August 21 2018

To Hell and Back – Not all Tragedies are Orchestrated by Fate

About the Author:  Anurag Anand is a prolific author, a corporate professional and a devout family man, who finds himself shuttling between Pennsylvania, where his family is settled and Gurugram. Two of his works the Legend of Amrapali and the Quest for Nothing have made it to the final shortlist in the past editions of the Crossword Book Awards. His other books are Love on 3 Wheels, Where the Rainbow Ends, Birth of the Bastard Prince, of Tattoos and Taboos. and Reality Bites. He is a contributing author to several renowned publications, including the Times of India and his column, ‘Corporate Whispers’, is a monthly feature in the Suburb Life magazine. The biggest reward for his writing, he believes, is hearing from his readers and interacting with them.

Review: “To Hell And Back” by Anurag Anand is one of the most intriguing and enjoyable books that I have read. The blurb itself is enough to prompt one to turn the pages and the title and the cover do full justice to the book. A mindless road-rage incident leaves a young and promising entrepreneur dead. Is it an accident, or a cold-blooded murder, planned to absolute perfection? It is a story of two women, Namrata and Renu whose worlds are miles apart in terms of culture and lifestyle but just an inch close when it comes to stand for their right to defend their femininity in a society with still an orthodox spirit lingering in its bloody framework. Namrata, a young professional, is enveloped by all the quintessential elements of life in the fast lane a staling marriage, an extramarital affair and eyes full of dreams, until a fun evening turns into a chilling nightmare for her. Renu, a girl living in a world marred by regressive customs and dated practices, has resigned to the patriarchal ways of her world, until they begin to cast their malicious shadows on her unborn child. Their worlds, although separate, intersect each other in a single strike of tragedy that none could have imagined. It is then that this story begins and sends everyone’s life on a dizzy tailspin. Will they be able to get back to their safe and secure lives? To Hell and Back is a fast-paced thriller that will not only keep you on tenterhooks till the very end, but it shall also rattle your beliefs on how ‘crime-proof’ the world that you live in truly is. This book has not only been wonderfully divided into three parts but also holds the mystery till the very end. The book opens with a road accident and then takes you into a flashback. The author’s art of characterisation is impressive and he has defined each character of the novel impeccably. The author has managed to brilliantly carry two stories together without confusing the readers and the many twists and turns keep the reader wanting to know what will happen next. The language of the book is lucid and the ending is nail-biting.

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August 20 2018

Revolt of the Lamebren: Book 1 of the Super-Dome Chronicles

About the author: Dr. Manjiri Prabhu holds a Doctorate in Communication Science and is an independent film-maker for Television, a Writer/Novelist in English and also the Founder/Director of a Literary Festival. She has directed over 200 children’s TV programmes, more than 50 short fiction and travel films and has authored​ 11 books. Her unpublished psychological thriller novel was adapted into a Hindi feature film by NFDC, titled Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha. Her thesis, converted into a book, titled Roles: Reel and Real, has become a rare reference book for students of Hindi cinema. Prabhu has been acknowledged as a pioneer in India among women writers of mystery fiction and she has a diverse global fan following. She is also the first female mystery Author to be published outside India and has been labelled as the ‘Desi Agatha Christie’. and much recently, Prabhu has been acknowledged to be a ‘match for Dan Brown’ by Dr. Shashi Tharoor. She has been invited to reputed International Literature Festivals like the Agatha Christie Festival, UK and International Women Fiction Writers, Matera, Italy. Her novels ‘The Cosmic Clues’ was selected as a Killer Book, by Independent Mystery Booksellers of America and ‘The Astral Alibi’ was honoured as a ‘Notable Book’ in the Kiriyama Prize. Her books have been published by varied reputed publishers like Penguin, Bloomsbury, Random House USA, Jaico Books, Rupa Publications and Times Group Books. As the Founder/Director of Pune International Literary Festival, Prabhu has brought Pune city on the International map of Literature and Arts festivals. She believes that literature heals and is a prerequisite to a peaceful society.​  She has recently been ​awarded​ ‘Inspirational Women of Maharashtra -Excellence in the field of Writing’ (2017) and​ ‘Most Admired Leader of Maharashtra’​ by ERTC Global Herald (2017) . Also awarded the Rex Karmaveer Gold Medal Award (2016) instituted by iCONGO and the UN​. She is also an animal welfare activist promoting caring and adoption of street dogs.

Review: What if you are born with a termination date? Would you be ready to die at sixteen?In the Super-Dome of the future, Altklugs are born with the super-knowledge and efficiency of 6.25 human years, in their one year. Manjiri calls it a futuristic reality where survival, betrayal and friendship are all skewed because the novel is not about an alternate world, but a world that could be reality, if we aren’t careful. Zinnia, the main protagonist, is one of the Lamebren, ‘normal’ humans faces the looming threat of her termination date as so the other ‘normal’ humans.  Zinnia and others like her are considered to be “lame brains” and are treated like labourers till they too are sent to their death at the age of 15, so as not to imbalance their perfect world. According to Manjiri “It talks about the basic instincts of human beings that are present in each one of us and no matter how progressive we are technologically, if we don’t think and feel with our hearts, we will be a fearsome and appalling species and mere knowledge capsules of flesh and blood,”. The Startling events and unexpected dark secrets reveal the decay, cruel intentions and repercussions of the Altklug world, making Zinnia realise that it is up to her to challenge their pre-decided destiny. There were portions where readers will be left wondering if this is a fiction novel or commentary about the real world. There’s so much about this book that relates to the world we live in today Advancements like stem cells, 3D printing, altered genetics, are already a reality. And being run over by robots and machines is not a stuff of fiction anymore. Already we are a slave to our gadgets, and already we are being told what we can or cannot do. The ability to do whatever or go wherever you like, our feelings and emotions – these are things we today take for granted. Through a vortex of extreme adversities and life-threatening danger as well as painful self-realisation, Zinnia bravely fights the world of the Altklugs for justice and equality. Would she and her friends win the fight for the survival of the Lamebren and beat their termination dates? Revolt of the Lamebren, the first book in the Super-Dome Chronicles saga, is Zinnia’s daring and exciting journey of survival. Because Zinnia is as human as us, her story is more relatable. And, inspiring. And I’m sure it would teach us a thing or two about fighting for yourself against all odds, about surviving, and about preserving the humane values that make us what we are. The writing is flawless, and the emotional journey that the book takes you along with the protagonist is tense and heart-breaking.

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August 14 2018

Smokes And Whiskey

Titled Smokes and Whiskey, the book is a collection of 42 poems on relationships, the ups and downs that come along with it, falling apart like rubble, but then finding oneself, gathering that strength back and building yourself up, back from that same rubble.  These poems are divided into four sections, The Fall, The in Between, The Downfall and The Thereafter. These poems describe a beautiful journey of falling in love, breaking, loss and healing. The poems are accompanied by pictures and illustrations which are placed so beautifully within the poems, that it will have a huge impact on you. The writings are bold and beautiful. Some of the lines will directly touch each string of your heart, while some lines might feel repetitive. The language of the book is simple and gripping. It is easy to read and can be finished in one go. The cover of the book is attractive and you will instantly fall in love with the words and illustrations. I liked Tejaswini’s writing. The way she expresses through her poems hits you directly where it stays! Poems are written in a beautiful way and are filled with lessons to learn and explains the journey of love in a beautiful way. Do read this book if neurons in your brain fancy some meaningful connections. They say poetry is the best metaphor for life! Indeed! As you keep Reading, the writer takes you along with her, on this beautiful journey! Yes some of the poems can be really intense, but isn’t that life all about? I will recommend it to everyone who is a legit reader. Give this book a try. I’m sure you guys will fall in love it. 🙂


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August 13 2018

Savoir Faire -Do the WRITE thing

Ashwini Dodani is a Brand Strategist based out of Mumbai, India. He’s been writing poetry since the age of 20 and considers words as a release. Savoir Faire, his first poetry book, features poems from his collection over years and is somewhere related to his own experiences and thoughts.

Savoir Faire is a collection of 40 poems on Life, Love, Abstract, Nature, Songs etc. It’s a package of emotions and experiences we go through on a day to day basis. I thank author Ashwini Dodhani for sending me a copy of his book Savoir Faire for a read and review. I am not a fan of poetry but reading short books (this one is just 74 pages) catch my interest instantly. Savoir Faire has 40 poems and every poem is different from the each. There were feelings of merry and contented to pensive and wistful. This is for the first time I read author Ashwini’s poems and if he happens to pen down another book I will surely read it. The poems are modest. I did not feel them to be misled or cajoling types with excessive and arrogant usage of terminology instead the author attempted to write the poems in such a way which invoked a poignant tie with the poems. Every line and word written has a meaning and a reason for being at the right place. I appreciate the way in which author has made his poetry simple and on the other hand he surprised with the descriptions used. Amid the 40 poems in the book, few poems really are worth a mention- Fly, Communication, Learn, Not perfect and That beautiful night. Nevertheless, one poem that truly engrossed me is That Beautiful Kohl Eyed girl. To put imagine yourself as another person and express their messy mind wonderfully is appreciable. The book is beyond doubt worth our time (it took me not more than 2 hours to read and write this review), I am sure you will like the emotions and expressions each poem has.

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August 9 2018

STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG – Secrets to take your Blog from Kick start to Awesome! By Dr. Amrita Basu

About the Author :  Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon and a mommy to a six-year-old. She is a teacher in a Medical college, author of two books a passionate Blogger and dedicated mompreneur. She adores gardening, reading and traveling. When she is not reading or writing she doodles with her daughter.

Review:  The time has come for you to step outside the box and start transforming your life. The book -STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG – Secrets to take your Blog from Kick start to Awesome written by Dr Amrita Basu Misra will totally change the way you make blogging and making your way towards good blogging habits. No more wasting time on useless articles, eBooks and watching hours and hours of videos showing same outdated stuff. By reading this book you will discover why you should start a blog, how writing for blogs – daily is beneficial, ups and downs of SEO, how to develop reading habit, the social media tools to promote your words, healthy blogging habits to make you a better blogger and give you all the information about the Super Blogger Challenge and the blog – HealthWealthBridge which is owned by Dr Amrita. The book will help you to start your own blog even if you don’t have any tech background or programming skills with examples of real bloggers who have made it to be the best in the community, things to do after you publish your posts and how to promote them and know the techniques of traffic generation system from day 1 of your blogging and much more. Just imagine having thousands of readers that enjoy and share your work.  This is an incredible book (along with the power of internet), a step by step system that can help you make a good blogger.  The shows you how to start blogging for the very first time to express your creativity, reach out and be heard. Learn answers to the most important and popular questions: What is a blog? Do I need a blog? How do I get started? What do I blog about? How do I blog? Creative Blogging then takes you through the how-to aspects of blogging, so you can quickly learn the terminology and get started. You’ll then be able to choose the right blogging tool for you! Soon, you’ll be prepared to unleash your creativity! Like a good author, you’ll learn how to find information to blog about, and how to express yourself in your blog in the ways that you want. Your creativity is what will make your blog successful. If you’re looking for a simple step-by-step no-nonsense guide to starting a blog in no time at all, this eBook is waiting for you. I loved this eBook because it’s so quick and simple to use as a reference guide.


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August 9 2018


About the Author:  Govardhanram Tripathi (1855-1907) was born in Gujarat, and was one of the most popular writers and thinkers of his time. His four-volume novel, Saraswatichandra, is universally regarded as a classic. Sameer Acharya is a writer and director based in Los Angeles. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from UCLA and a master’s in public policy from George Mason University.

Review:  In this retelling of Govardhanram Tripathi’s sprawling magnum opus, Saraswatichandra, Sameer Acharya brings to life an Indian literature’s greatest classics for modern readers. Saraswatichandra has long been regarded as one of the finest works of Gujarati fiction. It had a profound impact on millions of Indians, including Mahatma Gandhi, seeking to navigate the development of an Indian identity while recognizing a changing political and cultural climate. It is believed that the main character, Saraswatichandra, was an inspiration to Gandhi and many of India’s freedom fighters, as a man who sought to learn about a nation of people, so he could devote his life to uplifting that nation, particularly the poor and uneducated. The characters and storylines in Saraswatichandra have gone on to inspire millions of people and has been recreated in both film and television. It is the story of unrequited love between Saraswatichandra, a quiet, romantic and selfless young man who seeks to serve his countrymen, and Kumud, the beautiful and kind-hearted daughter of a prominent minister of a princely state in the Indian state of Gujarat. Saraswatichandra and Kumud are arranged to be married. But due to family conflicts, Saraswatichandra breaks off the engagement and seeks to live out his life in service to God and his people. But he can’t ignore his love for Kumud. He attempts to get to her home and beg her father’s permission to marry her. But he arrives too late. Kumud was quickly married off to another man, Pramadhan, also the son of a prominent and wealthy minister. And while Saraswatichandra was devastated, in his heart he had to know if Kumud was happy in her new life. He travels to Suvarnapur, where Kumud lives with her husband and his family. Saraswatichandra disguises his true identity and ends up working for Kumud’s father-in-law, before he learns that seeing him every day was torture for her. Not wishing to cause her any more pain, Saraswatichandra leaves Suvarnapur. Their fates align and they both end up at the same holy ashram on the Gujarat coast, where they must reconcile their feelings while acknowledging society’s customs and traditions. The key themes from the original storyline remain just as prevalent today as they were when it was first published. And I must admit that Sameer Achrya has done a marvelous job in being honest to the original themes. Saraswatichandra is a love story. And yet, the reader is left to wonder how should cultural values and political opinions be shaped by outside forces?

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