Day#18, I always wanted to


I’ve always wanted to be extraordinarily knowledgeable and you don’t get that from a different kind of job other than to own a bookstore. Most of the successful writers have owned bookstores. I like being surrounded by smart people, I feel it boosts my own potential, and where else would one find all the smartness under one roof except in a bookstore?

I often dream about owning a bookstore with a cafe serving one of the best coffees in town with varieties of cakes. Bookstore is a place where everyone can gain and acquire knowledge thus be inspiring, and the messages which books carry are so powerful that they revolutionize our lives. I just really like books; I really like coffee; and I like hanging out in bookstores.

For an English major like with me a PhD in Business Management, bookstores have a consecrated class, the silence of a temple crowded with fictitious figures, with no statues or stained glass, only names of the demigods written on the colourful spines coating the shelves. I don’t think people will stop reading, or buying, paper books anytime soon in this age of e-books.

Surrounded by the smell of good books and brewing coffee, maybe even some Chinese board games, pretty wooden chairs, with a strict note – ipads and kindles not allowed, nesting bibliophiles is a world where I always travel to where I find myself owning a bookstore.

I want to give people that they’re proud of, a place where there’s always something happening, be it an author event, a reading group, a coffee morning, an evening of music or poetry, or just a place where they can be inspired by something they find on the shelves.

I love people, I love talking to them. I want to know everything about them and when the interaction has to do with books or reading. I can talk about books forever. And because I believe that books are personal, I feel like I’m really getting to know people when we’re talking about books. My personal reason for wanting to open a bookstore is that I feel like it is the realest, most genuine and personal way that I can connect with people. By designing a space, filling it with books that I’ve chosen, and inviting people into that world, involving them in the making and growth of that world: that feels like inviting them into my life in the realest intellect I can envisage.

Observably I know this dream would not come true, But just to imagine it is enough for me. Luckily, there are people in the world who possess the knowhow and get-up-and-go to turn such dreams into a potentially working reality. I say so because it is getting harder to open such a concern.

For now I feel like I’m walking on clouds” just by sharing my dream and I guess that would actually happen if my dream comes true.

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Day#17, Scenic Picnic


Childhood days are the sweetest period of human life. They cheer our heart and make us forget sorrow. As we (my brother and I) were kids we would go for a picnic every 3 months with family and friends. Mom would spend hours in the kitchen the previous day in order to get our picnic baskets ready.

My first family picnic with just four of us – dad, mom, and brother, was to the Qutub Minar. This picnic is very special and memorable to me because it was even my brother’s first family outing.

I was 5years old when I first visited Qutub minar in the year 1988. Having lived and grown up in Delhi, I love these historial monuments a lot. Qutub Minar, a place I visited as a kid, will be a must visit place in my next trip to Delhi along with Humayun Tomb.

This photo holds a special place in my memories because that was a time when Qutab Minar did not get even a fraction of tourists as it gets now. Qutab complex was like a thoroughfare. No checks, no tickets, no metal detectors. You could touch the monuments and even go inside the Qutab (Now you cannot touch and go inside the Qutab I was told recently). Whenever I browse my photo album of the Qutub picnic I feel still about the campus, with the greenery, the ruins, birds chirping and the serenity drowns the childhood memory. I was and I will remain mesmerized by the Qutub.

The places we went to were always scenic, special or historical. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from these picnics. They go a long way in creating some common cherished memories.

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#WedShadow Week2


Every decisions you take depends on time situation and values you hold. Sometime life puts you in a situation where you have to take up a bold and tough decisions but it same time requires your patience and values to go ahead and stand for your decisions.

I took one such decision in my life when I left my first job in renowned IT company because my parents needed me I took that decision, to stay back with my parents as they needed me more than my job and that my values given me right choice and right decision to make and stand by it.

If you have taken up any decision accept it from whole heart and respect your own decision.

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Day#16, Boundaries


I wish everyone loved crossing all man-made boundaries and reach out to the whole world and to the humanity at large. And have love in our hearts, love that crosses all barriers of cast, creed, cultures, religion and even species without any bias, no prejudice and has a sense of understanding for fellow beings.  If there is no understanding there is great sorrow, and if the mind does not penetrate beyond its own barriers than there is misery. We have become communalists, so incarcerated by the boundaries created by our own minds that we seem to be forgetting the real essence and ethos of a religion. And we all are facing the impact of this communal and provisional society that has created pockets of islands of humanity, grouping within them and spreading fondness for their own kind, while hatred and disgust for others. Love a state, when you are in peace with what you see, feel or express. A state of being when you expect everything around you in its own importance with no disagreement, when you accept beauty and ugliness, the way it is naturally. When there is psychological, pious and material acceptance of nature in all its totalities in a generous way. And a state of being when you don’t see everything in terms of gain, proceeds or benefit but when you accept things for what it is rather than, what it gives you.

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Day#15, Childhood


When I look on my own childhood, I truly understand how much I miss those untroubled days with no tasks. When I was a child I felt my parents controlled my life. I wanted to be authorized to make my own choices and do the things that I wanted to do.

Where has the time gone? It looks as if I have just woken up to find myself with responsibilities and stresses; and I wish I had one more chance to experience my childhood days again, though the thoughts are now a distant remembrance.

You may never realize what you have until it has passed. When I was a child I wanted to grow up into an adult in charge of my own life. Now I try to recapture my youth in every reasonable way likely.

I have noticed, through watching and listening to now generation children that they too are eager and want to be treated as a grown up. They always question why they are not allowed to do this or do that. They choose not to listen, but would rather argue.

Adulthood comes with its own accessories of duties and chores, but as a child you can be unconscious and only see the external shell of being an adult.

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