#BlogchatterEbook – The Three Flowers

“I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to VT Rakesh  whose Ebook “The Thorough Check” is also a part of the mix. 

About VT Rakesh’s Ebook: ” So much have been talked about to quell the great religious divide in India. But it pervades like a dust storm all across the society, politics, business and intelligentsia. Here is an honest attempt to see the nation first, a nation which cannot afford to talk divisive after sweltering for hundreds of years under foreign rule and their loot. This is the story of a police officer who puts his life at stake in protecting the country. Narrated at the back drop of some scintillating scenes of love, passion and adventure it keeps the readers glued to the content. The earthly appeal, scenic locales and the contemporary relevance, make it a darling for all age groups. The book creates yet another “tryst with destiny”, this time in the twenty first century. The protagonist achieves what the creators of this nation couldn’t, a change of heart of the hardliners. A must read for the world citizens of tomorrow – Vasudaivakudumbakam. “

Micropoetry is a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. As a poetic art form, it doesn’t really have any rules. There are also no real character length limitations either. The limits are set by the medium with which they are being shared, and also that invisible line where micropoetry becomes a regular length poem. Micropoetry, whilst not new forms, has found a home on social media. On Twitter, the poem is restricted by a limited character count. On Instagram, a micropoem can be defined as one that fits easily on a single post, without the use of the caption. This E-book of mine has 26 Micropoems on various topics which are not bound by word, stanza or syllable rules and rhyming is optional.  Themes remain at the discretion from the humorous and bizarre, to the deeply personal and political. From the outside it might seem like an easy option, but those who practice this poetry form know that it is not always easy to get it right and an excellent micropoem requires the same amount of work, and revision, as their lengthier cousins.

“I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Nivedita whose Ebook “Other Poems and Rusted Goddess” is also a part of the mix.

About Nivedita’s Ebook: ” Other Poems and Rustic Goddess by Nivedita Narsapuram is an observation of the life enfolding within us, around us, and beyond us. The poems are written to appeal the senses of the ones dipped in nostalgia; a magic realism lover and the romantics, among us. Also it marks the beginning of a new journey to be embarked on as an agnostic. “


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I love my blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Shweta Dave

What is your blogging story? Are you a self lover of your own blog? If not you should be, your blog deserves all the love of the world.

I love the fact that my blog is mine and mine only – and only I can dictate what it looks like and what content is on here. And that is SUCH a good feeling full of LOVE.

I’m support self love and love for your blog, because the more you show yourself and your blog all the love, the more your viewers are going to love your blog too, trust me, it is tired and tested theory.

I am in absolute LOVE with my blog. Like I said before, I love it so much that I regularly hop onto my blog every morning, afternoon and night, pretending to be a reader, so that I can enjoy reading my posts from another point of view. I can also pull up any missed spelling mistakes or grammatical errors I may have made when I first wrote the post too – oops!!

I love my blog because it gave me a chance to be part of some great blogging communities and brands and form some key connections. I have the freedom to express myself through words. I manage myself and I don’t have to report to anyone. Sometimes when I forget to publish a blog post, I only have myself to get angry at and no one is held responsible. I get to pick my own hours to write even though ever more this is becoming a full time engagement for me which I love nevertheless. And I get write about ANYTHING – whether it’s my own personal story, health awareness advice, or a Where to Eat, Shop & tour around and the most important which BOOKS to read.

It is truly grand being a blogger. I am different to every other blogger around me. My content is like chalk and cheese, my writing style is diverse, and every one of us, do have unique stories and personal sides to share with readers.

Exercise self love for your blog. Be proud of what you have made of every chance that you were given. The more love you show for your blog, the more it will show to your readers and the better the blogging world will be for you. This Valentine’s Day pledge to love your blog and it will love you back for sure.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to VT Rakesh 

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Sometimes it comes down to ideal timing, total twist of fate or just plain chance. I am always open to serendipity. I never know the cause, but there is always a motive. I would like to share few of my Serendipitous moments to remind how Beautiful life truly is.

  1. Exchanging a smile with a stranger.
  2. A sip of ice-cold water when I am thirsty.
  3. A kiss from him.
  4. Opening windows to the first sunrays
  5. Laughing at something incredibly random
  6. Finding a note from him
  7. Trying a new cuisine and loving it
  8. Reading something that gives me thrills and chills
  9. A hug from a loved one.
  10. The sweet smell of rain.
  11. An unexpected phone call
  12. Stumbling across old photographs.
  13. Listening to a song that brings back memories.
  14. Seeing your reflection in the mirror and feeling confident.
  15. Having a deep conversation and feeling like they ‘get it’.

Serendipity can change your life in ways you may never have dared to dream; it’s just a matter of recall to welcome these moments into your life and to make the most of them. The more you believe in serendipity, the more it’s likely to come about.

This post is written for BLOGCHATTER prompt : Serendipity

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One shape on one Globe

One shape on one Globe, but why?

Her zero waist and thunder thighs

I’m stuck with having just nice eyes, but why?

That long black hair and her perfect skin

I’m trying to just get into shape, but why?

The society praises the ideal woman

Who exists flawlessly only in the magazines

We edit, nip, tuck and afflict our bodies

As we are the ‘object’, men lust about, but why?

I want to change this outlook as we are not objects. When we act inside the lines of society it changes our principles, we act wickedly because that is what is expected. Men face stereo types but are told to ignore them but as women we are told to grip them but why? How can we not with main stream celebrities flaunting their tall, short, skinny bodies and we are thick. There’s more than one form so just take that in. The stereo types of flawlessness are not fair. Women hurt themselves to be perfect…I think it’s time we stand up and be concerned. Every woman is different as we come in many shapes and sizes so why do we make one mould? We need to embrace the variations because if were all the same, don’t you think it might get old?

This post is written for #BLOGCHATTER prompt: WHY?

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The Confessions of a Happy bird

I’ve read many blogs about people’s pet peeves and all those really drive me to an instant anxiety attack and I’m not going to focus on that today.

I have ‘happy bombs’ in my life. They are small, little life eccentricities that makes me feel like the world isn’t so bad after all. When they happen, I feel like a mini explosion of happiness in me.

When I do not expect to be noticed and I am encouraged on something I’ve been working hard on. I get random snack cravings and to find them in my fridge, this is that happy moment. Cravings sometimes suck when you don’t have access to slake them. But when you do? *Does the happy dance*.

I always like to be on time and only few times with blessings of city’s magical phantom algorithm I’ve been able to completely bypass the infamous traffic and make it to my destination cuss-free and this is when  the gods of traffic shine down on me, happy very happy.

A new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or note cards unleashes a powerful emotion called happiness in me. Stationery, seeing them gives me beyond measure satisfaction like being super happy just finding an organizer big enough to fit my lot. 

It’s not just the stories I love when I say that books make me happy; sometimes it’s the presence of them. I can never think of a time I was unhappy in a library, a bookshop, or in the nook where I keep most of the books I own in my room. I can sit near a pile of books and be happy is all I am saying; maybe it’s because they have given me so many happy times throughout. 

Coffee is happiness in a cup. I’m thrilled to have this one guilty happiness carry with it less guilt and more pleasure. The smell of coffee in the morning is a happy alarm clock, except I won’t just press the ‘snooze button’.

He makes me happy to talk to. I am happy when he calls, texts or writes to me to respond on something silly I have posted on social media or shared with him. Those little arguments we have makes me happy thinking about the makeup love. It is happiness when he teases me. It is a happy moment when I make him laugh. Happiness is his handwritten note(s) appreciating me. When he looks at me, I mean really looks at my kohl’ed brown eyes with focus and smiles; like I’ve just done a bit of something wonderful and worthy are always the newest, the brightest, and the happiest moments.  

I am always surprised how successful and fulfilled I feel when I do what makes me happy. Whatever it is: writing, reading, sports, eating, studying, surfing, drawing, or singing. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean turning off your brain. It means tuning your brain and heart to work better together than disjointedly. So what makes you happy, let us talk about it?

This post is written towards #BLOGCHATTER prompt: Because I am HAPPY

(Picture credits : Instagram, Pinterest and Pixabay)

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Reasons ‘not’ to Pray


We all know we have our own reasons to pray to god, but what is this I recently read there are even excuses for not praying.

a. I am too busy

b. I don’t feel like it

c. I am not in a good place spiritually

d. I am too sinful

e. I am too angry at God

f. God won’t hear my prayers?

Have you ever bought into any of these statements when it comes to prayer? When I consider all my way in which I spend time with God , a prayer is always the one that I allow to happen. It makes so little sense though, that this would be the first things to go, when I consider the wonderful promises scripture makes regarding what prayer achieves.

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What are you going to do with that?


For anyone embarking on their studies in Literature, History or Management, they more than likely are faced with the question: What are you going to do with that?  People ask me why I chose Management and I answer “I didn’t decide to love it, I just did.  In the same way I didn’t decide to love chocolate, I just tasted it and enjoyed it.”  Now I research, write the subject well.

But the question: What are you going to do with that?  Teach? underscores something I find problematic in the attitude towards the profession of teaching.  It is as though teaching were the last and only option.  Or, more dramatically, the bottom of the career possibility totem poll.  I am not endorsing this view but merely pointing it out. Indeed, sometimes the term “teach” comes out with disdain, as if it were useless or not important.  If someone were studying Biology, for example, would the same attitude accompany: What are you going to do?  Be a physician?

With the wave of discussion regarding education hitting the headlines I would like for us to consider the way in which we view the profession of teaching.  How can we as a nation argue for better schools yet keep this sort of common question as a reaction to a student’s declaration of a major in the Humanities?  It is not the only possible career path, but for someone who does want to be a teacher they should not be subjected to the idea that “teaching” and “doing” are different things.  Or, that “teaching” is the equivalent of not being able to find something else.  If we want our students, our children, to get the best education, then respect for teaching as a valuable professional choice needs to be on par with that.

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The melancholy of flowers

He drinks tea daily at Alia’s tomb, trying to get together his life from the broken state.

He doesn’t tell a soul other than the God about his mourning. There is still something about being so close to where one can smell the flowers planted in reminiscence of his beloved that eases his heart.

He doesn’t speak of the loss which he buried it under her tomb. It will eventually come back for his sense. He will try and probably fail to be ready.

The grey in his beard mocks him each time he sees himself. All these existence time has him apart! All these years! She was young and beautiful and full of love to give. And he was blind to her presence.

The life he has lived, the memories made, the days spent, sums to nothing without her any longer.  He, the sad maiden here, wishes the unattainable; himself affianced to a greying king in another land of mind.

No longer in a poetic mood, he finishes his tea and looks into the calm pool of water where he sees his own reflection and Alia’s tomb behind him.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY

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I dislike the fact that I am faced with, as a night owl, is that I am lazy, which is wrong. I stay up late doing nothing more than browsing Twitter. Which, OK, doesn’t sound like the worst life if you ask me, and those are definitely two out of many things that we do while I am not sleeping. But there is a lot more to being a night owl than doing nothing; namely, getting things done that just don’t seem possible during the noise of the daytime. This could be reading or writing, or even plotting. I’d be lying, though, if I said that I never get distracted or procrastinate when I’m staying up late. Because I definitely do sometimes, and I know I’m not the only one.  Staying up late isn’t really a problem, unless my sleep schedule literally consists of just a couple of hours each night. The important thing is to be sure I get enough hours of sleep, even if I am staying up later than the average person.

Beginning today I am making a resolution to stop hitting the snooze button! I will stop being envious of all my friends who wakes up naturally and try becoming a morning person myself.  For me the night sky is a source of inspiration. An inspiration to make my dreams happen. It gives the courage to bring about change. Yes, change. As scary it is to read, I have felt the need to become a morning person. The world functions better during day. I have understood that  I end up wasting half of the day when I wake up late. Waking up itself is a task, the sleep-hangover after that is even worse. There is so much I could accomplish if only I am well rested and energized enough to make an early start to the day. Timely sleeping helps a lot health wise. When I sleep late and have no option but to wake up early, the fatigue is much more pronounced. And trying to catch up on pending sleep becomes very difficult when the work log is huge. With all these thoughts in mind, I want to make a resolution to myself to be a morning person! Breaking a habit that has been a part of me for over 6years is not easy. I will be requiring baby steps to over come myself as a night owl. I know it is not simple but not impossible too. One has to undergo challenges to emerge victorious. If this former night owl can learn to love mornings (and morning exercises too, no less), anyone can!

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – BEGINNING TODAY

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Books & Me

59726f0cae791ade944735f60e444da1I’ve been thinking about books today. It started last night when I had dinner with my friend and we got on the subject of the Internet and publishing.

We were discussing this nascent computer age that’s making our collective head explode at an ever-increasing speed and how eventually books will be of a bygone era. I told her I felt that even self-publishing seemed antiquated. (Like money. Does anyone carry cash anymore? I’m at a loss at valets.) It pains me to say it, but I think books are seeing their last days—and this coming from a true bibliophile.

My happy place is a bookstore. Leave me alone in there for days and I’ll walk out satiated and overloaded. I have more books than clothes. I don’t shop at online clothing stores. I shop at Amazon. I anxiously awaited the mailman to deliver the latest orders.

Books are my best friend. Nothing has accompanied me through all the various stages and moves of my life like my books. I like the way books smell. And feel. I find myself daydreaming as I read a book, thinking about my book soul mate who held the very same pages before me. Open any book on my shelf and I’ve written all over it and through it. I’ve argued with books. I’ve cherished books. I’ve hated books. I’ve cried over books. I’ve thrown them across the room. And I’ve laughed. Most importantly, I’ve learned. I love books.

After all, the true gift of a book is the journey. The way I see it, a book is ultimately the joining of minds–reader and author–cutting through time and space. As Schopenhauer said, “Reading is equivalent to thinking with someone else’s head instead of with one’s own.”

We don’t miss listening to music on a phonograph, because we never used them. The only people that might miss phonographs are senior citizens. We may be nostalgic for the sound of a record, but most of us wouldn’t trade the ability to download a song for a record player. The generation being born today won’t miss books.

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