Little Things That You Can Do for Your Brain Everyday

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and you have lots of things to do such as working, doing chores, fetching your kids from, buying groceries, and so much more.

So busy, huh?

Well, it’s no wonder that you barely have time to just sit down and read a couple of books or perhaps magazines or newspapers.

You’ve hears tons of people tell you how reading is good for your brain. It’s not that you don’t value your brain.

It’s just that you don’t have the time.

Even if you wanted to take the time to read, when you get back home from work or whatever it is you went to do, you’ll be too tired to even read.

Even if you did force yourself to read, it would still be no use since you won’t be able to understand what you read.

The reading would be for nothing.

Some say this is an invalid excuse because if you really want to make time for something, you’ll find a way, no matter how busy you think you are.

I disagree.

That’s not the reason why not being able to take care of your brain is inexcusable. The reason it’s inexcusable is because reading isn’t the only way to do good things for your brain.

It just happens to be the most popular way, but it most certainly is not the only way.

There are lots of ways by which you can take care of the one organ that is responsible for the entire operation of your body.

And guess what?

It doesn’t even have to take so much of your time, just a few minutes will do.

Memorize at least one thing every single day

It can be fun. You never know.

Maybe you’re riding a bus to a faraway city. You can memorize at least one building in your path.

Memorize the landmarks, stuff like that.

That’s sure to make your journey fun.

Apart from being fun, it’s also useful. Why? Well, you never really know if you get stranded in that specific place.

Well, if that ever happens, it will be a lot easier for you to find you way.

By doing this technique, everyday you’ll be sharpening your memory skills.

Start detaching to material things a little more each day

There are lots of opportunities in life that in the back of your mind, you just love to seize, but you never do because something is getting in the way: gadgets, or whatever material possession you’re obsessing on.

Try to detach to material possessions each day.

Not only does material things get in the way of your happiness and success, it also makes you dumber and lazier.


Well, technically you’re not a dummy, but sometimes people rely so much on their favorite gadgets that they forget to do simple things.

It also makes us lazy.

When people become lazy, they end never achieving anything, even when presented with so many opportunities.

You won’t be able to grab any opportunity even if it hits you right in the face.

Author Bio

Kelly E. Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing. She is currently writing for on a regular basis and do ghost writing for some companies as well.


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Hazaron khwahishein aisi

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of Life bringing peace abolishing strife.

Khalil Gibran very rightly described, ‘music is one language that everyone speaks every now And then whether Happy or sad, rich or poor’.

Music doesn’t differentiate its audience.

Music is the outburst of the soul.

My first brush with music in childhood was with the audio cassettes of my dad of that of singer Mohammed Rafi.

And during teens the pop music queen Alisha Chinai ruled my heart.

But the real music that made me connected to myself are ghazals, which made me introspect things closer to reality.

The ghazal king Jagjit Singh bowled me with his style that focussed more on words than on vocals.

He brought ghazals into mainstream music like Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho from the movie Arth which everyone must have heard and praised. The way Jagjit Singh sang – any genre from Gurbaani to heartbroken sorrow theme, it always got deep into me stirring my soul. The journey of my graduation in an alien culture was made easy with my walkman in 90’s and audio cassettes of his ghazals donning my almirah in hostel. Whatever was the situation from happiness to grief he had something for everyone to relate to well.

Sometimes what he sang was internal reflection of mood and state of mind of the listener.

From Punjabi peppy like Chulle Aag na ghade de wich pani, to singing words of Shiv Kumar Batalvi the ultimate Punjabi poet nicknamed Bbirha da sultan, he was master at everything. His rendering of Maye ni maye main ik shikra yar banaya is mind blowing and connects with all the ages.

It’s not that he didn’t have personal tragedies in life as he was also human and went through same emotions be it his marriage with Chitra Singh or his young son’s death in 1990.

The death of his only son broke him apart and can be judged from his break for over a year from singing.

Some people require an ideal atmosphere of silent drinks and dim lights to enjoy ghazals, but I can hear them anytime anyplace without any preconditions.

Such was the aura of him that he worked with all time greats like Gulzaar to Javed Akhtar to Rahat Indori to Nida Fazli to Muzzafar Warsi.

His masterpieces in Marasim – Shaam se ankh mein nami si hai and Din kuch aise guzarat hai koi is hummable all the time just because it’s close to everyday realities we face. He gave life to the poetry of Gulzar and made it immortal for years to come.

His interaction with Javed Akhtar is also too good to ignore.

Tere aane ki jab khabar mehke to Yeh jo zindagi ki kitaab hai every number in album Saher is eloquently explaining the philosophy of life and the waiting of the beloved.

It’s been 20 years of listening him but every day I find new meaning in his recitation as it teaches me lessons of life. He sang almost 90 albums and lots of songs for movies out of which Arth and Saath Saath are immortalised in Indian film music.

The day 10th October 2011 when he passed away left millions of his fans like me in tears as if I had lost a family member is still etched in everyone memories as we are yet to experience anybody like him. He has left back a big legacy of his work that can guide us and entertain us for times to come.

To conclude one of my favourite is Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalata kaise as it signifies the pain of a lover who is unable to come to terms with loss of his lover and wants her back only to end with these words tere khat aaj mein ganga mein baha aaya hun,aag behte hue paani mein laga aaya hun..

His another ghazal of Ghalib is epitome and truth of everyone life..

Hazaro khwaishen aisi ki har khawaish pe dum nikle..

I have one wish and that wish is to have him come back alive so that I can meet him.

About the Guest writer: Dr Amandeep Singh, is an Anaesthetist by profession, has penned down his first post for this blog. He has interests in music esp in Ghazals of Jagjit Singh, in the game of cricket and is emotional by nature. He lives in Khanna, Punjab.

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Roommates – Yay or Nay?

Even though I have stayed away from home for long enough to know what is best for me, I still keep asking myself if it is best to live with roommates or am I better off alone.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question and obviously, by now I have taken numerous roommate quiz to check if I am ready to live all by myself. But, at the end it’s a personal decision that all apartment dwellers are entitled to make, and it always depends on what you want at the time you’re looking to rent.

The apartment I had during my college days was pretty decent and my roommates were pretty chilled out probably because we all went to the same college, got decent pocket money from home and of course shared very good roommate relationship. Most importantly, we were still in college and had little less figured out our lives so everything around was quite chilled out.

I moved three times during my first two years out of college, and though my apartments were in same city with different floor plans and wildly varying rents, one of my criteria was non-negotiable: I had to have roommates and trust me living with roommates can be pretty terrible. And trust me when I say this, because I have had roommates who leave their dishes in the sink, never take out the trash and sometimes finish your carton of milk or fought over bills.

We’ve traditionally thought of having a roommate as a necessary evil for poor, lonely singletons who can neither afford a one-bedroom apartment nor lock down a live-in partner. Because I am still young and like I did, most of us move in with one or two or even four or five roommates- yes I have got 5 roommates, because cohabitation is necessary, especially in cities where space is tight and rent is high.

For the first few weeks’ right after I moved out from my house, which as a twenty something you dream of, we know the benefits of living with roommates. It is definitely cheaper than living alone and allows you to create a network in perhaps a new city, and makes the transition from college to the real world a bit easier.

So whenever my roommate’s aren’t home, I feel like a high school student whose parents have gone on vacation. I walk around in my underwear (okay, okay, I walk around naked) and blast music. I do all the things you can never do when you’re worried your roommate will come home unexpectedly.

Living solo: having your own space, no one to else to blame for not paying rent on time or taking out the trash – these simple pleasures can be so worth it. As someone who’s about to live by myself for the first time, I wonder if I’ll miss the company of a roommate or if having a place to myself will be an adventure on its own. It’s good to go through the whole ‘living with other people experience’ but, as I see it, when you get a little bit ‘older’ the best thing is to live alone, and leave all the chaos behind 🙂

About the Guest blogger: Asmita is a blogger, and social media enthusiast who recently relocated to Mumbai, India. She is passionate about things like good coffee,reading, being outside and believes that we are in the world to do good and to grow as much as we can. She writes about her misadventures and travels in the city with some musings about life thrown in for good measure. She can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

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Your Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Bean

Your Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Bean

A lot of people love to have coffee and they prefer to have the best coffee available in the market. However, finding the best coffee bean can be a challenge for people since there are many brands and variables available in the market. Hence, coffee lovers should try to research online or get tips from the experts in this field in order to get hold of the best coffee bean. Many pedestrian coffee drinkers’ loves to purchase the best coffee beans as it offers the more taste.  Here are some tips that may help you to choose the best coffee beans:

 Know Your Preference

Knowing what you like or your preference will help you to pick the right coffee bean. There are two broad categories of commercial coffee beans available in the market such as Arabica and Robusta. Arabica grows in high altitudes and famous for its slightly acidic, smooth taste. Robusta grows in lower altitudes and popular for its stronger, bitter taste. You cannot guarantee that you are purchasing highest quality coffee bean with your knowledge and understanding. As a result, until you become an expert in this field, focus on finding the coffee beans that meet your preference rather than going after diverse bean types.

Buy Direct                                                                                                                                                                                    

Buying direct lets you to get hold of best quality coffee bean. Buying coffee beans from a respected roaster enhances your chances of obtaining high quality beans. You can buy the world’s best coffee beans from the people who cultivate coffee directly. A lot of people used to sell coffee beans directly without the help of retailers or merchants. Make sure to find those people who sell coffee beans directly so that you will be buy coffee beans of higher quality.

Know Your Flavor


Knowing your flavor helps you to make right choice. There are some common categories of flavor such as bitter like chocolate, nutty like sweet, and acidic like fruit. Each person has their own tastes when it comes to coffee. A lot of people like to enjoy different flavors than tasting only one flavor every time. But, searching for different bean types can make your selection very complicated because you don’t know what is good and bad. So, go for your favorite flavor when you buy coffee bean.

Depend On Respected Coffee Roaster

There is always need to depend on a respected coffee roaster when you decide to buy coffee beans. Keep in mind that if you choose to buy coffee beans from a respected roaster, it will definitely enhance your possibilities of finding high quality beans. It will also aid you to get beans that give the exact taste you crave, and ensure that you get a decent cup of coffee every time.

Know How Much Caffeine You Want

There are indeed several things you can hunt for finding the best coffee beans that you can prepare truly a spectacular cup of coffee at home and one of them is getting to know how much caffeine you want. It is essential for you to know how much caffeine you want when you decide to buy coffee bean. Dark roasted coffee beans include lower levels of caffeine than light or medium. Light or medium roasted beans have the top level of caffeine. Espresso beans are likely to be in the medium roast area.

Buy Online

In the present era, people love to buy their essential things by means of online. You can see service providers that sell a lot of items that you are looking for and it lets you to buy almost anything from online service providers. When you search online to buy coffee beans, first-rate and fresh coffee should always be your #1 priority. You can also check country of origin, brand name or bag color but your priority should be coffee beans quality and freshness.

Author bio:

I am Susan Taylor and am fit on composing any points and subjects as to my territory of mastery. Also, my capability to compose expositions and articles related to the innovation subjects have permitted me to do a lot of assignments scholastically and non-scholastically. My understanding and limitless association in the field of recording guided me to form articles for different locales and to some other online services. From couple of years I am resolved on framing for custom essay writing service.

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Consumers Perception towards the word ‘No.1’s

Earlier a decade ago, it was impacting on brand during the branding/campaigning  by using the words like “world’s No. 1, India’s No.1, Country’s No.1 or No.1 brand “ . But now if looking into the current market trend, it does not give that much impact on brand by using ‘No.1’ either in rural or urban market because consumers psychic /perception level has been changed due to aggressive market competition. And, consumers are well-aware about brand before buying.

A decade ago, the word ‘No. 1’was expressing as a symbol of “Brand Trust/Brand Loyal” where many consumers (Especially in rural market) were buying the products based on it.  Today’s consumers are more concern about convenience factor & result oriented whether products are branded or local. Before buying, consumers are gathering information & taking review from various sources online/offline and then make a buying decision.

Moreover, brands are not sustaining No.1 position for a longer period as a market leader due to competitive & substitute market/segment. Consumers are emphasizing more on result which they aspiration for either local or familiar brands.

According to current competitive market trend, it would be better to visualize more about features/services/convenience advantage rather than concerning to ‘No.1’ because consumers are highly looking for something in unique or articulate form where they can show willingness towards your brand.

Brand can become stronger & trustable when Consumer is willingly expressing that your brand is No.1. Let consumers should feel satisfaction towards your brand and give them preference to express their review about your brand. Let consumers do campaign through ‘Word of Mouth’ communication then your brand influencing extremely.

Let Consumers do speaking your Brand No.1 willingly when Brand is:

(1) Robustly Acceptable across the market

(2) Extremely feel convenience & satisfaction in all the form (like behavior, service, product availability & many other features playing a vital role)

(3) Consistently give consumers preference & admiration

Author Bio: Virag Shah – Gujarat (India), Passion about Brand Strategy & Development, Consumer behavior & Analysis, Concept development & Market Research, Competitive Brand Analysis etc. More 9 years spent in marketing/advertising and having key expertise in the whole FMCG, pharma, OTC healthcare, Ayurvedic, Retail & Service Industry. Twitter:- [email protected] Blog:-



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Shop till you drop.!

I love to shop,  but I’m not your typical shopper, who is going to shop till they drop!

 Don’t get me wrong I love shopping or as they now call it ‘mall-ing’, but I have a time limit!

The moment that time limit is over, just like the Cinderella time, I want to just disappear and head home!

It doesn’t matter if my next trip to the mall will not happen for a few months! ! It doesn’t matter if I have actually not shopped at all!  When I’m tired, I need to go!

Window shopping means saving some dough, right?;)

I’m going to do haul from the Mall of India, I invested in some pretty, Indian kurtas and shoes! Make sure to follow me on instagram (@iamzainab81)

My favourite brand of kurtas are Lakshita!

For, western wear, I love Marks & Spencer’s and  Promod. The stuff is expensive, but comfortable and  trendy at the same time!

With that said, I would be lying if Id say that shopping does not bring me happiness, of course it does. But, then again when my Cinderella time ticks I need to escape! But, yes the world does get better when I burn some holes in my pocket. Ironical 😉

What kind of a shopper are you? A lazy one like me, or someone who is going to shop till they drop!

About the author: Zainab, is a weightloss  & lifestyle blogger at

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Black Love


Reining me deep, chuckles your black love,
A toothy smile, I’m lit in your dives,
Black black ocean, we waltz underwater,
I twist my leg, your black love cries,

Your love slaves, sips my pain,
A look so abyssal, it chokes me in chain,
Black black eyes, a silent chatter,
A toothy smile, your black love’s mine.

About the Guest blogger: Preety Sharma is an amatuer writer, writing poems, plotting novels. A young one you may call her (just 18, shh) she believes in dipping low and treasuring all she could. A college student. | Sharma Ji ki Beti. | A Tweeter. | Just A Kid. | She can be contacted through her blog or Twitter handle.

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Find yourself: Come out of your comfort zone

We go through change every day – be it in our personal life or professional. Sometimes it so happens that we get into a situation where we feel very awkward and uncomfortable – especially in the workplace. Neither we can take it up nor can we say NO to it. But from my personal experience what I can say is getting out of your comfort zone actually helps you to find yourself and makes you realize what you are capable of. Getting out of your comfort zone actually makes you to think out of the box and also adds more vibrancy to your life. If you really want to embrace the change around you, there is no other way but to get out of your comfort zone.

The question obviously comes – “What if I fail?” I won’t use the clichéd words “Failure is the stepping stone of success” but I would say even though you fail it will make you to think what went wrong in the process and what can you make better next time to taste the success. It’s not that you try something extraordinary or whacky stuffs when you are trying to get out of your comfort zone – but try something different that challenges you. Initially you will feel that it’s not your cup of tea and feel like quitting. But if you stick to the challenge you’ll discover your new self after few times of failure.

There is no shortcut to success, you have to put in your best and 100% effort and work hard. If you want to achieve something it is mandatory that you need to put your heart and soul to it. Your comfort zone might call you back, since you had been residing there since long, but you need to take a call and break the wall to proceed further and come out of your comfort zone. Moreover you need to have trust on yourself. Make snap decisions but take time in making that decision and most importantly do it in small steps. Always remember its “One Step At A Time”.

I’m sharing my heart feeling through this post from my experience when I was trying to get out of my comfort zone. It would be difficult initially, rather I would say It would look difficult, but if your stick to your goal and give that required effort nothing can stop you reaching your goal.

About the blogger:  Shamik is from Bangalore and because of his love for writing, he takes up freelance content writing works along with Copy Editing and Proofreading work. He calls himself a foodie and cooking is his passion. He loves experimenting with different types of recipes – especially during the weekends. He loves watching movies and ensure traveling at least thrice in a year.

Twitter Handle: @Writer_Foodie

Blog URL:

YouTube Channel:

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Self Acceptance

When you care for yourself without worring about the world

Many times in life we face situations and circumstances that challenge our self perceived value. There are two things that collectively determine who we are at a particular point in our life:-

how and what we think of ourselves

do our actions align with the above statement

When somebody criticises us on something that may not even be true, our world seems to come to an end. We get shattered. If the person standing in front of you in a bank line pushes you and tells you to maintain distance, it is somewhat fine. But when the same person later makes an offhanded comment on uneducated people not knowing how to stand in a queue, you feel hurt. A person you don’t even know, their words poke your entire self esteem and you get into a spiral of negative self talk. That is how fragile the human psyche is. After years of learning, doing appreciable work, having friends and lovers around, we get hurt by such small things.

What we think of ourselves motivates us to do what we want to do in life. When a lady whose dream is to be a beauty queen eats junk food, smokes cigarettes, doesn’t exercise and turns obese, it somewhere affects her value of herself. Her identity is tied to being healthy and aware of her lifestyle choices but her actions don’t seem to correspond with what she dreams. That leaves her vulnerable. And when she will be called names, her reactions will be negative and her value in her own eyes shall diminish. Her aspirations and actions conflict with each other and that makes her doubt her capabilities and worth.

When nobody likes us we want to feel liked. It gives us an immediate happiness boost when somebody compliments or appreciates us. What we don’t realise that by this mindset we are living our lives at the mercy of other people’s judgement of us. Of course it matters what others think of us (majority of us are not psychopaths who don’t care about people’s opinion of themselves). What matters more is what we think of ourselves. People who genuinely matter in our life should be the ones we look upto. The world is full of people who won’t like what we wear, how we look and will joke on how big our nostrils are. And that’s fine. It is their choice to say what they want and our choice lies in staying true to our core values.

When we think of ourselves in accepting light and make sure to act the way that makes us feel expressed, there remains more hope for joy in our lives. Changing who you are in order to please the world will not make any difference. What shall bring considerable conscientiousness to our lives is behaving the way we believe ourselves to be and conjugating our self perception with our actions. Freedom lies in being caring to our inner selves.

About the blogger: Arpit Chhikara loves to write, roam around, sleep and does whatever there is in between. You might find him in social events telling stories or watching art movies. He is young and curious about things that pertain to human behavior. Other than writing, he plans for big things many of which stay in his fantasies. Some of them turn real. Either way, his plans leave him with a story to tell, be it of success or failure. He doesn’t want to be another cog in machine and is working on to gain worldly wisdom through rich experiences in life.

Follow his blog for more of his thoughts, opinions and writings –

Connect on facebook and drop in a friend request. He would love to have his photo liked by you


For those who are professional folks, connect with him via [email protected]

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Art of Critique

Art of Critique

…from experiences in groups and cliques and blah blah..

I have an aversion to the words, awesome, a days.

In world of critique groups, it loosely translates to: read quickly, found fine.

If you’re the kind who has an opinion on everything, loves to judge, loves ‘track changes’ feature and loves holding the red pen/marker, then this space is just for you. But you need to channelise your thoughts. And that’s where the ‘art’ part comes in.

The balance beam of writing and critique is heavily unbalanced. One cannot blame anyone though as we’re not trained in this. But it is a skill that could be acquired. It is a skill that needs an open mind, a slow reading skill, patience and a few vices like a sharp tongue.

Yes, you need to divert your fault-finding eye here.

A bouquet of things I learnt:

  1. Write ‘awesome, nice, good,’ on a paper, tear into pieces and throw it in the garbage bin. Never use these words unless compelled to.
  2. Read the piece by imagining the author or poet labouring it over days and nights, without eating food or watching tv (they could binge eat too ..that’s another lost case…but let’s not get there.)
  3. Mark the stanzas you liked/did not like/were pissed off at/were thrilled by. Do not judge the entire piece with the same adjective. Variety is the garam masala here.
  4. Show off your knowledge too. Compare them to some pieces you read.
  5. Comment on the grammar. The misplaced pronouns. What is this he, she, it point to? Question. Demand explanation. Be polite.
  6. Ensure that the writer doesn’t feel threatened but welcome into your brain space where the devil of ‘honesty’ resides.

Welcome to the world of critiquing! (Ba-ha-ha-ha – evil laugh)

The first line of this post is inspired by Kanchan, my friend, who critiqued my own critique once.

About the Guest Blogger:  Nivedita Narsapuram is a fiction writer, poet, editor, publisher, independent researcher, aspiring script writer, and an erstwhile journalist for The Hindu and Wow! Magazine and online news portals. Her poetry has appeared in Tempostand, The Sunflower Collective, Woodland Pattern Library Milwaukee, Viswabharti Research Center, Amravati Poetic Prism,, Whispers Magazine, Celebrating India displayed in an exhibition in the New York based Handwritten work and are forthcoming in Muse India; Her stories have appeared in Marijuana Diaries (Fablery Press), Literature Studio, Family Matters, World I Write In, Annapurna Magazine;  Her script ‘The proposal’ was shortlisted for Qshorts, a short film festival of Queer Ink, India’s premier website for LGBTQ; and ‘Tea Story’ is currently under production; Her essays and research papers on translation, publishing, and women’s poetry have been selected in University of Hyderabad, University of Jharkhand, Jyothi Nivas Bangalore, Café Dissensus. She blogs at:

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