Write Tribe Festival Of Words – June 2018 Day 7 – Photo Prompt


Sometimes a blink of an eye
Sometimes a long road filled with pain

An eternity, another day you have to get through
Something you don’t want to
But you do

You can’t do it
But you have to
Because what else can you do

Something worth fighting for
There is someone that loves you
Don’t forget that while going through those 24-hours, my heart and mind is open 24 hours.

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Write Tribe Festival Of Words – June 2018 Day 5 – Photo Prompt

That’s all it takes
Just one step. Nothing more. Nothing less.

People come and go
Some taking that fateful steps
Others turning the other way.

The path is steep. Narrow.
Daunting in every way.
It’s impossible…isn’t it?
What if I stumble? Fall?
I couldn’t possibly get back up.

Climbing these stairs doesn’t seem so far anymore
Achievable. Freeing. Even close.
Faith is a difficult thing, but all it takes
Is a single step.

A step I’m finally willing to take to climb it.

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Write Tribe Festival Of Words – June 2018 Day 4 – Photo Prompt

A single footstep in the sand.
A tear split on the beach.
The quietness without you, and
The absence of your speech.

Love’s not butterflies in stomachs
But a heart held in my hand.
You left a permanent mark,
When you poured that sand.

Our rings ready to be slipped in
to be forever each others,
Eternal love will linger,
You’re the one that I adore.

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