whisper……

their message…….. of Humanity.

 Dear Divine seeker !

…don’t be ‘insane’

go walk the path of Humanity;

be humane.

Your life

conceived by humankind;

squandering away seeking Divinity

do not ill-define.

Owe it (your life) to humans;

serve Humanity

reciprocate all tenderness

and much humility.

 Intent on making this 

   the purpose of your life 

  and let your soul rest in me

 for all the while.

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