Hand Sanitizer – Godrej Protekt

Godrej Protekt – A family that’s here to protect yours. Godrej Protekt brings you a range of liquid hand soaps, alcohol free hand sanitizers & mosquito repellent that safeguards your family members against dirt, germs & mosquitoes.

Godrej Protekt has come up with hygiene products and hand wash that are safe for kids, skin & fight against germs for longer hours. The alcohol in the normal hand sanitizer might dry your palms but Godrej Protect offers you non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, which is naturally driven, kills 99.9% germs and protects your skin.

When it comes to hygiene, we all are keen about washing our hands properly. We also wish that our children follow these practices. So, Godrej Protekt has bought one of the best hand wash in India like HappyFoam Hand wash, MasterBlaster Hand wash & MasterChef hand wash. These liquid soap hand washes are soft on hands & tough on germs. You can also buy this hand sanitzer online at Godrej Protekt Products online section.


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Gone September

‘Waking up, now that September has ended’, I dreamt this morning there was snow during my morning travel. Though it doesn’t in the south, it means winter is approaching. This cold, season excites me through until March. What better time to think about the stuff about winter that’s actually pretty grand?

Summer, which is completely repulsive, winter is a time when I count the few blessings I have and rely on these crutches to keep me from becoming completely desperate before the leap melt. Here are some of my favourites about winter, bet you can add more reasons in the comments. And yes, that is a dare.

Hot chocolate
Pets wearing sweaters
Winter slippers
Kids in hats
A big, 3times scarf
Getting to use cold cream moisturizer
Reflecting sun on the window
Red wines
Stews & soups
Hot tubs
Warm drinks
Shopping (everything’s on sale!)
Fuzzy boots
The foam on a latte
Toe socks
Liberal use of fairy lights
Tree branches
Wearing the muskiest perfumes
Knee socks and tights!
Fireside brunching
Quiet reading time at home
Sauna baths
The perfect blush colour, naturally
Vintage capes
Bubble baths
Hunkering down under a down comforter
Big epic novels
Earmuffs — they’re kind of glamorous, don’t you think?
Chinese new year – celebrating with Chinese food

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Why do we do things which we do? Why do we behave in certain way? Isn’t everything already written in our destiny? Even if you change yourself, does it guarantee that it will change what is in store for you? Isn’t sometime being happy is the only option because being sad will not change anything? There’s a time when you believe in something and there comes a time when your belief is shattered to pieces, what you can do at that moment other than cursing your destiny? Isn’t god the supreme of all who has decided what will happen in your life? Can you fight against him? Why is he taking the test of only few? Why are there people who never face any odds throughout the life and why there are those who are against the odds every other second? WHY?

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No tomorrow

Pin drop peace is what I could sense now. All were gone with the night the rustlings, the murmurs, wowbadgeagreement of the rain drops. I awoke with the sun today. The tears of winds which passed through me were loud and harsh. I lost my parts; I bled to extend only to find that my siblings were not there to reach out. I expanded my roots but there were no other roots in the ground to race with.

No other branches to knock. I felt the quiet squeals, I cried along but everyone seems to be deaf. I could see the oceans, rivers, lakes nothing blocked my view. Gazing around the mountain, I feel I can see everything. My fellow trees were towed. The chirping birds, quietly in the morning grew brighter with the sky. Now I cannot hear the voices.

But I am here at a halt, and I will wait hearing tête-à-tête in the leaves, waiting to feel the presence of another when I imbibe profound. I am the last tree standing in what was a grand forest. I want to share my joy with my all, but they are uprooted and cut. I see none left around. Today will be my last day with no tomorrow.

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Old church Pew

The sun was playing through the grass, trees pleading for silence. The wind swayed them; between all this I saw the bench, in its natural home. The paint was old, yet the wood was strong, speaking about reminiscences that people had used it well. With it my memories rushed, both good and bad, making me think of things I didn’t do and how I wished I had. Longing to sit on it, I determined to make, most of my opportunities and my problems solve. Novel memoirs formed, as in the past and will always be remembered through memories held fast.

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What I love/Hate about Blogging

We all have love-hate relationships. You know, something we can’t live with or without. Something that teeters on the two opposite emotions of love and hate. I have a love-hate relationship with a lot of things.
I speak about blogging A LOT. To be frank, I quite enjoy the topic. Blogging is something that I sometimes love- so much so that it’s the first thing that I think about in the morning and the last thing again before I go to sleep.
Today, I thought I’d share with you the things that make me love/hate blogging:


  • The interaction with strangers
  • The feeling when I see a new comment
  • The moment when I press ‘publish’ on a post
  • Finishing a new post
  • Getting inspiration for a good blog post
  • Getting compliments.
  • The openness that blogging allows
  • Playing around with colour schemes, layouts and themes
  • Seeing hard work pay off
  • When I write the ‘perfect’ alliteration
  • The sense of perseverance
  • The feeling of having a friend in the internet


  • Taking blog post photographs
  • Competitiveness between bloggers
  • The focus on statistics
  • That if I disappear for a week, my blog views drop exponentially
  • That sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off as quickly as I’d like
  • Comments that say ‘If you follow me, I’ll follow you’
As you can see, the ‘love’ outdoes the ‘hate. But, depending on the day, some things under ‘love’ tend to sneak more into the ‘hate’ side of things and vice versa. That’s just life in the blogosphere.
What would you add to this list? Is there something that I hate about blogging that you love?
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