Write Tribe Problogger – Monsters – Day 7

“Sweet dreams,”
I would say before going to bed.

If only.
For my dreams
Were nightmares
Grotesque, twisted monsters
Would run after me
In a dimly-lit forest
Only to have
A car come by suddenly
And run over me
Causing my organs to burst
And blood to stain the ground.

Its often said
“May your dreams come true!”
Forgetting that
Were dreams too.

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Write Tribe Problogger – Courage Vs Comfort – Day 6

Our world and our experiences are defined by our thoughts and level of awareness, relating to our own personal journey in this world. It is rare that our most comfortable experiences in life help us to grow and extend beyond our personal boundaries. It is often those experiences that challenge our personal boundaries, those innate corners of ourselves that are often protected by an alter ego, or alternative defence mechanism that have served us well this far on life’s journey. As a trusted friend, our secondary support or defence is challenged along life’s journey and each challenge brings options and opportunities to tread a different path to do things differently.

It never ceases to amaze me, that there are some really incredible examples of people who are willing to challenge the safety of their intimate and trusted friend, to experience the discomfort of their personal parameters usually resulting in great change for themselves and others. For this to be achieved we all need to respect and honor those innate corners of ourselves that have served us well this far. Neglecting to do so, only serves to strengthen the resolve of old habitual behaviours that firmly keep us where we are.

Our experience in the discomfort (dis-ease zone) can take many turns and be either incredibly short lived or prolonged, that is, if we ignore the warning signs that present us with experiences that can range from discomfort to excruciating pain. This is when our very trusted friend, is challenged on all levels of protection. We are thrown into confusion, is it me, what has caused this to happen and why? Our most severe consequence of having ignored the short warning signs as a result of self-preservation is often ill health, or an accident. At this point we are advised to STOP!

And do what? Take the courage to feel the discomfort, the disconnection, the dis-ease – then accept that it is a part of us, acknowledging that we have ignored something previously that is now shouting at us.

You are not where you should be!

You are off course!

You are not doing what you are meant to be doing!

It just doesn’t feel right!

It does not fit who I am anymore!

There lies both the pain and the resolution, by accepting that part of us that has been creating opportunities, offering us those diamonds and pearls to change, we can be lead to our path of personal discovery, by the simple acceptance, recognition and respect for the other voice within, we have actually moved a mountain!!

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Write Tribe Problogger – Disobedience – Day 5

Sometimes disobedience is necessary and good when rules fail us, and it’s at the core of why we hack. Hacking is a means of expressing dissatisfaction, confounding the mechanism, and ultimately doing better.

It’s hard for a lot of people to justify disobedience because it often involves breaking rules, if not the law. There’s always at least a shred of incorrectness to disobedience, even if it’s committed for all the right reasons. Hacking gets a bad reputation for those reasons as well, and to really understand why hacking is so important it’s necessary to look at its roots: civil disobedience. Though certainly not the first instance, the idea of civil disobedience was popularized by Henry David Thoreau in his aptly titled 1848 essay Civil Disobedience. We’ve seen numerous examples of the benefits of civil disobedience over time, for example, the Nazi party came to power because of civil unrest. Disobedience was a key component in Hitler’s rise to power.

We hack because we want to do better. We hack because we want to demonstrate the desire for greater possibilities. We hack because we’re sick and tired of being caught in a net designed for other people. We hack because it’s fun. With the internet becoming the world community, hacking is our form of civil disobedience. It’s our way to passionately tear down and rebuild, confound the mechanism, and express dissatisfaction through improvement. It’s about doing better, not breaking the law.

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Write Tribe Problogger – Bated Breath – Day 4

A memory trick from Shakespeare’s famous moneylender Shylock.

“Bated” is one of the many words Shakespeare invented (or at least he was the first person to put the word on a piece of paper that survived to this day).

“Bated” is a form of “abate,” which means “to diminish, beat down, or reduce.” So when you’re waiting with bated (read: abated) breath, you’re so eager, anxious, excited, or frightened that you’re almost holding your breath.

Shakespeare used the phrase “with bated breath” in The Merchant of Venice. It’s a scene where Shylock, the moneylender, points out the irony of Antonio, the merchant, coming to him for a loan after treating him so poorly in the past:

Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key,
With bated breath and whispering humbleness, Say this;
“Fair sir, you spit on me on Wednesday last;
You spurn’d me such a day; another time
You call’d me dog; and for these courtesies
I’ll lend you thus much moneys”?

That set phrase, “with bated breath,” is the only place you’ll hear “bated” used these days. Since “bated” is such an archaic word, it’s common to see the phrase incorrectly written as “with baited breath.” There’s an odd logic to the “baited” misunderstanding—you bait a hook to catch a fish, and people eagerly waiting for something could be tempted to put out metaphorical bait, but why would it be their breath? It wouldn’t. Nobody would rush toward fishy breath. Just remember the moneylender Shylock and his abated breath.

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Write Tribe Problogger – Terminal – Day 3

At times, we all want to live in a favorite film. But, from the man who lives in an airport Terminal to the fan who removed bits of his nose, the reality is sometimes painful. Stranded at John F. Kennedy International Airport with a passport from nowhere, Viktor (Tom Hanks) is unauthorized to actually enter the United States and must improvise his days and nights in the terminal’s international transit lounge until the war at home is over. As the weeks and months stretch on, he finds the compressed universe of the terminal to be a richly complex world of absurdity, generosity, ambition, amusement, status, serendipity, and even romance with a beautiful flight attendant named Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones). But Viktor has long worn out his welcome with airport official Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci), who considers him a bureaucratic glitch, a problem he cannot control but wants desperately to erase.  The Terminal is an utterly charming story about Navorski’s innocent and rather mysterious fish-out-of-water character. The film has plenty of laughs and several tear-jerking moments. Spielberg seems to have a handle on when and how to tug at the audience’s heartstrings. The Terminal is a comedy, a drama, and a romance all in one without ever really becoming one for too long. The film has a classic feel to it and Spielberg indeed pulls it off. Sadly, with just a little snipping here and there on the language, The Terminal could have been a perfect live action summer family film. While the story may eek some for not being purely believable, the sweet, candycoated nature of the tale is infectious and well worth a viewing if properly received. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed The Terminal. Hanks was fabulous, turning in one of his best performances in years. Spielberg has a future in quality family films with a classic feel should he choose to explore the genre more.

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Write Tribe Problogger – Nostalgic – Day 2

The childhood memories are nostalgic. With the passage of time, one feels more attached to this childhood, the best period of a man’s life . A child has no worries, anxieties and no work. He is free from the dirty and filthy noises of the world. His motto of life remains: eat, drink and be merry. The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten. These memories have everlasting impression on one’s life. When I recollect the days of my childhood, I feel very delighted over that pleasant period which I spent in high spirits. In my childhood I was carefree, having no worries at all. I used to wander like a deer in the open field and enjoyed the natural beauty in the gardens along with my other companions. It is this period of childhood which has been described by poets and writers. To recollect the past is to plunge ourselves in a state of nostalgia. Wordsworth, the immortal poet of England, and a great worshiper of nature, describes in his poems his childhood period, which, to him, was full of pleasant memories. I too miss those good old days which had flown by so quickly.

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