UBC Day 30 -The iPad Is the Best Tablet

I think Apple’s iPad line has the best selection of tablets for many reasons: They’re solidly built, they perform well, they have fantastic screens, they run a reliable and easy-to-use operating system, and—maybe most important—they have the largest app library and accessory ecosystem of any tablet. They also come with the best support of any brand. If you’re looking for the best tablet, I would say ipad Mini series, because it offers the best combination of speed, features, screen size, ecosystem, and price. The things that have made all iPads great tablets—such as an unbeatable selection of outstanding apps, stellar hardware quality, long battery life, and unrivaled customer support—help them continue to best other tablets on the market. Not everyone needs a tablet, but if you want something that’s easier to use than a laptop for watching media, reading, playing games, surfing the Web, and checking email and Facebook, with a screen that makes these tasks more enjoyable than using your phone, the iPad is as good as it gets at this price. It’s plenty fast, it’s easy to use, it has long battery life, and there are more apps and accessories for it than you could ever use.

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UBC Day 29 – Coffee facts and points

With a bevy of different brewing techniques at your disposal, you can change the temperature of your coffee to be compatible with the changing seasons. Sip on iced coffee in the summer and hot coffee in the winter! Whether you need a jump start to your day or a pick-me-up during the afternoon, coffee is a reliable source of fuel. Coffee sustains over 60 percent of the workforce and ensures college students function on a basic level. If coffee wasn’t mainstream, we’d be wallowing in a world with only vanilla and chocolate desserts as options. Luckily, coffee cake and coffee ice cream are around to provide variety and break up the monotony. Coffee is brimming with essential antioxidants that raise our spirits. According to a recent study, regular coffee drinkers are 10 percent less likely to be depressed than their java-less counterparts. Consume coffee before lifting weights each morning and you’ll get an extra boost when the caffeine hits your bloodstream. Caffeine increases performance by stimulating the central nervous system and the heart. For the best results, drink a cup roughly an hour before going to the gym.

By now you should be convinced—without coffee the world would be a much darker and less productive place. If you’re particularly thankful for coffee this holiday season, comment below with any fun facts about coffee you may know or tell us your favorite roast!

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UBC Day 28 – Love music, Live music.

Without music, my world would be silent and dreary. Music enfolds me in a blanket of comfort, giving me inspiration in moments of loneliness and sorrow. It is the harmonious articulation of my thoughts and passions utilized as a meaningful and complex expression of universal communication. My love for music has grown immensely throughout the past few years and continues to grow without bounds. Music has not only developed my knowledge and creativity, but has empowered my values of determination, perseverance and understanding. I know that these valuable lessons will enhance my daily achievements as a person. When I’m tired about over working and feel stress, I always listen to music for a change. Because I like music, and listening it is comfortable and relaxing. I choose music depending on my situation. When I want to escape from difficult things, I listen to Classic music. The sound of piano and melody relax my mind. When I want to cheer me up, I listen to R&B. It has strong messages like encouraging me to overcome difficulties. If the mind and body feel relaxed and refleshed, I feel inclined to do something. I am closely related to music and cannot separate from our lives. So I belive that listening to music is easy way to reducing stress, and we can listen to it at any time.

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UBC Day 27 – What is adventure for you?

If anything gets me an instant adrenaline rush it is definitely the word ‘adventure’. An idea of getting high something never tried before is flawlessly unparalleled to almost everything in this world. I guess it is a very obvious desire for me to be adventure hungry. The word adventure itself has been the driving force to get me up stable in situations where I feel low. It has a charm of its own that makes me want to say “I can totally do this!” (I suggest you should try) It is a process of self-discovery into unknown wild spaces that you did not figure out about yourself until yet. To relate it to every stage in your life you come across to be difficult, helps into breaking down the internal barriers which we usually call anxiety, insecurity or depression. After every new idea of experimenting with me and things that I can do slowly eliminates the blockades one by one, until one day none will be left and I look forward to that. That relieves the way I can project those things to be actually done that seemed unfeasible once, the hope to try it keeps jumping inside my wide awake like a little child who just got a toy to play with. I take my life as an adventure, where I break out of the repetitiveness of my regular continuation and give buoyancy to myself to do the unlike! I never know, I might just make it take place.

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UBC Day 26 – Yoghurt

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising. Summer is the time to shed layers of clothes, as well as some pounds. You could opt for a stringent diet regime, but what about simply enjoying all the wonderful foods the season brings? You’ll still slim down, and do wonders for your health.

It’s a natural trend to eat lighter during the summer, and you can easily do so without feeling deprived. Summer is a time when all we want to eat something chilled. It is also easier to lose weight in summer, so if you want to do dieting, you must do it now. Yogurt or curd is one of the coolest foods for summer. The health benefits of yogurt include its cooling effects on the body and its probiotic nature. While it is definite that having yogurt in the summers is beneficial, you must also know the healthy ways to use yogurt. Curd or yogurt also has many unconventional uses. It can be used to replace high fat ingredients like mayonnaise. Beaten curd can also be used to replace the fattening cream in soups and salads. Never have curd with sugar although it is considered ‘auspicious’ traditionally. It is better to have curd with a piece of lemon, it is much healthier for you.

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