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How to Be Resilient

What do we really need in life? Good friends, family, the right motivation, the right values? What is it really? Lots of people tell us that when hard time comes… Read more »

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Life is one big marvelous book.

Life is one big marvelous book. Those who don’t travel stay on the same page. What makes our lives truly extraordinary is the “spirit of travelling”. When it comes to… Read more »

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Fizzy Fruit Drink Market

The journey of slogan: Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy have been very successful since brand establishment and it reminisce the brand Frooti directly in consumers mind. Consumers are being identifying… Read more »

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Journaling to a Happier You Remember the days when you had a journal or diary? What did you usually write about? I had one when I was younger but I did not write consistently…. Read more »

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