6 Amazing Places To Eat In London

London offers more to eat than the infamous fish, chips, and tea. It’s important to know where to find great and enjoyable meals. There are many types of cuisines here including British, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and other adaptations from around the world. Just like the culture, there is a little bit of everything from all over the world. Additionally, famous chefs and big name restaurant chains are descending on the capital, making it one of the hottest culinary destinations globally.

  1. Barrafina

A no frills Spanish style eatery with an innovative approach to service delivery. This is a top pick for gourmet options and amazing snacks. The chefs unquestionably know their way around mouthwatering tapas and delicious seafood. The snacks are a trending must have in London. There is one in the famous Convent Garden and a branch on Adelaide Street.

  1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

This has been popularized by the celebrity chef and owner, Gordon Ramsay. It’s a classy spot excellent for fine dining and special occasions. The ingredients are fresh, and the food preparation is world-class. There is a seasonal menu. Enjoy out of this world meals such as a three-course lunch with a pre-starter and dessert. Indulge yourself in exceptional service and munch incredibly tasty food.

  1. Bar 61 Restaurant

It’s a family-owned and award-winning Spanish tapas restaurant in Streatham Hill. If the scrumptious dishes don’t wow you, the service most definitely will. The wait staff is friendly and highly engaging without seeming intrusive. Make a reservation for a full course meal or just walk in and grab a quick to go meal with a beer. It features a full bar section and offers free Wi-Fi.

  1. Neo Bistro

This is a modern European restaurant in Mayfair on the West End. It bills itself as the perfect spot for creative euro dishes. It features famous chefs throwing down seasonal British produce to create delightful dishes. The atmosphere is minimalist and cozy. You can pick the tasting menu or go out on a limb and order something exotic.

  1. Hoppers

The Soho area throws off an attractive risqué vibe. Enjoy authentic Sri Lanka style cuisine with a British twist. Tear into a mind blowing spongy bowl-pancake, the hopper, topped off with extras and accompaniment curries of your choice. Wash it down with a light Sri Lankan lager for the perfect Indian Ocean themed experience. Renowned and experienced restaurateurs are behind the restaurant.

  1. The Ledbury

If you want to feel the British diner, then Ledbury will never disappoint. In fact, most people are overwhelmed by the service offered and the food. This restaurant is world renowned for its authentic dishes at amazing prices.


London offers some of the best eateries in the world. Enjoy an exquisite fusion of delicious food from around the world with an English twist. The key is finding a spot that suits your preferences. You can find great information about dining spots online.

About the author:  D. Scott Carruthers is a food, photography and travel enthusiast who shares insightful tips on his blog. You can find more of his writings at dscottcarrutherstravel.com

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Take a Minute

In life, we go through heaven, and we go through hell, I use both heaven and hell as mere adjectives, they are a state, not a destination. Whatever you are going through, take a minute. Tough times, ecstatic ones, tired, depressed, charming, perfect, do this. Just pick one, anyone, randomly, any order, do them one a year, one a month, one a day, just do it, do it all together. Or don’t do them at all, just know them.

  • Take a breath
  • Listen to everything
  • ‘think the opposite’ – brainsparker
  • Jump
  • We all share a common relationship with the moon, and the sun, and the earth, and the trees, and the water, and the people, they’re ours! Lookout for them

[News Flash: Donald Trump is approaching the stature of Voldemort, he who must not be named, you know who. He is past that of Hitler. But he is also everything that’s good about this day and age. More on that later.]

  • ‘look around you for clues’ – brainsparker
  • Close your eyes
  • (I hope you are actually doing it)
  • Try Listening to Gooey by Glass Animals
  • Take your time
  • How strong are you?
  • How far can you crawl, if you had to?
  • I’m sure you can outrun someone, if you had to?
  • Confidence
  • This moment, is it good enough to say, ‘life is good’
  • Does ‘better’ ever exist?
  • Time for another breath?
  • Stretch
  • Does your neck need some exercise?

[News Flash: Man is testing nuclear basis on a monthly basis, the word ‘hurricane’ probably made the second most headlines in the year 2017, running slightly short of ‘Trump’]

  • Listen to This Feeling, by Alabama Shakes
  • Jump Again
  • What happened today?

 What would make you shit yourself? There’s a science behind it.

  • Ah, fuck it!
  • Have a smoke. Do you smoke? If no, just do it, you’ll hate, or you’ll love it. If yes, you’ll love it or you’ll loathe it.
  • You came out stronger
  • Define ‘anxious’

[News Flash: Man is begging, each other. Man is borrowing, heavy debts. Man is stealing, from himself. Man is raping, his own. Man is killing, his own. Man is racist, man is stupid. Man doesn’t know, himself.]

  • Go drink some water
  • How you feeling?
  • Is there such a thing as too much light?
  • When was the last time you danced?
  • Jazz
  • Wormhole

[News Flash: Man has sleeping disorders, man has anxiety, man had depression, man has paranoia, and man has a medicine for each of them. Man makes money selling it (to himself). Man eats leaf, man travels fast, man is thief, man eats foie gras, man wears silk, man drinks milk, man eats monkey, man becomes a junkie.]

  • Is ‘sleeping well’ a myth? Can people really do that? You’re telling me, people can sleep well, people sleep well. What if sleeping well was the way to survive, be an enigma, an age. What would we evolve into if we all slept a minimum 17 hours a day?
  • Socks?

[News Flash: Every man is giving the choice to elect his own, but majority wins. Man complies to laws of nature, man defies laws of nature, man tries to build boundaries between people, man don’t welcome one another.]

  • You had water, right? Pour or buy yourself a large Balvenie on the rocks, or its equivalent! It’s on me!
  • If you met Jesus, what would you talk about?
  • Do a push-up?
  • Smile
  • Why is ‘missing’ things a thing? Have you ever missed something?
  • Whatever does it mean?
  • Feel your energy

[News Flash: 2017 will also be remembered as the year the human race rediscovered itself. In many ways, some new qualities emerged, some old ones sustained, man has bad habits.]

  • What if someone was watching you right now?
  • Spend some time in darkness
  • ‘Remember, if the mind wants to think, let it think!’ – headspace

 Are you scared of yourself?

  • Let it go, whatever it is, let it go
  • Would you prefer a death by drowning?
  • What are your thoughts about jumping from a plane?
  • What if everything you were thinking could and would happen at this moment was actually happening?
  • Do you have to hate things? What is hate? Think about the time you were in a situation where you might have been hated?
  • Go for a swim. If you don’t swim, just go in sit in your Jacuzzi or whatever.
  • What is that taste in your mouth?
  • I know you feel it, you’re strong! You know it! You’re doing it means you’ve done it! Or does it?
  • Clear blue sky
  • From time to time, it is okay to move on from things
  • Play a song
  • Are you hungry?
  • There is a chance that whatever you are thinking is wrong. (science, bro!)
  • Walking is not something that we have to do, walking is what we are born to do

[News Flash: Man knows where he came from, man knows exactly where he will go, but he doesn’t (accept it). Man is superstitious, man is scared, man in bored, man is vicious, man is brave, man is strong, sometime man is wrong, but man does crave.]

  • Think about ‘god’
  • Have you ever thrown something? What was it? How far were you able to throw it?
  • Skipping stones
  • Rolling Stones
  • Are you proud of yourself?
  • What do you need right now? What is stopping you?
  • Have a look in the mirror
  • Do whatever you feel like. Just do it.
  • Nike or Adidas?
  • Do you have a favorite bar?
  • Have you ever felt stressed? What do you do to relieve stress?
  • What do you want right now?
  • What do you feel about your heart?
  • Whoever came up with the concept of usernames?
  • Riff
  • Can you cook? Can you swim? Can you ride a bike? Can you drive? How important are these things?
  • If you had to, how would you calm yourself?
  • Do you take it hot or cold?
  • Religion?
  • Take a back seat
  • Yes
  • Is it bad to say ‘no’? What was the last thing you said ‘no’ to?
  • How long can we survive without being able to smell things?
  • I’m fairly certain that if someone ever told you that there was a science that proved that eyes need rest, you would believe it
  • AutoCorrect
  • Hear the clock tick
  • Make someone laugh
  • If you could perform a social experiment, what will it be?
  • When was last time you checked your ‘Spam’ folder?
  • How spatially aware are you right now?

[News Flash: Man created things, to live, and then to live easily. Man invented the wheel, the warrior of the land, the greatest of invention of all man. Today man can fly, man can sleep under water, and today man is threatened by the industries he created to balance his civilization’s natural instincts. Man explored the virtual dimensions, wireless, man dug up his mother nature to get these conveniences stood up, and today man is worried of (artificially) out-smarting himself. Man’s own intelligence is (artificially) a threat for himself. But in the meantime, it can drive his car, and order his groceries, and perform surgical operations, and optimize warehouses, and amaze himself.]

  • Are you cyber-secure?
  • Think about your mother
  • Piano
  • Think about the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, monuments, wonder of the world.
  • What time is it?
  • Are you grateful? What did you last thank someone for?
  • Do you remember that dream?
  • Sunshine
  • See yourself smile
  • Seek
  • Hold something that’s yours
  • What does believing in yourself feel like?
  • Stop
  • Take a minute

If you can’t find yourself indulging in poetry or other equivalent idiosyncrasies, what is life, if not knowing what you need, what is life, if not finding exactly what you want, whose is this life if you’re not owning it?

About the Guest blogger: Raghav Mathur, Born in Gandhi’s paradise, surviving hurricanes in Trump’s de-fenceless kingdom. Life is all about that spice, and freedom. 27 years young, conquering life on Planet Earth, one day at a time. Spends a lot of time to thinking about aliens.

All feedback welcomed and viewed as constructive criticism. Offense is neither given or taken.

If this rocked your intellectual boat, visit www.bonzopsyche.com or https://medium.com/@AlienOnValium

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7 Skype Interview Tips Every New Grad Should Know About

Welcome to the adult world! Now that you’ve finished your studies, it’s time to face some real-world scenarios such as going to your first job interview, and hopefully, landing your first full-time job, be it at an office or an online work from home job. You must have been relieved when you found out that the interview was going to be through Skype. But make no mistake; a remote interview is not any easier than a regular one. And just because you don’t get to be face to face with the interviewer doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare as much as you would in a typical interview.

Skype interviews and conferences are becoming a norm in today’s workforce. As a fresh graduate, you’ll experience what it’s like sooner or later. You may even have experienced it before. Nonetheless, a job interview can still be nerve-racking. So, how can you prepare for your Skype meeting? We’ll share with you seven tips on how you can ace that interview!

  1. Dress the Part

To know how to appropriately dress for the interview, you have to be able to gauge the culture of the company. Remember, you may not be physically present, but wearing the right clothes is going to be as important as in a regular interview.  To prepare, what you have to do first is to do your research. Simply check the website of the company as well as its Facebook page so that you can have an idea on how the employees dress. For men, make sure to shave or to trim your beard so that you will look more presentable. You want to have that clean look during the interview. Also remember to be dressed for the interview from head to toe. Even if you think that the bottom half is going to be hidden from sight, you have to account for the possibility that you may have to get up at some point during the interview, and seeing that you only dressed the top half is going to be embarrassing and could be a turn off. Another advantage of dressing fully is that it will make your mind switch to a more professional mode.

2. Clean Up Your Room

Look at your room from the vantage point of the interviewer. You have to make sure that your background during the interview isn’t a mess. It will raise red flags that you are disorganized and lazy. Make your background neutral or blank, and keep your desktop well-organized. Another thing to remember is if you are living with your family or if you have roommates, inform them ahead that you are going to have an interview. This is to ensure that you won’t be interrupted during the call and the noise will be kept to a minimum.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

If this is your first Skype interview, you may feel awkward because unlike talking personally, you may not know where to look, where to put your hands, and how loud you should speak. So what you can do is to practice with a friend over Skype so that you can do some fine tuning and you’ll be more comfortable during the actual interview.

4. Smile!

In a regular interview where you get to see the interviewer face to face, you would naturally smile and maintain a pleasant expression for the whole duration of the interview. In a Skype meeting, you are not getting the same cues as you would in an in-person interview so you may find it absurd to smile in front of your computer monitor.  But remember this; smiling can help in breaking the ice and in developing rapport with the person conducting the interview, not to mention that it can help you relax.

5. Be Attentive

Whenever you are in an interview, be it in-person or remote, be sure to do active listening. It is important that you give the interviewer periodic clues that you are still listening such as “yes” or “hm” or nodding your head. These clues will be able to reassure the interviewer that you are still on the other line and that the connection is functioning alright. Also, don’t type or chat while you are in an interview. Other than the fact that they can see you, typing on the keyboard will be a distracting noise.

6. Take Advantage of a Remote Interview

One advantage of a Skype interview is that you can keep your notes so that you can remember the things that you want to mention. Since the interviewer can’t see what’s behind your monitor, you can put up sticky notes or even your resume so it’s easy to remember your skills, work experience, and other relevant information. Also, prepare any questions you may want to ask your interviewer. Just remember not to read it verbatim so that you don’t sound robotic.

 7. Check Your Computer and Internet Connection

Computer and Internet problems can happen during a Skype interview. It is best if you can address any of these before the meeting. Make sure that your computer and your connection works fine. Prepare any equipment hours before the interview.

However, if any problems arise during the interview, bring it up and apologize. It may not be your fault but your best option would be to have your interview rescheduled so that you can secure a good connection. It is better than letting the interviewer go through the trouble of understanding what you are talking about through a choppy connection.


These are just some of the tips that you should remember for your Skype interview. So what you have to keep in mind would be to dress the part, prepare your background, practice with a mock interview, be attentive, prepare your notes, check your equipment and connection, and lastly smile and just be yourself. You want your personality to shine through even if it’s a remote interview.

Do you know other tips that can help fresh graduates land the job? Share them with us by commenting below!

About the Guest writer:  Kristoffer Canimo is a Manila-based freelance writer who enjoys working from home. He likes to share about his experiences about home business opportunities through writing. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Interview Post – Vineet Bajpai

Interview Post – Vineet Bajpai

2017, Delhi – Vidyut’s dying ancestor summons him to Banaras. The old Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth, or the God-Demon Clan, bears a chilling secret. Their bloodline carries an ancient curse that will plague mankind – towards its own violent extinction.

1700 BCE, Harappa – Harappa is a magnificent city on the banks of the mighty Saraswati river. The darkness of treachery, taantric exorcism and bloodshed unleashes itself on the last devta, paving the way for his devastating revenge…and the horrifying truth behind the fall of the glorious civilisation.

2017, Paris – The world’s most powerful religious institution is rattled. Europe’s dreaded crime lord meets a mysterious man in Paris. A lethal assassin boards a train, as Rome fears the worst. The prophesied devta has returned.

What connects Banaras, Harappa and Rome? What was the ancient curse and who was the last devta? What is the terrible secret behind the fall of the colossal Indus Valley? Read on as you travel through a saga of deceit and violence, gods and demons, love and ambition.

Read more

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Designing Your Garden: 6 Easy Ways To Landscape Design Your Front Yard

You’ve probably gone tired of searching and scrolling through Pinterest for over-the-top, challenging, and not to mention, expensive ideas to landscape design your garden that you had eventually given up any hope for a beautiful front yard.

It’s completely normal and I understand where you’re coming from. You only want what’s best for your garden. But your front yard, no matter how small or big it is, should be designed in a way that’s not only beautiful (read: not necessarily expensive), but also in a manner that makes sense.

Today we listed some of the easy ways to landscape design your own garden (without breaking your back and going over your budget, of course) by adding texture, some points of interest, and color to your front yard.

By the end of this article, you’ll have learned some simple ways to step up your curb game and make your front yard the envy and talk of the neighborhood. Your garden will look like a celebrity in no time and get the attention it really deserves.

Smart Use of Potted Plants

No front yard is ever complete and more beautiful than those with potted plants. You should consider adding potted plants in your landscaping project – not only because it’s so easy to do and arrange but – because it adds color and life to a rather monotonous garden.

Quick Tip: You can coordinate your flowers to match the current season. For example, choose whites and greens for summer and spring then switch to reds and yellows come fall season. However, if you love your azaleas and dahlias so bad and don’t want to replace them, repainting your flower pot isn’t going to require too much of your energy and time.

Light Up Your Walkways

A beautiful garden should be just as attractive after sundown. The lights in your landscape design will serve many purposes – from adding aesthetic and providing vision to your steps, sidewalks walkways for safety to bringing your landscape points of interest into focus.

Lights are commonly placed alongside walking paths but you do not have to set them in straight lines at given intervals. To minimize cost while still adding beauty, you can break up lines by placing lights on alternating sides.

Get Crazy With Perennials

Perennials are almost always the smart choice; you will only have to buy them once and they return more beautiful year after year. Annual flowers are also inexpensive and beautiful, especially if you choose those kinds that return after a year with more vibrant flowers and leaves like catmint, alstroemeria, and coreopsis.

The initial cost of an individual annual flower may hurt at first (from $7 to $40 at most) but, in the long run, you’ll realize you’re getting your money’s worth because they’re permanent and don’t really die and fade quickly.

Quick Tip: Since annual flowers are in for the long haul, choose your flowers wisely as they will become long-term residents in your front yard. They will greet you day in and day out, and they will welcome your guests for a long time. While I personally love tall verbenas because they’re not difficult to grow and maintain, get yourself an annual flower you easily won’t get tired of.

Consider Investing In Mulch Beds

Before anything else, mulch beds can be costly. Regular dyed and hardwood mulches will set you back about $20 to $25 per yard while premium ones are at $40 to $50. Yes, their initial cost is high and will probably create a significant dent in your landscaping project, but it is an investment you’d want to make.

You can substitute mulch beds instead of using grass around your outdoor living spaces (should you decide to have one). Not only that mulches are low-maintenance since they need no mowing nor watering, they are also known to break down, fertilize your flowers and plants, and thwart weed infestation.

Quick Fact: If your family loves eating out in your front yard, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t lose appetite because a good mulch bed gives off a pleasant, humus-y smell.

No, Installing Artificial Grass Is Not A Sin

While this may raise the brow of some, artificial grass has been gaining massive approval and becoming more popular every year due to its supposed eco-friendliness. Unlike a natural lawn, the  maintenance of synthetic grass is low to none since it requires no mowing, no feeding, and no watering.

Albeit expensive, synthetic (or yes, fake) grass are seen to last for more than 25 years which is truly economical than maintaining a real lawn. Its added aesthetic value cannot also go unnoticed as it comes in different textures, colors, and blade lengths.

Take It Out—Add Outdoor Benches and Seats

Your front yard should feel just as comfortable as your living room. Try adding seats in your garden—away from your precious plants and flowers, of course—by making use of small benches and wicker chairs.

While a good amount of sunshine is healthy for you, make sure that you won’t be getting too much. Your bench should be situated beside a tree that provides a cooling shade. If you plan to stay long in your outdoor haven, make sure that a stable foundation for your benches is provided by using paving stones.

If you want to add a resting place after working in your potting table, consider placing a comfortable armchair in your space.

Quick Tip: You can opt to add pretty throw pillows for added style and comfort. Just pick a fabric that can withstand any type of weather. Don’t forget to a cup of tea and your favorite book, then you’re all set!

There you have them! These are just some of the easy ways to landscape design your front yard without spending too much. Remember, a good landscape design is neither constraining nor fussy.

A good principle you can adapt when designing your garden is “less is more,” not “cheaper is better.” You’ll be amazed at how you can achieve an attractive front yard that deserves a second glance through simplicity and minimalist approach.

Over To You

Do you want to share your own landscape design ideas? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to leave your thoughts below and let’s talk!

Author Bio


Kristoffer Canimo is a Manila-based writer who strictly cannot start his day without coffee. When he’s not writing, he spends his time reading various topics like architecture, home design, gardening, and the paranorma

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