Day 8 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Jewellery

Bangles, don’t call it overdressing – it’s the only way to go. I had rented out my space in the apartment for an jewellery exhibition and as a must visit to it, to check on their business, I ended up buying these colorful fabric white stone studded bangles for myself. You can have a blast matching, or alternatively, clashing the colours of your bangles with your outfit, playing around with fun colour combinations, and getting to really enjoy your collection on an ongoing basis. They’re one of my all-time favourite accessories available at all manner of price points, super easy to wear, can be dressed up or down to your heart’s content, and are a joy to build a rainbow of over the years.

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Day 7 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Window

I love looking out my doors and windows to the countryside around my home. It gives me a sense of my place in the world – as well as the changing seasons. Sure, I’m just a romantic, farm girl at heart, but by looking outside through open windows and doors, I understand just how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

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#BookSlutThursday – Week 3

  1. Reading William Dalrymple and Anita Anand:’s new book, Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond, I was tempted to draw the kind of charts that are now so in vogue due to the popularity of shows like Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, where the body count of important characters runs into double digits. The kind of charts that trace every death that occurred across every season, categorised according to how each gruesome end came about.
  2. Set in the eerie locales of Mussoorie of the bygone era, Death under the deodars the anthology has intriguing cases where myriad of characters ranging from an adulterous couple to a Daryaganj strangler play their part. Miss Ripley Bean, the immortal character created by Ruskin Bond, returns this winter with eight brand new adventures which she resolves with ease. As the elderly investigator, reminiscent of Miss Jane Marple from Christie’s novels, with her terrier Fluff and her accomplices Mr Lobo and Nandu ruminate over these curious cases, not only the young readers, but also the aged feel the pace of the narrative and get hooked till the end.
  3. The English Patient tracks the convocation of four people at an Italian villa – a nurse, a Sikh sapper, a thief, and a badly burned Englishman – who come to forge an unlikely family, and together discover the secrets of their respective pasts, and the emotional wounds they share.
  4. For an affordable pen that writes smoothly; dries quickly and indelibly; won’t bleed, skip or feather; and has the best ink flow of any non-fountain pen; grab yourself the uni-ball. Available in a number of sizes and colors, it’s the best affordable pen around for taking notes or a meeting. This is thanks to uni-ball’s special pigment-based ink, which is designed to sink into the paper, which has the added bonus of making it much more difficult to wash away, preventing check fraud.
  5. Sheaffer teamed up with  Ferrari, racing arm of the Italian thoroughbred sports car manufacturer, to produce this collectors edition of the Sheaffer Ferrari 100. With its wide profile and classy gloss yellow finish, this Ballpoint Pen has a great quality look and feel with Ferrari emblem on cap side.
  6. I love vintage Baker furniture, old globes and unique pieces with character. … ABOVE Antique box collection. You just can’t put into words how mesmerizing you feel when you open the lid and see the kind of space the box offers. I have my bookmarks and tiny stationery items housed in it. All in all it is very beautiful with vintage design.
  7. If you want something a little more unconventional, you must own metal bookmarks. These book accessories look ornamental. Lose yourself in a good book, but not your place when you use this stylish metal bookmark! Makes a great gift for yourself or the reader in your life.
  8. Think outside traditional flower arrangement elements and make roses float in a porcelain bowl. Presentation is everything when you’re arranging a single variety of flowers. To make a dozen roses even more impressive. Miniature roses are perfect for creating this type floating flower arrangement.

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Adventure is worthwhile

I often meet people who dislike travelling. Has this ever happened to you? My love of travel is such a given that I’d never actually thought about what it is I love about it, but meeting this non-traveller inspired me to think of the reasons to love travelling.

1. New sights

Travelling forces your eyes to be open because you’re seeing things you’ve never seen before.

2. In the present moment

It is easy to get caught up in the future, or thinking about things that have passed, or wondering what’s going to happen next week. But when I’m travelling, it’s all about the present moment. It brings a marvellous immediacy to every day.

3. Unfamiliar food

Most people will eat the same kind of food, over and over again, but if I am in a different culture with all kinds of unfamiliar food, and suddenly my taste buds come alive. It’s like an instant broadening of horizons for the palate.

4. Meeting new people

It is possible to meet new people at home, of course, but many of us stick to our same group of friends when we’re in our comfort zone. Out of the comfort zone, though, now that’s where the magic happens. That’s where you’ll meet people who are either entertaining for just one conversation or day, or will become friends that last for many years.

5. A renewed appreciation for home

And this is perhaps my very favourite thing about travelling. Leaving home, even if it’s just for a few weeks, makes it come alive again when you return. You can see just how vibrant, how wonderful, how beautiful your hometown is.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

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I love my blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Shweta Dave

What is your blogging story? Are you a self lover of your own blog? If not you should be, your blog deserves all the love of the world.

I love the fact that my blog is mine and mine only – and only I can dictate what it looks like and what content is on here. And that is SUCH a good feeling full of LOVE.

I’m support self love and love for your blog, because the more you show yourself and your blog all the love, the more your viewers are going to love your blog too, trust me, it is tired and tested theory.

I am in absolute LOVE with my blog. Like I said before, I love it so much that I regularly hop onto my blog every morning, afternoon and night, pretending to be a reader, so that I can enjoy reading my posts from another point of view. I can also pull up any missed spelling mistakes or grammatical errors I may have made when I first wrote the post too – oops!!

I love my blog because it gave me a chance to be part of some great blogging communities and brands and form some key connections. I have the freedom to express myself through words. I manage myself and I don’t have to report to anyone. Sometimes when I forget to publish a blog post, I only have myself to get angry at and no one is held responsible. I get to pick my own hours to write even though ever more this is becoming a full time engagement for me which I love nevertheless. And I get write about ANYTHING – whether it’s my own personal story, health awareness advice, or a Where to Eat, Shop & tour around and the most important which BOOKS to read.

It is truly grand being a blogger. I am different to every other blogger around me. My content is like chalk and cheese, my writing style is diverse, and every one of us, do have unique stories and personal sides to share with readers.

Exercise self love for your blog. Be proud of what you have made of every chance that you were given. The more love you show for your blog, the more it will show to your readers and the better the blogging world will be for you. This Valentine’s Day pledge to love your blog and it will love you back for sure.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to VT Rakesh 

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Day 2 – Blog-a-photo Challenge I Shoes

Shoes are the only accessory that are always given a touch of color, even the most extreme.  Walking in heels changes posture and attitude (for the better, of course). And the walk becomes more feminine and coquettish. Whatever your clothing size is, a shoe will always fit like a glove: you don’t need to be a model to wear a nice décolleté pump.

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