October 22 2018

When the words want to flow, they will find a way..

For years I’ve read about various strategies writers adopt to get their creative juices flowing. From writers’ retreats, to solitary getaways, to hideaways in the hills. While I would love to make it to any one of these at some point in life, what I do know is that the farthest I’ll get during this life stage, is to the solitary confinement of my bathroom. With work, or home, kids, and other realities – paved obstacle courses, most of us who like to write are used to conjuring expression in the midst of maids, arguments, calls, emails, the neighbour’s annoying poodle. You get the drift. I actually ended up writing my first book, I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting, just in this manner. Chaos, hormones, diapers, fatigue, it was a heady mix but I wrote through all of it. Some days about a 100 words and on some days possibly 10. And somehow at the end of around 10 months, I had a book.  A pet peeve with inspiration and ideas is that they unfortunately arrive, when it’s the least opportune time to receive them. Just yesterday, I believe I was struck with an beautiful thought that I really needed to jot down while I was on a conference call at home,  while my little daughter insisted I come with her as she had seen Casper the friendly ghost under her bed. Unfortunately, by the time I got done with the call and Casper, the thought had vaporised. I have a favourite diary to scribble my thoughts and ideas in. But a diary can never always be handy and in reach right? So what I try and do now is jot down whatever pops into my head on anything I can find at the time. Either a note on my phone, a small chit (I collect these in a pocket in my bag). And then I transfer them to my diary at the end of the day without fail. Helps aggregate the mayhem. Personally, I don’t think there will ever be a right time, place or opportunity. When words seep into your head and need an outlet, they will find a way. Through love, joy, sorry, pain, life and everything it has to offer.  I went through a deep personal bereavement recently and I stopped working on my new book. Just when I thought my soul and words had dried up, I started writing poems every night like I was possessed. It really helped and no amount of emotions blocking my mind and heart could prevent the words from finding their way to paper.  I know people who are so methodical about their writing. Come hail or sunshine, they write for a certain amount of time everyday. I really do want to get to the point where I’m writing everyday. But until then, I will follow my instincts, let life take its course and trust that whatever needs to be written, will. 

About the Guest writer: Richa started her writing journey as a child, scribbling away poems and stories for her father, every time he travelled on work. Her career as a journalist and advertising professional after completing her MBA, and becoming a mother has given her writing more dimension and her creativity, more juice. Her curious mind helps her look at people and situations in a unique way and she hopes her observations continue to inspire her in this lifelong pursuit of expression. Her debut novel has been published by Harper Collins and Black Ink Books and she can’t wait to spin yarns and churn out books for the rest of her life.

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October 18 2018

#MeeToo Saga by Shivam Mishra

Lately, #metoo movement has been gaining momentum exponentially in India and across the world. Women are coming out with their stories of sexual harassment, molestation, rape etc and exposing perverts like never before. A trend started by Tarana Burke, an American social activist and popularised by Alyssa Milano, an actress has fructified into worldwide movement.

In this era of social media #metoo could be used as weapon to reduce sexual harassments at working places and this will certainly increase participation of women at work places. This movement made us hear stories of sexual exploitation which would have gone unheard and no justice would ever have been delivered.

People seem to be divided on this and have been trying to give it a political angle to dilute and mitigate the gravity of situation. When women come up with what had happened to them 10-20 years ago, few people start showing their logical side never seen before all of a sudden and ask why now?  why are you crying on social media instead of going to police station and file a report?

If someone is late that is no reason to deny justice. Justice must be delivered and the reason why victims go to social media is to seek support and help because in a country like India policemen ask victims after she was allegedly raped by multiple men who gave you most pleasure? Like other countries policemen also to go out in our country not to catch culprit but to collect their wages (hafta) from them. That’s how sorry situation is for a common man. There have been cases where girls have been raped by same group of men twice and spokesmen of ruling party defended it as if it was some kind of rocket science which common people don’t understand. No explanation can ever justify the most heinous crime that is rape. I’ve also seen people cracking jokes and making mockery of victims on social media well how can one crack a joke at the expense of human misery!

In proliferation of these crimes women’s contribution are no less. It was astonishing and shocking when a prominent dancer from film industry justified casting couch by saying at least it brings food on the table. If this is the case then how are you different from professional ones! This is their right to be selective in their approach but when you practice casting couch you pave the way for other new comer girls to offer same what you did. Another aspect of film industry and their sheer hypocrisy is when your political opponents are involved you cry out of your lounges but when your men are involved you either keep mum or beat around the bush. Recently when a director was alleged by multiple women for his sexual abuse, exploitation of multiple women, his cousins came with word “atone”. How can there be any atonement, there can only be harshest possible punishment.

All the accusations may not be true and there might be case to frame men, celebrities, political figures or to seek revenge as there are women who can stoop down to any level to see their enemy miserable. That’s why a gender neutral inquiry in all cases needs to be done. If this high number we’re seeing from educated and powerful section of society, one can imagine the plight of rural, uneducated women.

Greatest reasons for a victim to compromise and keep quiet specially women are their lack of self-dependence and fear of different and strange reactions from society. But one should never ever compromise with her/his dignity and always fight for it. Once a great man said,” People will ride on your back till you keep your back bent”.  – Martin Luther King

About the writer: Shivam Mishra has amazing interest in politics, history and geo politics. He can contacted on Twitter @joe11248  & Facebook- [email protected]

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October 17 2018

‘Diet for breastfeeding mothers’ by Akansha Bansal

Mothers are also born with the babies; every delivery brings up a new mom and comes a complete package of responsibilities. Taking care of babies takes a whole lot from the mommies, be it a nappy changing duty, or providing feed to the baby.

Some mommies go for the feeder right from the birth, but breast feeding is advised by paediatrics round the globe. The breast milk is enriched with nutrients which provides complete nourishment to the babies, and serves as the only diet for babies until they are 6 months old.

The first milk after birth termed as colostrum although is secreted in a much less amount but is highly recommended for infants. The breast milk not only carries nutrition but also boosts up the immune system of the babies.

Indians prefer the breastfeeding over the feeder habit, and it has been a tradition through centuries unknown, to provide a nutrition laden diet for the feeding mothers. Although this diet for Indian breastfeeding mothers is stuffed with nutrition but still it is believed the more the mother feeds the baby, more are the chances for her to regain the shape of her body.

Indians love food and it’s no surprise that the diet for Indian breastfeeding mothers is tasty, nutritious and includes variety of foods.

  1. Makhana/Foxnuts:

Foxnuts called as Makhana in India, is a trusted milk supply booster. The makhanas are usually fried in clarified butter or Ghee and mixed with milk and sugar. They are also eaten fried and some prefer it without the crunch.

  1. Panjeeri Laddoos:

Typically, Indian is this celebrated variety of sweet balls termed as laddoos. These laddoos termed as panjeeri is a combination of different dried fruits, jaggery and gond. These laddoos are served to the lactating mothers as they increase the production of milk. This laddoo not serves as the milk production booster but also helps in strengthening the weak bones of mother’s post-partum, because of the special ingredient gond. This addition to the diet fulfils the part of fat and iron in the Indian breastfeeding food.

  1. Pulses and Non-Vegetarian stuff:

The pulses are a rich source of protein, specially the urad dal is preferred in the Indian breastfeeding diet, as it is known to not only serve as a protein source but it also boosts the lactation.

Sprouted moong dal and sprouted beans are another protein addition to the diet.

For the mothers who don’t strict themselves to the vegetarian, the eggs, chicken and mutton legs soup are a good option.

  1. Iron and Vitamins:

Indian breastfeeding diet keeps a close check on a fully nourished palette of food. The iron content comes not only from the jaggery in the laddoos but also the black-eyed beans, green leafy veggies, beetroots and the liver from the animals adds to the iron content of food.

Vitamins are derived from juices, such as carrot juice, beetroots, pumpkins, and tomato soups.

Some traditional Indian breastfeeding diet promotes the usage of iron works for cooking as it serves as add-on for iron content.

  1. Carbohydrates:

The whole grains are a rich source of carbs in the Indian breastfeeding diet. Dalia or broken wheat is soaked in milk and cooked with a bit of sugar, this serves the dual purpose of providing carbohydrates along with milk production. Ragi and bajra are also included in the diet but mostly wheat gains the maximum usage in terms of popularity.

  1. Spices:

The term spices may ring a bell in your mind as lactating mothers are advised against them. But Indian spices such as fennel and cumins are known to build up the milk production. These seeds are mixed into khichdis and cooked with vegetables in the Indian breastfeeding diet.

  1. Liquids:

Doctors advised at least four liters of liquid to be included in the diet of lactating mothers. The liquids in the Indian breastfeeding diet comprises of dry-fruit mixed with milk, coconut water, soya milk, coconut milk and off-course water. Different types of juices and soups are also a part of the liquid composition of the Indian breastfeeding diet.

Milk however remains the single dominating part of the Indian breastfeeding diet which apart from boosting the milk supply for the infants also takes care of the calcium content of the mother and the infant.

About Akansha Bansal:

Lives with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and have an optimistic approach towards life. Always eager to learn new things. She is founder of a Parenting website called Budding Star.

Find on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/budingstar/

The Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentingmomstyle/

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/BudingStar

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/budingstar

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October 10 2018

A few practical tips on traveling the world within budget, without hurting your pockets by Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

Being a travel enthusiast, I am always on a lookout for new and exciting destinations to explore. Traveling makes me happy and rejuvenates me for a few months till I start my hunt for another spot. From hills to beaches to wild, I love everything. Nature has some magic. It makes you forget all your problems and you are in a different world for a few days and that’s what one wants in life. Solace. Peace. A break from the monotonous schedule, routined and programmed life. But it is not possible to pack your bags and start travelling every second day. It requires a lot of planning, time, energy and most of all, money. I try to go out of my cocoon once in a quarter or every 6 months at max.

After relocating to Poland, I could explore a few more countries as we are on a Schengen Visa and hence don’t need a separate VISA to visit many European countries. Moreover, there are many small countries which can be covered over the weekend and we don’t need to take an off from our work.

Many of my friends think I am making dollars here and shelling out a huge amount of money for my vacations but that’s not true. Here I am sharing a few practical tips from my personal experience on how to travel the world on a budget.

Plan in advance:

Planning is the most important part of the travel and I focus the most on it. With two toddlers with me, it becomes even more important. List down the destinations that are on your bucket list and you want to explore. Check the tickets availability and modes of travel. Compare the cost of the trip among all the listed destinations and choose wisely keeping your budget in mind. Sometimes, you get a better deal on flights, almost at the same price as the rail. Keep an eye on the schemes and discounts the airlines are offering. Book your travel well in advance to get the best rates. There is an option to compare the rates on the entire month, explore and find when are you getting the best deal, book accordingly.

Offseason travel:

Unless I wish to attend any festival going on like “La Tomatina, Spain” or visit any particular spot like “Keukenhof Tulip garden, Amsterdam” which is open only for 2 months in a year during the peak season, I try to plan my travel during the offseason only. Visiting any location during the offseason has a few benefits like you get cheaper flight tickets, low hotel rates, a lesser crowd in public transports, a few travelers than in the which makes it easier to explore the location at leisure. You can take clear pictures at the popular spots without much of hassles of the other travelers. Win-win situation, isn’t it?

Eat local:

Traveling to Italy and foraging Indian food, does it really make sense? Don’t just explore the destination, explore their food, their cuisine also. You can get Indian food all across the globe but you will end up paying a huge amount for it. Go local and try their delicacies and staples. Research well about the popular foods of the particular city/country you are visiting before you embark on your journey. You can ask for recommendations on platforms like Tripadvisor from the travelers who had visited the place before. Alternatively, you can also check with the locals. People love to boast about their place and can suggest you some good places to dine out. You will not only save your money but also develop a new taste. Always carry some ready to eat and packed snacks with you just in case you get stuck somewhere and don’t find any eating option.

Book Airbnb:

Airbnb has become my favorite stay in the last two years. Not just they are cheaper than the hotels but also give you comfort like home. Nowhere they compromise on the comfort and cleanliness.  You have equal safety and privacy as in your hotel room. Another advantage of staying in Airbnb is the accessibility to the kitchen. As I travel with kids, a kitchen is a mandatory requirement for me to heat milk or to cook something healthy for them. You can cook your breakfast and leave for sightseeing. Also, you can carry noodles, quick ready heat and eat meals to save time and money.

Download their travel app:

Taxis are very costly in many countries. We prefer communicating by public transports instead of hiring a cab. It may sound daunting in a new country and an unknown system but with some planning, it can be made easier and hassle-free. Download the travel app of the particular location you are traveling to. Also, download 1 or 2 cab apps just to be safe in case of an emergency or getting late to catch the flight or anything else.

Travel cards:

Many countries have travel cards for the travelers with different plans, you get free entry to many monuments, museums etc., free travel on public transport and discounts on various hotels/ restaurants. Like in Amsterdam, you have IAmsterdam Card, London Travel Card in London, Prague Card in Praha etc. Explore these well in advance and you can save a lot.

So, these were a few tips based on my experience. Would you like to share yours?

About the Guest writer in her own Words: I am a blessed mother of beautiful twin girls and a happy wife of a man with a golden heart. An HR by profession, an amateur painter, a travel enthusiast exploring the world, avid reader, big foodie, nature and DIY lover and a blogger by chance. I hail from the city of Nawabs and Kebabs, Lucknow and married in Delhi based Punjabi family. Currently, I am exploring life in another part of the world, Poland, miles away from my family in India. Though I’m an extrovert and fun loving person I believe in vibes game and very strongly believe that people who are meant for you will stay in your life, come what may and rest with automatically gravitate away. I am a very simple person and can’t take fakeness and duality at all. Show-offs turn me off and the best quality I like in a person is staying grounded. I am a dreamer and mantra of my life is “Chase your dreams, not the people”. I embarked on my blogging journey in September 2017 while trying to cope up with my father’s loss as writing gave me solace. I have a versatile blog where I share my experiences in parenting, travel, cooking, relationships, lifestyle and social issues. I pour my heart out in all my articles using simple language so that my readers need not to refer a dictionary to understand me and I feel that is why people love and connect with me. I write for various platforms like Momspresso, Women’s Web, Babychakra, Budding Star, Sheroes etc.

My social coordinates:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vartikasdiary/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vartikasdiary

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vartikasdiary/

Blog: http://vartikasdiary.com/

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October 8 2018

Sign of true lovers

I wonder whether we are experiencing something else and just naming them love.  Is it something which is so intense? Which if it ever enters into your life, then every moment will be beautiful? All fears will end, absolute fearless.

I have a simple question for you. What is love? This is what we need to question. Are we loving in right way? Or it is not what we call it, love is something else? I wonder whether attachment is being considered love by us. Is attachment love?

We say, I love studying when we top up. And when we get failed miserably, for over 4 years, then we start saying, I hate education. Do we really love education or love being a topper?

And that is not even love, but an ego satisfaction by defeating others. When we win by defeating others, we start calling them love.  Winning, is it love?

You are in a relationship with someone and there you both are arguing with each other in order to prove beloved wrong, is it love? Think deeply!! You all think too that

Love means profound attachment, like we are very attached to our mother or any person, think deeply! Is it love?

Can there be love if there is attachment? Who do we call attachment? What is attachment?

Attachment is when we possess, for eg, the boy is mine, the girl is mine, so is there love?Think deeply! Question that!!!

Is attachment love, or is love something that has nothing to do with attachment.

For eg, I take the responsibility of his/her life, so taking responsibility is love? Get the point!!

Can there be love if there is possession? Attachment is all about possession. Eg, the house is mine, the car is mine, the wife is mine, it has been possessed, hasn’t it? The children is mine!!Is there love?

Possession at which level? Try to make out when I speak of something, not at the physical level but at the level of your mind. So we are getting attached to somebody in the fear of loneliness, so is that love?

Eg your doing job somewhere, and there you are afraid of being fired from job, what would happen to me if I get fired from job? So you really love that job? Get the point!! Use your brain, is that love?

What we call love is an addiction , don’t you think? Get the point!! Use your brain!!

In addiction, do we care of what others(beloved)likes and what does not? Or we care only about what  we like  and what does not?

The moment beloved speaks of something that we don’t like, then it starts dragging us into quarrel n fight. Is it true or false? Its true, don’t you think? What we are calling love, is that really love? Is there love? Think about it deeply

Drinkers even says that I love whiskey or whatever, I love the cigarette, it happens right? So is that love?Many of us, who has got addicted to smoking, doesn’t multiple thoughts run through your mind to give up smoking?Multiple thoughts keep on running through our mind to refrain from smoking, doesn’t it? It happens with everybody. It clearly shows that they don’t love smoking.  Instead they hate it, but got addicted to it.

This inquiry is very important, I will say extremely important. So the next generation to come is gonna dependent on us. They shall be dependent on your understanding , about what is love? Isn’t it? Mindset needs to be fixed.  Or else you’ll keep torturing your child in order to make them yourself or somebody else and you wont even be honest with yourself, wont even tell truth to yourself that you have nothing in your life. You will feel bitter to hear this but try to comprehend the thing what I m saying if you can get it.

If a guy is not happy with his life. Due to what he is unhappy? What’s the reason? He is unhappy just because of his own thoughts.  He thinks that he couldn’t become what he wanted to be is the cause of his sadness but in actual fact, his thoughts is the cause of his sadness. Got it?

He who doesn’t love himself, can he love anybody? got it!!

How many people are there who love their life very much, he who is unsatisfied with life. Can he love anybody else? He will want to use a person to satisfy himself and will give it the name of love.

I say I love my country, we say we love our country, do we really love our country? If we really love our country,
Country means street, we shall keep it clean if we love, shall follow traffic rules, wont do anything wrong in system, that means we love our country. But we don’t love our country, we are just saying that we love our country. In addition of an intense feelings and excitement, we keep on saying that I love my country.

So , is feeling love? Is sensation love?
Somebody gives us an amazing sensation, get pleasures, so we start giving it the name of love, when we get it. And when we no longer get that pleasures from that person, and starts receiving that pleasures from somebody else. Then we start saying, I love somebody else. We leave them. Is that really love.

So neither feeling is love nor thought. We can create numerous love as much as we want at the level of thoughts. Terrorist has been doing the same thing. They might be wrong for you but not for themselves, that’s why they are doing it. They wont do that if they were wrong for themselves. They thinks that whatever they are doing is right. Why are they doing it? Cause they love. Whom they love? They love their thought.  The thoughts due to which feelings is being triggered within, I’ll do that. Motivation such as I’ll do that, they love it. Is that love?

Divorces case happens! The couples who were mad for each other,  today they both are making great efforts to run each other’s life, which has no limitations. I’ll ruin his life, I’ll ruin her life. Where is it coming from? Is it coming from love? Can there be scopes of hatred if there is love?

Needs to be understood what love is, cause we’ll never be able to experience it if we don’t know about love. Or else we’ll start calling feelings a love, sensations will be called a love by us and due to that feelings, does our life get better or worse?

What is feelings? It is kind of sensation, isn’t it? can there be feelings without sensation? I touched my hand, so I felt it. So is feeling love? Is sensation love? Is thought love? Think deeply

You get some sensation from something n you are attached to it what you call love. Would that make your life more better or worse?
you say I love this food! Do you really love that food? You want to leave that food. But you are not able to leave that food. You want to leave that burger and that sauce spread over it wants to stop but you are not able to leave that, cause of taste. You are getting attracted to it, cause  you get some kind of great feelings and sensations from that and we say that food was delicious.i enjoyed eating it. So is pleasure love?

What we calls LOVE, there is certainly our selfish motive in that. You’ll comprehend it if you look deeply into yourself. Despite that fact, we give it the name of love. What if we don’t have any selfish motive? can we be able to love truly? Can we love dear truly? Can we bale to see what they want?

When can we see that? when  can we see beloved’s need? When can we care them truly? We can do that only if we have  no selfish motive. When can we give true happiness to others? When can we make them happy? We can give them only if we are fully happy.  It clarifies that one cannot love truly if one is searching out for love. True love is when you are the very source of your own happiness.

You were yearning, craving for something for long time that it should be happened n fortunately that happened. As  the desire fulfilled then what happens is, we undergoes some temporary feelings and sensation, that feelings are temporary, comes and goes away.  But after that, there we experience an intense satisfaction within ourselves. For some hours or day. Getting this?

You were yearning for something or somebody or ambitions or desire or dreams or objects like mobile, craving for mobile  or whatever it is. What happens is that we get mad on getting that.  We start feeling awesome! Goes crazy. OMG! My dream is coming true, I m getting that mobile.

So you seem to understand that ultimate happiness is in that mobile but if you gift that same mobile to any rich guy who is very wealthy which is nothing for him, they wont even smile to see that. .

What did you gift me? Is this a mobile?you should have given a better one…

Got it?

Why did you give me $50,000 mobile, why did you not give me mobile of $1,00,000 . so it is worthless for them.  But you got made on getting mobile of worth 50,000 as u had a mobile of worth 5000 so you seem to understand that real happiness is in that mobile. But in actual fact, happiness are not in mobiles, if it were, it would be for both of you., you were yeaming for something.  You made a great effort for doing something for several days or month and finally achieved it. That accomplishment’s pleasure lasts for sometime, that accomplishment feelings and sensations last for some while, then what happens after that is, thoughts , feelings and sensations starts dying. It is bound to happen, no sensation lasts, neither pain lasts nor pleasure does. They come n go.

After getting finally that, we are left with no desire at that time. Looks like we are in the sense of fulfilment.  Like we finally got that thing what we wanted from life. What is that sense of fulfilment? Are there thoughts or desires at that time. Instead, remains nothing at that time. Got it? We undergo sense of fulfilment only in the absence of that all cravings.  After some days, sense of lack appears again.

Are you able to understand the difference between sense of lack and fulfilment.Finally, I did that work what I wanted to do in my life. YES!! Mine goal of life has been achieved. Had great fun!!  But after some days, either what you achieved seems to be less achievement or new desire forms, again as usual, you start to suffer.

Once again, for the purpose of fulfilment of desires, you undergo pain, distress, struggles for days or month or years. No idea how kind of great tortures you do with yourself. Again you get mad on achieving. Got it!!

The sense of fulfilment appeared within you, you seem to understand that happened cause of fulfilment of mobile’s desires. Are you getting this?

In actual fact, it was already existed within you.  Sense of lack appears just because of mobile’s craving. You were fulfilled in your childhood, you had everything you needed.  But you became unfulfilled because of that desires.

For example you are yearning and craving for that chocolate, now desires got birth in you, got started suffering, yearning for that? What happens after having that is that we undergo some sensations and what most of time happens is that you eat chocolate unconsciously?  It happens, doesn’t it.

We get engaged in mobile at restaurants, we don’t eat that food consciously we were yearning for. That all has been happening at the level of conscious.  After eating that chocolate, you were yearning for, what happens after that is we undergo sense of fulfilment for sometime. But it lasts for some time, cause it was not a big desire.

No matter how big your desire is, that fulfilled desires gives us temporary pleasures, doesn’t it? So we all have one great desire.  And that desire is to be free. We want to be absolutely free from everything, this is what our greatest desire is.  We all have that desire, don’t we? So this is our biggest desire. Wants to be absolutely free from within.  Once  you achieve this  desire, that sense of fulfilment will be long lasting.  Then you are absolute fulfilled within. No matter what happens around you, wont matter most of you. Whether you loose something or achieve, wont matter to you. . wont matter much to you whether you get failed or achieve something.  You wont care of what people says about you, whether they criticise you or admire.  You are absolutely fulfilled within, cause you are complete from within

What does that mean? Are you getting this? That I don’t want anything from anyone. I don’t need my son to make me happy, I don’t need my wife  to make me happy. I don’t need this world to make me happy, I don’t money to make me happy. I m happy by my own nature. Cause the natural desire I have is not limited expansion, that is infinite expansion. Everybody has been doing the same thing. You are trying to expand yourself and your territory. You are trying to become more than you are right now.  Everybody is doing that. Even billionaires has been doing the same thing. they  are expanding their territory, areas. What if this territories turns into infinite level, what if u get it into infinite level?

I mean, if you deeply understand, that I don’t have to become more and more by achieving more or by doing more or by getting more. Cause I m infinite. We are infinite.

You are infinite whether you become something or not. If you get what I m saying, and you act according to this level, then whatever there will be is LOVE. Will be that all love.


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October 2 2018

The Blue Moon Day: Five Men’s Magical Discovery Enroute Life By Santhosh Sivaraj – Kadambari Singh




About The Author :

Santhosh Sivaraj is a banker based out of Chennai who has worn many hats in life – sailor, teacher, trainer and entrepreneur. He considers the journey of life to be the destination in itself and that pushes him to seek newer avenues in life. Absurd Economics interests him and he loves doing standup comedy. He laughs at his own mistakes and loves life unconditionally

Book Blurb :

Things were never the same for five ordinary individuals who were lost at crossroads and there was no way back. They had no other choice but to take a plunge into their deepest fears and leave the rest to destiny. The individuals were tested away from their comfort zones and it produced abstruse results: a PhD scholar fights to win a pizza-making contest and a tennis prodigy runs for his life on a war-torn, bloodied Island. Extreme circumstances and their consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary. Was the test imposed on them by someone? Or did they invite it on themselves? Blue Moon Day is that Once in a Blue Moon story which questions an individual’s priorities, ridicules worldly routines and finally redefines happiness.

My View :

I had my apprehensions by the look of the book and besides I had never heard about either the book or the author.

As I started reading, the first story took my heart away. Given the busy pace of our lives, I restrict myself from reading for long hours. But this is one of the books which just doesn’t let’s you let it go and give it a rest. The stories are both captivating and motivating.

The first story made me curious to hop on and start the next one and so it continued for all the other.

Each story has more than one lesson in it. Some leave you with moist eyes and some in surprise. But the bottom line is, each story has something deep for you.

A light, meaningful read. It is a mix of self-help and fiction and will appeal to almost every generation.

I will rate it a 4.5 out of 5.

You can buy the book here.

P.S. The book was sent to me by the author for an honest review.

About the Guest writer: A marketer by profession whose heart beats for branding. Kadambari loves to travel, take pictures, read, write, journal, colour and doodle. A romantic comedy geek, you’ll find her writing romantic fictional stories and couplets. She has 3 ebooks on her name. You’ll either find her with her pen or her mobile.

Social media links –

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/thevibrantdiaries/

TWITTER – https://twitter.com/thefuschialady

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/thevibrantdiaries/?hl=en

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