Day 7 – ‘If we were having coffee…….’

Let’s imagine we’re in Starbucks with a couple of beverages and cakes, and we’re hanging out together after a whole bunch of “We totally need to hang out more” conversations. We’ve finally figured out our schedules and have sat down. Hi there! How’s it going? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Yeah, way too long. I’m glad we’re here though, getting caught up.

I’d ask your opinion on audio books. Personally, I dislike them. Where do you stand on the issue?

I’d happily show you my new body art. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to dedicate something to my mom. When I decided to go for a 5th tattoo, I immediately thought of dedicating it to my mom by getting her name inked. Hence ‘Ishq’. Yes that’s what is the meaning of my mom’s name. This was a surprise for her.

I’d share the good news of my Ebook The three flowers being sold on Amazon. I felt so happy when I came to know that people are buying my ebook. I have received 32 fabulous positive reviews/feedback on blogs and via notes from readers. This is really so encouraging for me.

I’d tell you about the Twitter meet up which I attended over the weekend. Tina, Atul and Sherna were in attendance, people I met through Twitter and who are now my actual friends. We had tasty coffee, chocolates and much interesting conversations and laughter. We clicked countless selfies and pictures. I put them all on Instagram and if you follow me, you might have seen them.

It’s interesting how priorities and goals change over time. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Time seems like it’s speeding up more and more each day.

Thanks for listening.

What about you?

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Day 6 – Feature a Guest post

Topic :  Doctors: God or Devil

Doctors were treated as demigods by public at large as they were supposed to be their life saviors. Now a day’s same demi gods are treated and beaten up by same public as if they are some criminals and dacoits. The reasons for this drastic change in attitude of pubic towards doctors are manifold.

1) Poor and crumbling public healthcare: India spends nearly around 1.4-1.8% of GDP on healthcare which is nowhere near the amount that developed countries spend on healthcare.

The condition of services ,infrastructure and doctors are so pitiable that for every lapse that happens in civil hospitals backlash happens on doctors whether they are at fault or not.

The politicians, bureaucrats and everyone else involved in maintenance of public healthcare is neck deep in corruption be it transfer posting of doctors, purchase of substandard medicines & equipments but these people are also first to incite violence against doctors for the sins committed by them .still they want healthcare deliver by doctors as per foreign or goggle standards .

2) Costly medical education: Gone are the days when we used to hear stories of someone poor making his child a doctor. now a day’s medical education is out of bounds even for a middle class persons as fees for MBBS have sky rocketed to 4 lakh/annum in government seats to nearly 15 lakh/annum for management quota seats .Days are not far off that medical profession will also be a dynasty based profession as only doctors with running hospitals may be able to afford exorbitant fees.

3)Medical profession has become a business as someone who spends nearly a crore for mbbs plus md will try to recover the  costs as soon as possible .In order to recover it quickly doctors fall into trap of malpractice which leads to negligence in some cases causing harm to whole community at large .

4)Draconian laws : Ever since medical profession has come under consumer protection act doctors are daily served notices running into crores for negligence which may or may not be there but public wants charity from them .it’s high time for doctors to start treating patients as consumers .

5) Negative publicity: The media termed doctors as dacoits for charging medicines on MRP whereas same media houses have no MRP for their ad slots it varies as per demand and time slots .doctors don’t fix or change MRP of the drugs .judiciary too who themselves have corrupt elements in them pass decrees against doctors on strike who are already beaten up by public for doing their duty.

6)Regulatory flaws: India has so much people practicing medicine from quacks BHMS, RMPS and their negligent behaviors are putting whole community to shame .with mushrooming of corporate five star hospitals doctors gets peanuts as salaries and brickbats in abundance as only hospitals make profit but doctors are persecuted by both public and hospitals .

7)Lack of medical insurance : Our country has only 17% medical insurance penetration which is the main reason for violence against doctors .we the Indians save for every occasion be it marriage , study ,but not for illness. So whenever someone has negative outcome in hospital they resort to violence so as to at least save paying bills to hospitals.

In conclusion one million dollar question that come to my mind is that when public gets killed in train, road accidents or driving on potholed roads do they go and kill the mayor of city or politicians responsible for the infrastructure? No they don’t but why doctors only? One thing is sure that no doctor wants to harm his patient and treats to the best of his abilities and infrastructure so please stop violence against doctors. Doctors are not god but humans as everybody else and can have error of judgments.

About the Guest writer: Dr Amandeep Singh, is an Anaesthetist by profession, has penned down his first post for this blog. He has interests in music esp in Ghazals of Jagjit Singh, in the game of cricket and is emotional by nature. He lives in Khanna, Punjab.

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Day 5 – Write a letter

My dearest best friend K,

I know that you must be wondering what happened to me after all of these years but I am sure we did not become each other’s far-distant memories. I write this letter as a way of completing the circle, a circle that represents our friendship that, to this day, serves as a pattern for every single one of my friendships I’ve had since you.

14years! It’s crazy that it’s been that long, by the way. When we last talked I was in college and you had just started working, it was your first job. I made friends who were very different from me, and I feel that the people, I met in college have allowed me to grow and change in ways that I never imagined. I am sure you remember I was very actively involved in dance and theatre when we last spoke but unfortunately that didn’t last very long. I switched from commerce to journalism, then advertising and ended up with a doctorate degree in business management.

I look quite similar to the way I looked during college. For one, I went through a stage where I was constantly growing and chopping off my hair. After I quit dancing, I came back on a diet of cheese, butter and colas which made me put on some weight and whenever I felt fat, I got back doing exercises losing all that baby fat. Still after few years of being completely content with my status as the funny girl, I am the same; I could not come out of this image.

I gained various passions and went through many stages over the years. I am now in a position to describe myself as a puzzle junkie, Ghazal fan-gal, a reader of every fiction novel ever written; a film fan, amazing poet, journal writer, a collector of quotes, web site developer with all the technical sense possible, a person obsessed with comedy shows, a dreamer, a comedian, and off course awards winning blogger. I could go on forever, but it seems I’ve already accomplished so I’ll stop now. There are, of course some things that haven’t changed. I still love to be the centre of attention yet I am particularly private about definite aspects of my life. I still love to meet new people and study them all the time.

When it comes to romance I am on the same page. I’ve never really given settling (call it getting married) much of a thought -mostly because I am a really self-interested person and I want to do so many things in my life, none which (presently I mean) involve husband or kids. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, but over the years I’ve gained just enough level-headedness of that perfect romance, I am scared it might end up in catastrophe. But I guess I’m still hopeful for the ‘right’ one to come in my life.

Our friendship did not begin in hours or even months to be broken easily. It is here to stay eternally. Thank you for being loyal, that has been the hallmark of our friendship. You wouldn’t rat me out with others without showing your loyalty to me first. You were not afraid to say to the world that I am the best. You were proud of me ahead of every other person. You gave your heartfelt compliments and this I will never forget. Many others doubted my ability and my actions but not you. You believed in me, that I could make anything possible and I did because of your motivation. You believed in me, yes! And made sure I succeeded.

Thanks for sticking with me through this exceptionally long-winded update, and I’ll be meeting with you very soon.

Lots of love, Your best friend

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Day 4 – Feature a Day in your life

I am a voracious reader, e-book author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover who has a huge collection of bags. Music is my passion and you can find me writing most of the time. I am extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person.

When it comes to blogging, there are no two schedules that are identical.

Everyone seems to have long to-do lists, a million different things to do. Blogging has been a life changing experience for me and it has given me a lot of flexibility in regards to my schedule. While I think the world might be a better place if I didn’t have to work, I am not working full time these days just isn’t reality.

The fact is: I work plenty and sometimes my work doesn’t allow me to leave my house for several days at a time. While I admit that everyone dreams of the freedom that their blog can give them, I know a lot of people having more freedom than I have.

Here is the reality of what my typical day is like:

7:00am – Alarm goes off. I debate whether or not to go back to sleep.

7:15am – I begin my day by checking emails in bed. I don’t actually respond to these emails just yet, but I like see what has happened overnight and what is on the books for the day and the notifications on Twitter/Instagram.

7:45am – It’s that time. I drag myself out of bed, I wash and fresh up and have my milk and read newspapers.

8:15am – I walk into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for parents and me and clean the kitchen and do the laundry.

9am – Breakfast and laundry is done.

9.30am to 12pm – I come online, read blogs, reply emails, write blogs and chat with friends and people around on social media.

12pm to 2pm– I help mom to make lunch and take a break. I have to do something to force myself to stop working. It’s not so much that I love my job as that the work never seems to end.

2:30pm to 4pm – sometimes I nap or else I come back online to write.

4pm to 5pm – If I had a nap, I wake up, fresh up and work on my 3 upcoming books. I have my evening coffee.

5pm to 6pm – I exercise. I go for a walk or jog.

6pm to 6:30pm – Take some rest at home, have lime juice and change to fresh up.

7:45pm – I make dinner with Mom and setup the table.

8:30pm -10:30pm- Watch TV, eat dinner and blog. If my workload is light, I’ll play around online, the twitter chats

10:30pm– Plan my to-do list for the next day. I always feel more productive when I have a list.

11-11:30pm – Read for some time and Lights out! Because it starts all over tomorrow.

PS: Well, this is how my typical day goes if I don’t have any work outside – like bank, movies, shopping, catching up with friends and family on social dos.

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Day 3 – Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual

Paris is one of those cities on most people’s “to visit” list and quite rightly so. It’s not really a question of why visit Paris, rather why would you not. The city of love has its own je ne sais quoi whether you’ve been there once, one hundred times or as yet have only seen it in the movies. Either way, Paris has something which other cities don’t. And it’s not just that Paris has something special, it has a lot of special somethings and the city knows it. Its inhabitants are proud to be Parisian and whilst they may not say it out loud, they know that they live in one of the most magical cities in the world.

I have always dreamt to go to Paris ever since I was a teenager. I was inspired by some of the movies I used to watch when I was little. There is always a scene where there is romance or happiness and that scene will definitely take place in the beautiful capital of France, Paris. Besides, I would absolutely love to see the amazing Eiffel Tower with my very own eyes and not just in photographs or accessories. Paris, the capital city of France is often known as the city of romance and is a city steeped in art and culture. Like many of its neighbouring European cities, Paris is full of beautiful architecture and museums showcasing fine art from some of the world’s most respected artists. Between the 1500s and 1800s, Paris was in fact the largest city in the entire world. The romantic reputation of Paris is likely to come from stories of Casanova’s presence in the city and his seductive and promiscuous ways. Three of the most famous Parisian landmarks are the 12th-century cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the 19th-century Eiffel Tower. It has been my biggest dream ever to visit all of these places because I feel great and enthusiastic when it comes to travelling. I am curious about the landscape and the scenery in Paris. I am pretty sure that it would look fantastic just like I dreamt it would be. In addition, I am interested to witness the lifestyle in Paris like their cuisines, houses, songs and clothes too. The largest opera houses of Paris are the 19th century Opéra Garnier and the modern Opéra Bastille; the former tends towards the more classic ballets and operas, and the latter provides a mixed repertoire of classic and modern music.

The good news is that you can take that spirit with you, but the bad news is, not for very long, because like the fiercest addiction, it will call you back again and again and again. It’s the one addiction that no one would ever tell you to quit – that is, no one who has ever sat quietly on any bench in Paris for only a few minutes.  Traveling is so important for the creative within all of us. We all need new experiences in fresh places, so if you can’t go to Paris now or if Paris just isn’t for you, go somewhere unique to you, somewhere you haven’t been before as far away as you can afford to go. And do it often, before it’s too late.

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Day 2 – Share about a resource/s you have or use

Books are windows to our soul and the kind of books we read makes us what we are! For me, Books have been the biggest resource I had, I have and I will have in my life. It’s simple, if you live around 5 people who are successful you’ll end up becoming 6th and if you live around or spend time with 5 unsuccessful or negative minded people you’ll end up being 6th one. Books are our friends (for real) and the kind of books we spend our time with are the type of people we become. Choosing the right book teaches you something good that will help you build a good personality. Your body needs movement. That means your brain needs movement, too. And I don’t mean it needs to be moved from your house to your workplace every morning, together with the rest of your body. Moving your head in space is not enough. All that is inside of it needs to be shaken a bit too. It has been proven that reading books as you read, you memorize many things.

You try to store in your mind all the facts you find while reading. You follow the plots, get to know the characters, remember the details. All of that is a great exercise for your memory. It has a great effect on our brains. It’s demanding in the neurological way, requires concentration and intellectual activity. Reading any artistic literature can make people more empathetic and understanding, because the process itself is like a conversation, getting to know a person. It also encourages readers to examine their own emotions and behaviors and makes them more open to new experiences. A reader won’t judge another person easily. A reader knows there’s always more to people than what the first page shows. If used well, reading can also help you in developing your expressiveness. By accompanying characters in their lives, you get familiar with their feelings and emotions and see it’s not such a shame to have them. That makes it easier to speak freely. Whatever you read, whether it’s a melodramatic harlequin or a series of scientific articles, you always obtain new information. One day it can turn out to be fruitful. Besides, being well-read, working on your knowledge and intellectual capacities also makes you more self-confident.

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